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iBruno Purchased

Hi! Can you update the changelog?

iBruno Purchased

And thx for the BUY + OPTIONS before DESCRIPTION!

Another question: can I remove the (manufacturer + product code + tags + availability) block?

lionweb Purchased

How can I remove the huge gap below the footer? Every page that is not very long has this issue. For example: http://zbermanbooks.com/final/seforim-books/biography/carry-me-in-your-heart

oberto Purchased

Hey Mate,

Is there an “out of stock” banner? Just noticed that when my stock drops to 0, there is nothing to indicate the product is out of stock.


Just dropped you an email as my sale pricing has gone a little crazy after the update to 1.5, the alignment is incorrect.

Also is there anything i need to enable to get the SAVE part on the home screen, i can get it to display withing the product but not the home or cat pages?

Thank you.


Found them, Anyone else unable to find the badge SALE on/off >> Grid System >> Global Settings

Buddy, I want to buy only your admin skin, is it possible?

support? 2 weeks no response.

Hi, Does your admin skin have the RTL version? if yes how can i active it?

Agost15 Purchased

I purchased your theme last year. I need to know how i can update and if it’s possible deactivate the admin skin. I wait your answer, thanks in advance

Dear Sir,

I want to change some theme color or footer information. But when I try to click the theme tag menu, the opencart will jump to login page automatic.

Which you mind tell me how to fix it?

Best Regard Kitty


Sometime I can change theme setting. But sometimes it will jump to login page when I click any tag menu of theme panel.

Agost15 to delete admin skin I did it this way which is in the help documentation that comes with download files when you buy the theme:

Step 01 • Connect to your server with filezilla or other solutions.

Step 02 • Using “filezilla” go to your server folder at: vqmod / xml • Search file “projectstore_admin_theme.xml” on this folder. • Press right click and then click Delete options.

Step 03 • Go to admin panel www.example.com/admin • Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your backend and login.

I was hoping to add a menu item to the menu called (how it works), unfortunately only the categories are permitted. Ive just downloaded the update, thanks for fixing footer issue, and I see under – general settings – text tab – categories Responsive design menu title -

Will this allow me to insert editable page like information page allows without displaying “there are no products to list in this category”?

pitz37bru Purchased

How does the sticky info link to my facebook page? When I insert url in “content” field on sticky info tab it replies (forbidden)?

nimnul2008 Purchased

Hi How to display prompt weight of the goods to the category page