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Hi, I have installed WPML as I need my website to be multilingual. Can you advise 1. how to add the flags in the main menu 2. If I translate a title in the theme settings, it gets changed in both languages, why? I want it to show Home when I am in English and ?????? when I am in Greek. Please help? www.vivipapaliaga.gr

Thanks, Vivi

Hi Vivi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you. :)


I have some portfolio items that get indexed by Google. How can I display some content in the pages, so that they do not look blank? http://www.vivipapaliaga.gr/portfolios/set-point-technologies/ I have a featured image installed and in the Content URL of the page I have also added an image link, but none of the appear on the page. Is there a way for one of them to appear? Thanks

Hi, profession does not support external portfolio details at the moment, but send us an email and we will help you with that.


This Theme is very nice, good work. But I would like to disable scroll vertical bar with horizontal navigation. Let me explain. The Thumbnails images are too large and hide the tab “More Posts”. Idem for about section, my bio is too large and I would like delete vertical scroll bar but I can’t.

Thanks a lot

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.


So I’ve finally gotten my content to work! Just.. I’d like to insert an iStockphoto and Smugmug Icon under the contacts portion. Do you have a code I could use for this? xD

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.

Hi, Great theme but having a few challenges…I have contacted via the forum but no response! I need to add another 8 sections to the work experience section, how would this be possible? Also I have attempted to change the opacity when viewing a portfolio item and the suggestions in the support forum do not seem to work. Is it possible that either the opacity can be increased (back ground images make reading text a challenge) or just have it on a 100% white background? Many thanks.

Hi, we have answered your post on support forum already, so there’s no need to answer you here. :)

Buongiorno come posso ottimizzare questo sito? basta un plugin? ma devo indicizzare tutto il sito o solo la prima pagina?

Ciao, vi preghiamo di inviarci una e-mail ticket.pixflow@gmail.com


SaudWeb Purchased

I sent you an email , can you help ?

Yes, we are helping you using email. :)

Hello PixFlow, I’m using this template for my personal site for almost 2 years. Thx for this wonderful template firstly. But I installed wordpress 4.2.2 and site is collapsed. So do you think update the template and when do you think update will come?

Hello mate, thank you for your kind words. Please send us your website URL via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can check the issue.

i really do not understand how this theme works, can i send my login wp details so you fix it for me like its on the horizontal demo. then i can take it up from there thanks

Hi, please watch these videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E_YDRvzh5Nz-sYUh2JPpauOrOhwDIzi
If you still had any questions, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/thewatch/public_html/wiziofficial.com/wp-content/themes/profession/template-home.php on line 52

i get that annoying erreo and a blank page….pleaaaaaase i need a fix. yhe demo is not displaying anything in the real site. am tired mehn

Hi, adding menus to your website will remove that error, also watching the video tutorials will help a lot. :)

Hi, it is possible to translate the home slider with Polylang plugin?

Sorry, with “home slider” I mean the home main page (about, portfolio and so on…).

Sorry, I really need this information: it is possible to translate the home page with Polylang?

Well, we didn’t test this theme with Polylang, we have added the .mo and .po files in language folder though. This theme works fine with WPML plugin.

Hello, The shorcodes is not working.. when i choose a option.. i arrived on a blank screen !! ? can you help me thx

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and explain which shortcode is not working.

Hello, is there a way to use this template with Wordpress 4.2.2 ?

Hi, yes it works fine with WP 4.2.2.

great theme. to make sure before buy it, is it possible to add more page (shopping page) on this theme?

Hi, you can add unlimited number of external pages to profession, but this theme does not support any e-commerce plugin at the moment.


aliizmir Purchased

Hi, how i customize “home pag” like demo2? So like parallax slider..

Hi, all you have to do is to create a layer slider with parallax feature and add it to your first section, for more information send us an email using ticket.pixfow@gmail..com


hakawati Purchased


I moved to my site to new domain but the theme is not working correctly in the new domain.

Waiting your kind help


PxJoe Author Team

Dear Hakawati

Hi there

Please contact to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com email address so we can help you there


jmberra22 Purchased

Hi there, love your theme. Having some padding issues, specifically on homepage and experience page, www.jackie-berra.com, any advice would be helpful. Thanks.


PxJoe Author Team

Dear Jmberra22

if you mean the picture not taking the full height of about section please use following css code on our additional css code on theme setting


if you have any other questions please contact us to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com