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I have this theme, but I am unable to find Teaser (posts) grid (Masonry layout, Isotope filtering) in Visual Composer. Please help me


Hi. Sent you email. Teaser posts and Post slider will be in next update

leafboy Purchased

I can’t seem to get the slider to show up on the Home page. I have set the template to home on the page. I have set it to Layer Slider and Layer Slider#1 I have added 8 images however nothing shows up on the home page.


Send me please your WP access and I’ll check slider. And please do not update Wordpress to latest 3.5 version.

leafboy Purchased

Unfortunately I already did and I think this is why I am having problems. Can you give me a secure link where I can send you the WP access.

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Hi Temash,

I want to change the label under Portfolio Description Page. Is it possible to change the label of Portfolio.

Current Labels in theme Date: Client: Categories: Project URL:

I want to change a label and add a new label Date: Client: Country: Status: Project URL:

If it is possible then can you suggest me the procedure.

Hi, tscpl. Open single-portfolio.php and /includes/portfolio.php and find lines: <span class="fl"><?php _e('Client:', 'tdl_framework'); ?></span>

HI. Thanks for the theme. I just updated to WP 3.5 and now the + signs in my accordion are over the top of my titles on the far left as opposed to being located to the far right. I deactivated all plugins and cleared cache but still no joy.


Hi techsavvychic. Please do not update Wordpress to latest 3.5 version. Visual Composer not working correctly. Hard working on theme update.

Attention! Please do not update Wordpress to latest 3.5 version. Visual Composer not working correctly. I’m waiting for Visual Composer stable version update (VC author loads updates nearly every day). Thank you for your patience.

Hello you had replied to my last question and your theme is not compatible with WordPress 3.5, I did the update and now no longer works compose visual thank you to give me an answer or I’ll leave a message forum for your lack of professionalism

why the templates after the progress update wordpress 3.5 does not work modules no longer work, when you go to an urgent update c because visual composer does not work with wordpress version 3.5 and 3.4 only


Please do not update Wordpress to latest 3.5 version. Visual Composer not working correctly. Hard working on theme update with new Visual Composer version.

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My provider will soon completely switch to PHP 5.4. I have now tested the Progress theme. I use WordPress 3.4.2.

The following error message appears: PHP Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in … on line 483 /functions.php

When migrating to PHP 5.2 and everything is fine again.

Can you say closer to that?

Thank you very much

P.S. Excuse my english;-)


Hello nafziger. Its happends with some hosting providers. Can you send me your WP access and I’ll fix it.

Hi Is there a manual or help guide that is available for using this theme – it has a lot of options but I am having trouble finding anything that guide me through developing the theme.


Hi postmedia. Thanks for purchase. You can find help guide in /documentation/ folder. In new update I’ll provide more detailed documentation. New update will be soon. Finish it now

Hi Temash, Any idea of a date for the theme update to come? Visual Composer seems to be ready for WP 3.5 now: http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-for-wordpress/242431 Thanks.


Hi dannykweb. Want to upload it on weekends.

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Hello Temash,

First congrats for this wonderful theme.

My question is if you could give a dateon when Qtranslate or WPML will be supported.

Thanks in advance


Hello 4fitting. I’d love to say when I finish update but I can’t. I can not promise again. Working on it. Have some problems (a lot of fix). Qtranslate or WPML will be support in update. I really want to upload it in this year :) Thank you for your patience and understanding.

hello, great theme, want to buy it, but is it already compatible with wordpress 3.5? all the bugs have been fixed? thanks, nice work by the way


Hello, grupobwt. Thanks. Update is not ready yet. Working on it now.

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Hello: How do I make the font “play” global for everything?

thank you.


Hello, cesar25. You can select fonts (Heading Font, Main Text Font and Navigation Font) in Theme Options -> Styling Options

grupobwt Purchased

hey men. i bought the theme, when is the update ready? also i have send some querys, let me know when you respond. bye


Hello grupobwt. Thanks for purchase. Will be soon. I’ll let you know in item page and in my twitter.

Hello Temash, Is it possible to add a color to the widget search bar background? It’s hard to see on a white background. I looked in the stylesheet but can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!


Hello Oneathreejs, Just paste code below to Custom CSS field in Theme Options -> Styling Options:

.widget_search input[type=”text”] { background-color:#000; }

and replace #000 to your color

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Hey there temash,

I know you mentioned a week or so ago that you were working on the WP 3.5 update … was wondering if you have an eta on that?


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How can I get a portfolio page to call only one category of portfolio and have a description of the portfolio category on the top of the page before the portfolio items?


Hello ohia. When you edit portfolio list page just select category or categories you want to display. In update I’ll add ability to display content text before project list

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For an unknown reason my main menu is not working correctly, please take a look and let me know why? http://bandastransportadoras.mx/nw/

Thank you


Hello Mmike2. What problem with menu you have?

Mmike2 Purchased

ok got it!

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Hi temash, i installed the theme. Everything work well. I’ve only a problem. I can’t see any tweet in progress twitter widget. My twitter name is socialibuzz and my website : www.socialibuzz.com Can you help me please?


Hi, alerte-deal. Try to use @socialibuzz in Twitter username