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Awesome… GLWS


Thanks mate! :)

Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D


Thank you :)
Good luck for you too

Looks great, best of luck with sales


Thank you! :-)
Much appreciated your support!

Nice work man. Good luck with it. :)


Thanks mate!
Good luck for you too :-)

I’ve purchased maybe 5 templates in the past week looking for “just the right one”. I’d get only so far along, and then see it just wasn’t what I really wanted (I’d found those by looking for highest reviews or most sales).

This template is band new, and thus has few sales, and I think I’m the first review – but I am certain s going to be a winner. It’s really good. Clean, simple, but it’s responsive, there are enough color options and for me, the MailChimp integration was flawless. Finally the PSD file is pre-sliced and named, and changing colors from saputrad’s colors to mine was the easiest re-color job I’ve even done (I only know enough PSD to be “dangerous” – the was the color elements are defined, I just needed to click the “color overlay” part of the layer and dial-in what I wanted. Boom. All in, and EXCELLENT value, and really appreciate the author’s work. 5-Stars. Highly Recommend.


Glad you love it :-)
Thanks a bunch for taking your valuable time to write such review. It’s means a lot to me.

Best regards

can I use it on ContactLab?

thank you


Hi sandruhill

I’m not test it with ContactLab yet. However, it should work with them if they’re provide for HTML email sending/editing.

Best regards

Hi, stunning work. Pre-purchase question: I would buy this right away if there was a way I can ad a nice big CENTERED button that I will use to link to a web product. I want the button in a way I can edit the text in the button through campaign monitor.

Our campaigns are normally per product campaigns, and we really love this theme for it is clean and minimal. If we can add a nice big beefy sized button, then we are ready for this theme.

Looking forward to your reply, since no other theme has a nice big button.



Hi Ciaran

Thanks for your interest!
And yes it’s possible to easy add centered, editable button through campaign monitor.
I can help you for this case.

Best regards!

Pre-Sales Question: Does this work with MyMail the way your templates like Arini do, or would I have to purchase Arini or another that has stated it works with MyMail?

Much thanks!


Ah, bummer, really like this theme. Thank you, though, for letting me know, appreciate it. Regards.



Give me a day or two, I’ll make it MyMail plugin compatible.




Just in case if you need it next time, I just update the template – added MyMail ready templates version.

Deni.S – saputrad

Kader26 Purchased

Hello, (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

I bought your MyMail plugin, as well as the metro + DeWin’s model. I was able to install the Metro model, but not DeWin’s …. there are two files index.html and notification.htlm.

I read all the comments about the model’s DeWin + update where it says compatible with Mymail plugin. Can you tell me how to install the DeWin’s model, please.

thank you in advance for your answers.



Thanks for your purchase :-) To install the Mymail template ready, you need to .zip the folder which contain that 2 html files and 1 “images” folder.

Please check screencast video here Created for my other tenplate, but you can get somr sense.

Let me know you have any questions, though I may not able to reply as fast as usual. I got a little health issue. Hope will back to normal workdays soon.

Regards Deni.S

Hello. Just downloaded the theme. It’s great ! I saw this in the description before i bought it : ” 2 nice pre-defined colors that very easy to change via one click find and replace code. ” Could you please tell me how to change the orange color to an other orange value for the full theme ? (I’m on Campaign Monitor). Thank you in advance for your precious help. Regards, Matthieu


Hi Matthieu

Thanks for your purchase and patient waiting our staff to reply.

We need to edit the code directly before upload it to Campaign Monitor or other programs.
Please refer to this short screencast video

Let us know if you need any further assist.

Uwin Lee – saputrad