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Purchased, downloaded, extracted, uploaded via Filezilla, went to Themes and it says Progress Theme is there but it says that it’s broken- doesn’t contain a stylesheet. Filezilla shows a style.php file, but Wordpress can’t find it. Then I deleted it via FileZilla, and tried the Wordpress install. No joy. Help?


Hi, 60Minutes. Thanks for purchase.
You should correct theme install.
FTP Upload: Unzip progress-responsive-wordpress-theme.zip archive you downloaded from ThemeForest, when you bought the theme. After you are done with that, upload folder ‘progress’ from ‘Theme Files’ folder using your FTP program, such as the popular FileZilla, into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server. Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Navigate to Appearance » Themes to do that.

WordPress Upload: Navigate to Appearance » Themes » Upload. Once there, select the zipped theme folder (progress.zip) from ‘Theme Installation File’ folder, hit “Install Now” and wait for the theme to be uploaded and installed. Once all that is done, click “activate” to activate the theme.


So with Filezilla, I ONLY upload the “Progress” folder into the Themes folder? Not the whole unzipped “themeforest-3271141-progress-responsive-multipurpose-theme” folder? What is the rest of the stuff for?


Archive “themeforest-3271141-progress-responsive-multipurpose-theme” has documentation, licensing files, Sample Data, theme files, theme in zip for quiock install

nice theme but OMG the documentation is POOOR ! None of the information is posted on how to duplicate the hope page of the sample. for example how to you create the content in the top slide down thingy…

Be pre-paired to try to figure out a lot of stuff on your own if you buy this theme.


Thanks for purchase, canadapleco. I do not agree with you. Documentation is not rich, but not poor. About top slide down. In Theme Options (General section) you can see ‘Top Drop-Down Page’ with description. So I don’t understand what documentation needed for that feture. By the way, soon I’ll will expand the documentation and add video-help.

Hi a realy like your theme.









Checked your website in iphone. Navigation works fine – http://temashdesign.com/themepreviews/progress/vivemex.png

About main container. “If you want to have main background and content area with different backgrounds you should add new div container and change a lot of layout code.” I do not provide customization now, so try to hire someone for that

LeRush Purchased

Hi temash I checked your image, thats when i give click and displays the menus turn in brown , but initially is white!

About main container dont worry I understand about that. Fortunately your theme is perfect for what I need, Im going talk to my client…

Just check my first point, I prove it in my android and iphone and whene the menu its CLOSE are in color WHITE whene i give click TURN BROWN ! I need it always brown.

Thanks for your quick respond


Great theme temash! This is my 2nd theme I bought from you. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with this one but I can’t find the plugin “Visual Composer” to upload as the directions from the documentation says. Some help please. Thanks


Thanks for 2nd purchase, jstahl. :) You do not need to install Visual Composer because its integrate into theme. When you create or edit page/post you can see Visual Composer button above the edit (WYSIWYG) panel.


Duh, I found it. I feel really stupid. Thanks

Hi, great theme. Any chance to include a mega menu option (like in this theme http://www.kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=broadscope)? Would even pay for this extra.


Thanks, hzscheyge. Now I am not provide customization. Maybe later in next updates will try to add mega menu

I want to buy theme, but i want to be sure my slider will be exactly the same than the example. Is it included in the sample data?


In theme archive you can find Sample Data for wordpress posts/portfolio/pages without slider XML . I’ll add slider XML data in next update. But if you buy theme now I’ll send you XML for slider by email.

Hi There,

Excited to start working with your theme but am experiencing the same problem as 60Minutes above. I have tried to install the theme both ways (FTP and WP upload) per your instructions on the documentation and here in this forum but get the following error…

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description progress Stylesheet is not readable.

Can you see what might be going on?

Thanks Much :)

Disregard my previous post :) I got it to install via FTP – must be slow server today, after 15 minutes – it appeared on its own without the error and I was able to activate it :) Enjoy your day :)

Can’t seem to get the Layer Slider to appear on page. Instructions are useless.


What problem with LayerSlider? You can find documentation for LayerSlider in documentation folder. First create slider in LayerSlider WP panel then select LayerSlider in Homepage settings. That’s all. If you need I can send you XML slider sample data.

bradhuss Purchased

Temash – could you provide the ability for a full page template; and maybe make it default .. I suspect this will be something you will have to work on if you make plans for Woo Commerce integration ..

Thanks – loving the theme and the DEMO XML files for both slider and content!



Working on update. A lot of changes. Send me mail now and I’ll send you logo

bradhuss Purchased

wonderful SUPPORT !!! PSD logo worked great – and found the template layout for “full” – no need to modify the page.php file :)


Thanks, bradhuss :)

installed but get error when activate it: ( ! ) SCREAM : Error suppression ignored for ( ! ) Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in D:\www\web\wp-content\themes\progress\functions.php on line 483 Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0012 316424 {main}( ) ..\customize.php:0 2 0.0020 385456 require_once( ‘D:\www\web\wp-admin\admin.php’ ) ..\customize.php:12 3 0.0024 402968 require_once( ‘D:\www\web\wp-load.php’ ) ..\admin.php:30 4 0.0026 414512 require_once( ‘D:\www\web\wp-config.php’ ) ..\wp-load.php:29 5 0.0034 503776 require_once( ‘D:\www\web\wp-settings.php’ ) ..\wp-config.php:87

Hello swjswjswj, thanks for purchase. Don’t understand what server you use? D:\www\web\... ?? I see local server. Check your server settings.

Not sure where to start on what doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried changing every setting I can think of but cannot get a layer slider to show up on the home page. Can’t even get it to work using a shortcode as per the documentation.

Also cannot get the Recent Portfolio, Recent Blog Posts or Content (where do you add to that widget?) sections to display on the homepage.


Can you write me on email (temash @ gmail.com)

OK, got the layer slider to work by ignoring the directions to set the width to “100%” and height to “any”. I set to the pixel width and height of the “background” images for each of the layers on the slider and then the slider appeared on the Home page.

Still no luck getting the recent portfolio or recent blog posts to show up on the Homepage. The content widget is just the text for the homepage, should have known that.


Hi, Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Home Settings and drug to enabled area ‘Recent Portfolio’ and ‘Recent Blog Posts’

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Hello temash.

I tried to make some gallery, but i can’t align justify. The same is on one of Your demo site: http://themeforest.net/item/progress-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/

I need to justify pictures with nice effect when changing window size…

Can You help with this problem?


Hello, Matrix12. Can you show me your Gallery?

Does your theme uses timthumb script? Kindly let me know.

Matrix12 Purchased

It depend on explorer. Chrome look poor, but IE O .K. ???


Can you show me?


How do I get the recent blog posts scroller to appear? I have enabled it in theme options, but still nothing…

Kind regards


Hi. Strange. Can you send me your WP access?

Can I use 3 columns for portfolio page instead of 4 columns.


Now only 4 columns full-width portfolio page and 3 columns portfolio page with sidebar

Great Theme!


Thanks, pixelsnow.

toddh65 Purchased

Hi temash,

I love the theme mate, fantastic job. A couple of questions:-

How can I make the menu narrower? How can I reduce the amount of white space between the bottom of the logo and the top of the menu?

Cheers, Todd.


Hi Todd. Thanks for purchase.

About menu. Try to use Narrow fonts and dropdown to reduce the menu. Or try to edit style.css find line 1015 and change padding:

ul.topmenu > li > a {
padding: 23px;

To reduce the amount of white space between menu and logo open style.ss and find line:959 and change top margin:

div.menu-wrapper {
margin: 30px 0 0 0;