Project Source: Corporate HTML5 Responsive Website

Project Source – Lightning Fast Corporate Website

Project Source is a fully responsive HTML5 & CSS3 website template featuring exceptional page-load performance. It combines one-page sites concept and multi-page usability altogether into one resulting synergy.

This template is also available as a Fully Featured WordPress Theme: Hybrid Responsive & Retina One-Page WordPress Theme!

One site – Multiple displays

The Project Source automatically adapts itself to the screen size it is seen on. From desktop-level browsers, to tablets and phones (including all iPhone and Android versions), it looks pixel-perfect and makes the best use of the screen it is displayed on – like it would be a native app!

Next-generation features / Enterprise-level compatibility

The HTML5 layout makes use of next-generation features through progressive enhancements: it provides hardware-acceleration display for next-generation browsers and devices, while assuring full enterprise-level compatibility with all browsers, tablets, phones and offers graceful degradation for even older browsers.

Exceptional page-load performance straight out-of-the-box

Fast Page Loading Speed Performance HTML5 Gzip Minify Merge Cache CSS3 Sprite
This theme comes with a PHP-based delivery system that will get you – straight out-of-the-box incredible page-load speed performance. Nothing’s required but a standard PHP web hosting (any shared hosting will do). There is nothing to configure – no special skills required! Here is what we’re talking about:
  • Automated JS and CSS minifying and merging
  • Gzip of JS, CSS, HTML pages and font files transferred
  • Server-side cache of Gzipped version of static files
  • Client-side caching rules for static files

Long-term Quality Support

I offer exceptional support for my themes, which include personal assistance as well as regular updates for the theme itself as I continue to improve it.
“This is the best template I have purchased from themeforest!” — Said drakestrategies, 3-4 years of ThemeForest membership, and 50-99 items purchased.

JoNa ThemeForest Author - Featured Quote - Ths is the best template I have purchased from themeforest! Thanks for the quality work.

Enterprise-Level Features

The Project Source combines two very distinct concepts: the one-page websites and multi-pages websites, and it combines them into one synergy benefiting from both worlds. It was designed with usability and performance in mind, and the result is absolutely unique: both the virtual-pages (or the “sections” of the landing-page) and the separate real pages are working together within the same flow, they are both compatibles with the browser history, and therefor have both bookmarkable URLs, naturally SEO-optimized and accessible.

The other great implementation of this design is the flexible, responsive layout. With one website you actually get 3-4 specific layouts for desktops, tablets, phones, and any other devices: The layout adapts itself to what the browser is capable of displaying. Go ahead and resize your browser to its minimum width while looking at the live preview!

Components Synergy

The elements used for building this website were especially chosen to achieve the same goal. The slider featured in this template (FlexSlider) has incredible responsive support and integrates beautifully with the layout, it also provides hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions and hardware-accelerated touch swipe support with standard javascript fallback.

Based on the 960 Grid System (via Skeleton), the template is very easy to use and adapt to your needs. Clear documentation is provided with simple examples.

  • Valid HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Hardware-acceleration
  • Responsive 960 Grid-System (via Skeleton)
  • FlexSlider (flexible, hardware-accelerated)
  • new! Responsive Video Support (flexible YouTube video embed)
  • Dynamic Menu (updated via scroll position)
  • Browser History Support
  • Bookmarkable URL
  • CDN with local fallback
  • Font-Face
  • Natural SEO enhancements (appropriate content tags and HTML structure)
  • Ajax Forms with HTML5 fields validation
  • Working contact form with newest security features (PHP Filters)
  • Page-load speed performance: Grade-A
  • new! Dynamic JS and CSS minifying and merging engine
  • new! Gzip compression for JS and CSS files
  • new! Gzip compression for HTML pages and ajax content
  • new! Smart server cache and client cache rules management

The PSD files provided allow you to re-use the logo (just change the text) and the sliders (adapt it to your needs by changing the text and the main element). Monochrome icons are provided for both white and black background for all kinds of use. The font used is the new Adobe “SourceSans Pro” and is also provided.

Please feel free to contact me for any question or comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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  • Improved the mobile detection algorithm: faster detection and larger coverage — Even more mobile devices are now covered: all versions of iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia N9, and all other mobile platforms/browsers based on a recent version of WebKit Mobile
  • Fixed a specific iOS 5 bug described in this video


  • Fixed a javascript bug occurring with external links containing a hash (#)
  • Updated the PDF Documentation to cover more features


Initial release