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Does it has breadcrumbs?

Hello, jeavin13.
You can find breadcrumbs on this page.

Hi its working very good of desktop but on mobile no icons are displaying and 2nd slide is showing demo images on mobile…. please help

Solved thx any way … just remove class=”replace-2x” from images and it will work ;)

and icons … i was on ngnix go i have to add

location ~* \.(svg|otf|woff2|eot|ttf|woff)$ { add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *; }

in server to SVG icons to work ;) hope it will help others ;)

Hello, harinderbachhal.
You can find information about class=”replace-2x” in our documentation.

Love the template. As I was testing the template the jplayer audio does not pause. Any way to fix that?

Hello, ratfink.
Thank you for feedback. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of Progressive template.

thank you

On my home page, there is a BIG GAP between the main banners 1920 × 700 (I use royal slider) and the below range of small banners 253 × 158. I tried everything and cannot get it like the preview site (no blank space). How can I solve this?

Hello, TheDocMillionaire.
We have answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

Is this product supported? I created a support ticket 3 days ago and still havent heard anything?

Hello, chambers21.
We have answered 2 days ago. Please check your ticket.

My apologies I was expecting an automated email to say you had responded. Thank you for responding. I will come back to you once i have the site ready and with just the logo to fix. Many thanks

Have a nice day. ;-)

Thanks for theme, InfoStyle. First theme implementation if fast, but simple and clear removing css and js files not used in selected elements or theme pages is not so straightforward. Theme documentation is not clear for this problem. Do you have any elegant method for recognize which .css and .js are active and used on page in all situations = browsers, devices. Otherwise page is published with 3x – 5x more code than is active. Thanks for answer. Josef Moravek

Hello, Josef.
You can find CSS and JS files description in our documentation.
Moreover, there are some commented code snippets in ‘style.css’ and ‘main.js’ files.
Hope, this information will help you to achieve required.


Barango Purchased

Will this item be updated again, and if so, when? Thanks.

Hello, Barango.
We will not add new elements into Progressive. But we have plans to update plugins to latest versions in the template.


guimi18 Purchased

Hi friend, im trying to make the most of this template, i have cutomized to my need and now im testing it for speed, i can see theres litle to do with the code, like minify js, minify, but is there a way you could help me out with it?, im not an expert on html5/css and im not sure how to minify them or mix them in to just 1 file, also i have seen the main problems are my images, but for wat i understand they “automatic” change their size cause the css but in this tests google tells me i should change them to statics sizes, wat could i do to minify the impact of the load of my pages for images. thanks for your comments.

Hello, guimi18.
Compacting JavaScript and CSS code will complicate editing of template.
That is why we didn’t minify our sources.
If you still want to achieve required, then you can find information for solving this issue following your link. Just click ‘Show how to fix’ => Minify JavaScript

Hello, I have a problem regarding Portfolio. When I use the Carousel oder single item, it works but as soon I use the Portfolio Grid with Filter it shows no content. Also Banners & Text disabled in this case. Is there any shortcode to use instead of the visual builder pluginto obtain the Portfolio?

Hello, snafu81.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.

This template is one of the few ones I rated as 5 stars. Just realized today that there is no COUNTDOWN TIMERS or COUNT Numbers element. Hope the author can add it on next update. The countdown element is helpful for displaying the amount of memberships or event time.

I found it on coming-soon.html, problem solved.

Hello, dariuskersulis.
We didn’t minify CSS and JS because it will complicate editing of these files by our clients.

@ dariuskersulis

Those results are normal, as the files are uncompressed and everything is fully loaded on every page for your convenience. That is up to you the buyer/user.

Thank you for feedback.

Hello, ViridWeb.
Please check your ticket on our support site.
We have just answered your question there.

?????? ????, ???? ???????? ?? ??????????? ???????? ??? wordpress! ??????? ???? ?? ??????? ? paypal. ???????!

Hello. I have a question about Progressive — Multipurpose Responsive Template. Does it cost 17$ ? And what included in this price. What slider? What plugins? Etc. I mean, Do I need to buy something else for this template, some plugins, sliders or activation for sliders to begin create site? Or all include already and just after I pay17$ I will have all I need for creation modern site? Thank you.

Thanks a lot that you remind me. I thought it’s wordpress. But I like this template. May be I can create my site with it? How much more difficult use this template compared to wordpress template?

This information should be useful for you:
Difference between WordPress theme and HTML template

Ok. Thank you

Hello, I purchased your project. But I have a problem how can I add parallax single page styles.

Hello, L-Tech-Studios.
You can find all required information in out documentation.
If you’ll need additional help, then please create a ticket on our support site.


10can Purchased

Just now started working with this template. Where do I change the countdown date in the country.js file? Thank you

Hello, 10can.
You’ll need to set up countdown date in the file ‘js/main.js’:
//Country if ($.fn.county){ $('#count-down').county({ endDateTime: new Date('2016/12/29 10:00:00'), reflection: false }).addClass('count-loaded'); }