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Hi, is the theme wpml compatible?

Hello, victoriabianco.
Current item is a HTML template, but not a WordPress theme.
This information should be useful for you:
Difference between WordPress theme and HTML template


When I set up a content band with the code:

<divclass=”full-width-box”>Content band

How do I set the size of it, I need to do it wider vertically.

Thank you so much, awesome theme!

pd. I’m having trouble writing the code here, is the basic code for the content band.

Hello, businessman007.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us more details about this issue.

Is a really great looking template with a lot of functionality packed into it.

But the sheer size of it (alone style.css is 440kb!!!), the huge number of files one has to find out if is actually used and clean up, makes it relatively useless in real life use..

Hello, loudcode.
We are giving opportunity for our customers to create unique site based on Progressive template. Comments in CSS file should help you to remove unused styles and decrease the size of file ‘style.css’.


Where can I change the speed of the team section animation in order to flip faster the pictures?

Thank you so much, great theme!

Hello, businessman007.
Please replace this code snippet:
-webkit-transition: all .6s ease-in-out;
transition: all .6s ease-in-out;
with this one:
-webkit-transition: all .3s ease-in-out;
transition: all .3s ease-in-out;
in the file ‘css/style.css’ for .rotation .employee-hover class

Thank you! :)

Have a nice day. ;-)

I love this template. Just to know before i buy it. Its look like quite heavy template. I will use quite minimum features in it. Can it be clean so it become light and fast? Do you will offer support about this?

One more, is the form fully working or i need to make php myself?

Hope to hear you very soon :)

1 more sir, can i change the font?

Hello, slaimx.
We can help you to remove unused CSS-styles and JS-scripts, when your site will be finished.
Yes, you’ll be able to change the font.

Thank for feedback.
We have fixed this issue with our server.

Hello, I can´t login at your support page. I have already user and pass but is not working. It used to work before. Could you help me please.


Thanks, I try to login to change that mail cause I use a new one. I will send the email anyway

We have made required changes for you. Please check your e-mail.

Thanks. Ticket created

Is there a way to edit the navigation menu once and have it reflect on all pages since it is the same on all pages? or do I have to page by page go in and edit it?

Hello, getproweb.
There are two ways:
1. Use PHP
2. Use SSI

Awesome thank you very much! Would you also have a link to a PHP article as well?

Dear getproweb,
Information by the link below should help you to achieve required: Creating a PHP header/footer

Hi there. I recently had a horrible experience with another template so I decided before I buy yours (which looks amazing by the way), that I would pose my questions to alleviate any post-sale problems or dissapointments.

1) Can you change the menu styles? Your menu (and mega menu) look the same on every single page – the logo is on left, the same style of hover and menu is there. Do you have menu options we can choose from in your download package, such as colored menus, subtitled menus, animated menus, different button looks, etc?

2) Can your template be customized so that the menu is on the 3rd line, centered, with the company logo on the 2nd line, centered, with the header at the top on the 1st line? I bought another template and it was a pain in the * to customize anything, at which point I requested a refund. The menu is the most important thing to me.

3) I noticed one user asked how to use a video in the slider on the main page – I have this same option in my previously purchased template which I refunded. I just want to make sure that this functionality works and the video can be looped, instead of image sliders

4) I read some user concerns about your index file (i think?) and the include codes in there. All the templates I’ve worked with have .css files included in the HTML header, and many css files included in package to customize the look and feel. What are these users talking about when it comes to your template? They make it seem like there are endless amounts of code in the header tag or somewhere in the html file that is a pain to remove – can you please explain this? I want to buy your template and I’m an experienced designer, so I know I’m going to have to spend a lot of time customizing pages to my liking. However, I don’t want to be sitting there removing “unused” code of line after line in html files to remove css file inclusions. Can you please explain what these users were complaining about?

Thank you. I look forward to your response so I can purchase this template.

Hello, MarkSmith2016.
1. You can find all available header variations on our demo: Pages => Headers
2. You can find all available header variations on our demo: Pages => Headers
3. There are several sliders in Progressive template. You can find all of them on our demo: Elements => Carousels & Sliders
4. All CSS are stored in ‘css’ folder in Progressive template. We don’t use inline styles.
Moreover we have added SASS fiels. They will help you to customize the template faster.
We recommend you to a look at our online documentation. It may help you to learn more about the template.

Hi there love the theme. I have a question about the subscribe script (subscribe.php). I have set it up to mailchimp and it works great. How to do i add a sucess message. So once they add there email to subscribe box, can I have a success message that says “Thank you for subscribing?”

Thanks For all your help

Hello, 1stoptutorials.
We have answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

I am not able to download

Hello, pal_arvind07.
This issue is not related with Progressive template.
Please ask Envato support about it.

Contact form validation is not working and where is the php script to send mail of form submit?

Hello, pal_arvind07.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.


brian1x1 Purchased

Hi. Thank you for this template. On my ‘About’ page, the images on the page load on my laptop and tablet, but when I visit the page on my smartphone I only see the image placeholder and not the image itself. Do you know why this might be?


brian1x1 Purchased

P.S. The images that fail to load on the smartphone are contained within divs with the layer-slider and employee-hover classes.


brian1x1 Purchased

Nevermind, I forgot the @2x version :) Thanks.

how too make menu align right instead of left?

Hello, pal_arvind07.
We have answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

hello, i need support for integration with angular, i tried use ng-repeat in div layer slider, is my code

\\ \\

but its not working, can u help me why this not work, it is in page about us, i tried to load and loop my image with ng-repeat outside div layer slider and its perfectly working, but inside div layer slider its not work, please help

Hello, dickyjayaumbara.
Sorry, but such integration is out of our support service. We don’t use Angular.

Hello. This HTML template works in a Microsoft Server? I need to integrated it with an aspx support aplication. The contact form used PHP? Thanks for your time, HR.

Hello, HarHar.
Sorry, but such integration is out of our support service. We don’t use Microsoft Server.


ip4t Purchased

no enough documentation for the css and js file


ip4t Purchased

how can i create horizontal mega menu

If you want to create a mega menu, then you’ll need to add class megamenu:
<li class="parent megamenu">...</li>
You can find this and other useful information in our documentation:

Hi, great job!

I hve a question about the module “Follow Us” on position footer-a on the homepage of the demoversion. I see the the four icons (with a hover-effect) defined in .

How can i remove/add other social services? how can i make the icons/buttons clickable (actually it’s #). When i open the Modul its just written . where am i able to change things? The same problem (and sollution) would be is banding my focus in the case of social buttons at a Teampage.

Thank you for your help and response

Hello, renemuehlbacher.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll help you to achieve required.

the site doesn’t work – it says: The license number is incorrect. But I bought the template last week!?

Please contact us via e-mail: support@itembridge.com


semioli Purchased

Do you guys do any customization?

Hello, semioli.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about required customization.