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Great Theme. But you should sell the Slider on Code Cannyon as a Plugin. Looks great!! I could use that one :)

We will consider this one, however we try to put our best effort on this theme and that’s top priority now :)

Oh my god this is utterly freckin awesome, what have you not put in thats the question :-)


If i purchase today could you supply the demo content please?


Hi, thanks for the kind words. The demo content is click away in the admin panel.

You, my friend have scored a home run- 12 home page layouts, multiple inner page layouts, multiple sliders, stretched and boxed style, shortcodes galore, standard but fresh look at the same time, what have you been doing, listening to buyers? Many other authors will still be scratching their heads in wonder.

I have one question about the portfolio- does it support multiple images in the detail page like a slider in addition to the single image?

Ah! I see what you mean, powerful indeed. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one, just got to get the right client but will soon enough.

Hi, I think got it wrong , the first time. You have two options: can activate slider for this page with the images you want. can use shortcode slider for this purpose .


Hi, You may use portfolio gallery as well:


Yeah cline123 is totally right, all theme makers should listen more and add every option possible to there themes :-)

One last question, I don’t see any twitter integration, or am i going blind?


Hi, Rich,

We have twitter integration, as a widget and shortcode:


I am the first to buy and proud of it :-)

This should be an all time best seller, marioniki just remember who set the sales ball rolling for you.


You will be in the top area of our ‘Credits’ list for all the people who have been helping us with that business and supported us :)

Hope you enjoy the template – wish you all the best experience that we also had during the development and polishing :)

Why thank you, i will write you a glowing testimonial :-)


2 other little questions then I will set about having a play and installing

1) Do you have a mini footer contact form widget?

2) Does the admin panel reflect the demo site e.g. changes made in it change the demo site? (I assume not)

3) I love your standard homepage but would like to know how to add another block of images below the ones that are there, maybe from the blog and from the portfolio? Possible?


1) You can set 1 to 6 widget areas at the footer, any widget that you prefer (even plugins) can be set there. Also, you have the text widget where you could paste a shortcode! :)

2) Yes, the structure and the pages are the same, only the stock photos have been replaced for license reasons.

3) There are widget areas in the content area as well. Have a look at the Theme options and you could set your own widget areas as well, you can create new pages with different templates and set them as home, you could add all the shortcodes we have added as an extra button to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor… Lots of things to be explored :)

just… amazing.

Almost 9 months of development and improvements, we are pretty happy that it’s live on ThemeForest! :)

Just purchased! Love it! Quick question, my full size images shrink to ft the wdth of the page when I resize the browser window? They don’t in your demo. I would like them to stay full sized… any ideas?

Hey there, thanks for the purchase!

The header has 2 options – full width or boxed – so that you could put a panorama image with the width of your resolution or fit it to a static width in pixles. Check the “Header Slider” section in your Theme Options :)

I dont see full width or boxed? Only “full width header slider” on or off?

Yes, this one. You have this option for the header slider and on/off will switch it.

I tried but it still resizes the image… any chance you could take a look if I email you login info?

Yes, contact us via the support forum – – and we’ll take care :)

Nice theme! Lots of great functionality. One thing I have been looking for is a theme that supports side tabs. I would love it if there was one that let you use whatever html code you wanted in the tab and let me set the text/image on the tab (one for open and one for closed)

We’ll definitely consider this one for the next updates. You could check for some 3rd party plugin so far such as, as you could add widgets as shortcodes here pretty easy in Progressio. :)

Just commented with the info on your support page? I think I did it right? I will also email it to you via your themeforest page.

Sent a response after changing your demo site. For further requests please navigate to the forum in order for our team to be able to work out your problems. Also, please rate the team accordingly so that other TF visitors could have a chance to notice it as well :)

Thank you for the quick responses, I just sent you another message through the forum. I will certainly be ranking this theme as well as it’s support 5stars!

You’re my hero of the day :)

best, – Chip

I’m glad I’m not alone in my 5 star rating of your masterpiece :D

congrats on pushing out such a great product :)

Great support out there, thanks a lot, Chip! :)

Going to be Top Seller, For Sure ! It tempts me to buy :)

Thanks! Any help is highly appreciated :)

Well done guys! Awesome layouts options on this theme!

Thank you :)