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Awesome and clean design :) Good luck man!


Clean and Nice design. Good luck. :)


Cool and Clean!Good luck :)

clean and simple. nice job :)

Nice resume template!:)

Very neat and clean. Well done!

Very nice, very clean, great cross-platform and device performance.

I’m glad that you like the theme. If you experience any difficultes in the future do not hestate to contact me. Greetings!

Hi There, This is a fantastic looking theme! Can I ask if its easy / possible to change the hexagon on the home page to a circle? Is the template easliy customisable? Thanks in advance…

Hello, It is really easy to change the shape to any one you want. If you experience any difficulties after purchasing the theme I will make the necessary change for free. All the best!

hi, i love this theme and i would like to know if it s possible to add a menu on the top, all the time of the navigation Thanks in advance

hi, sorry but i can’t download the theme ” Profile-Responsive Portfolio/Resume One Page Theme “on my wordpress, i did by filezilla but it doesn’t work. I did with a free theme and it works perfectly. I contact OVH to be sure, the theme is correctly downloaded and the technical person confirmed that i did perfectly. Where is the problem? What should i do before to download it? thank you by advance

ok i ve just understand my big big mistake, it s not a wp, sorry

Sorry, for the misunderstanding the theme is not WP but HTML one. If I can do anything for you I will be happy to help.

Hi, thank you for your help, it should be ok (more or less ;)). I told you in the precedent message, i would like to add a menu during all the navigation. (maybe on the left and a line with diffĂ©rents logos keeping the same light menu) Do you think you could send me the code to add it, it would be great!!! Also, i am not sure to know how can i program the contact part (at the end). Thank you by advance and i hope it doesn’t bother you.

Hello, 1. Your first question was if it is possible to move the menu on top which is possible to do. But now you request me to make a totally different menu for this theme which is not possible to do. (similar menu can be found in Isadora theme available in my portfolio) 2. What is the problem with the contact form? There is a detailed description in the documentation how to set it up.

I’ve implemented this theme here,, and have one small issue. If you look where it says “My Name is Jeremi Bergman”, the menu overlaps the text, and you can’t see it.

Actually, I would like to remove this button, and display the menu items all the time.

Lastly, the image I have in the BG is 2.5 MB, at the size it should be. How can I make this image smaller?

I was able to fix the overlapping menu by removing the space between my first and last name. Will would like to remove the button and show the menu

Hello, there are two options what to do:

I. Option 1 – to keep the button. In style.css in line 40 change font-size: 50px; to font-size: 46px;

II. Option 2 – to remove menu button and leave the menu always open.

1. In index.html replace Line 48

<li><a href=”#”><i class=”home-icon fa fa-bars fa-2x”></i></a</li>

with this


2. Open plugins.js find this code

==================================================== */
        item_diameter: 24,
        circle_radius: 170,
        direction: 'bottom'

and paste under it this one:

$(document).ready(function() {

That’s all.

I am so sorry that I bought this, not because of the design and it seems it would be easy to use but maybe more a problem with Themeforest? Sadly AFTER i purchased it is made clear that it is not a wordpress theme so as much as I love it, I don’t want to spend hundreds to have it converted. Additionally, this came up when I did a “Wordpress Resume” search. They may be mis-categorizing you. :( Sad I won’t be using this beautiful template.

Hi, i cant upload the theme into wordpress

“Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

I would like some help please! Thanks a lot!

oops, it may be misscategorized… then, which is it?

This is HTML theme.


I found the design cool but it could be more better if you have added color options & menu after scrolling down. Coz lack of menu won’t allow me to quick access to section on the same page hence I have to scroll all the time.

Thank you for the suggestions I will take them into consideration.

pre-Purchase hi, i would like to know if it s possible to add a menu on the top, all the time of the navigation


other question, can i use a circle in fome?? no a hexagone.



Both things are possible to make. If you exprerience any problems with these changes after purchasing the theme, I will make them for you.

I am very much interested in your theme it’s clear. I have just one question before purchase can i change the theme color from red to anything else?

Yes, it is possible to change the color and it is very easy to do so. After you purchase the theme I will explain in detail how you can do it or else it is possible to change it for you.


Where can I see a sample of the complete product in action? When I click, I only see a single small image titled “Screenshot 1” with no links to anything else. Am I missing something?

No screenshots or demo?