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Looks great.. GLWS ;)


Error after activating modules Featured, offers!

position in /home/bitcoinc/public_html/catalog/view/theme/projectstore/template/module/latest.tpl on line 91

Make sure that you have installed vqmod.
View help documentation for more details.
Keep me posted with your problem status.

Nice Theme! GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Cool theme! GLWS!


Hello! Same icons (Font Awesome) dont work at all interior pages. My site http://hitachi-rus.com/stylish-line/

Hi, I am already working to fix this. Thank you for noticing this. As soon as possible. I will post an update. (beside this, some improved options).

What about add cyrillic version of Open Sans font? She already avaible on google fonts.

The demo site (and demo admin) is not available at the moment because I am making some improvements! Thanks!

Hi, great template. However abit hard to get things working … http://www.shisha.uk.com | thats what im working on and not having much luck with getting everything instaled, and yes installed the mod too.

Please advise.

Please read carefully and with attention the documentation of the theme, and you will not have any problems in configuring the site. You don’t need to have CSS or HTML knowledge to install the theme or to use it. All OpenCart features work perfectly and most of the Project Store Options are a simple choice between enable / disable. Please contact me if you need future support, via e-mail (like it says in the documentation). If you have any other complains that don’t regard me contact the Envato team.

Sorry if this come across as a complaint in your point of view. However I can’t get anything working such as your index for examples; Random Reviews, Specials and shipping. Please explain.

Thank you. Shayne


You need to install Review to use it. Did you do that?
All the demo site module configuration is available if you login in the demo admin. Go to Extensions > Modules and click [Edit] on the modules that you are interested in.
The “shipping” box from the home page is made with “Welcome” module.


Update 12.10.2013 – Project Store v1.1

NEW admin features:
1. Tab “Grid System”
- Item alignment (Vertical / Horizontal)
- Rating stars (Disabled / Enabled)

2. NEW TAB “Category Page”
- Subcategories style (Thumb + Scroll / Just list)
- Item description (Disabled / Enabled)

3. Tab “Product Page”
- Share icons (Disabled / Enabled)
- Gallery type (Cloud Zoom / Nivo Lightbox)

4. Improved theme documentation (added new tab “Upgrade”)
5. Fixed “icons missing”

Demo Site:
1. Add a new tab for Live preview “Product”


Hello! I am interested to purchase this template, just wanna check with you 2 things (sorry not sure if they are stupid questions) :

- If i wanna install separate social media module, like a twitter feed box or facebook plugin, can i easily do that with this template?

- for the grid system – the item alignment, as long as i set it to horizontal, and upload the same dimension of the products’ pictures, will i get a standardized display?


Hi, thank you for your interest! No question is stupid, in general.

- Yes, but it depends on the module (I don’t know what you want to install). I can help you with that, free. Anyhow in the near future I will integrate this in the theme.

- Yes.
As I said in the admin, the “Product on SALE” and “Product with reviews” filters don’t work in horizontal display.


Thank you for the support and work in the implementation of the extensions in the template. I can assure that it was the best help I could have had.

Glad that I could help you!


Could you give me an idea of the work involved if you would like to use a site colour which is not in your predefined list.


Hi, all you need to do is to add your color in the field “Other color” and press “Save”.

thank very much, i just purchased the theme do you have a PSD for the home page or any other pages that i could use?

Great Theme, install is easy, back end setup really nice.

Support was really quick by e-mail. Maybe I was lucky, but 0808 answers me and help me within 10min. Thanks again 0808web

I’m getting this error after I installed the theme:

Notice: Undefined variable: error in /sites/ilkpiashop.tilde.se/catalog/view/theme/projectstore/template/common/header.tpl on line 95

Make sure that you have installed the Project Store version compatible with the OpenCart version that you have.

I’m running the excellent http://ocextensions.co.uk/chain/ mod. It’s really a showstopper to us if we can’t use that mod. We have complex pricing and need to have these cascading options.

I get this error-message from vqmod:

-- Date: 2013-10-24 10:56:19 ~ IP : -- REQUEST URI : /index.php?route=product/product&path=62_60&product_id=51 MOD DETAILS: modFile : /sites/ilkpiashop.tilde.se/vqmod/xml/chain155-6.xml id : chain version : 1.1BETA two parents vqmver : 1.0 author : ocextensions.co.uk

File Name : catalog/view/theme/*/template/product/product.tpl(0) VQModObject::applyMod – SEARCH NOT FOUND (ABORTING MOD):


The module worked before installing the theme. There is no information they this theme will make any other modules stop working. Please check!!

Like I said, the theme works OK. If you want to use an extra module you can do that. The theme is compatible with other non default OpenCart modules, if the modules are made correct by the developer. But, they have to be a bit customized for the theme that you are using, because developers make modules compatible with the HTML structure of the “default” OpenCart theme. Because of the fact that the themes are very well SEO optimized we had to modify the HTML structure of the modules. I can help you to do that for free like I did with other customers for OpenTshirts or CFO (Custom Formulas) and others. Only contact me via email and we will discuss there more details. Thanks!

Thanks for fixing this. I recommend adding this to the theme download so that others might use it.

How do I add a menu-item with an link. There is one in the demo for “All demo products” but I can’t find it in the admin. Is it a category?

Hi! Yes it is a category.

Ok, so you can’t add any general URL to the menu?

Only store category appear in the main menu. If you what to add custom link in header you can use the Custom Tab section from the Project Store Admin.

Hi 0808web,

Great design, I would love to purchase this, but I have a question, Could you please tell me how I can get this to be as fast as you did on your theme, meaning how can I optimize it to deliver this score http://gtmetrix.com/reports/theme-opencart.com/yI90RsdP


Nothing special, if you have a pretty good hosting and you use the site correct, you don’t have to do anything special.

Hi I am having a bit of trouble with the install, I am close but get this warning:

Notice: Error: Could not load language english! in /home/content/22/7895722/html/hudsoncycles/store/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_library_language.php on line 39

Thanks in advance

Make sure that you have installed correct and complete the language that you want to use. http://docs.opencart.com/display/opencart/Localisation+%3A%3A+Language

I just wanted to say that this theme is awesome! I switched from another theme I got on this site and it dropped the page load time by 2.5 seconds (now down to about 2.5 seconds to load) and there are no issues that I can see. Simple install with no core files overwritten and the site looks amazing!

Thank you.

Thank you very much!

Beautiful theme! Thanks for your excellent support! I give it 5 stars!


Hi, I got this error when the product price is 0. 2013-10-30 9:18:13 – PHP Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/clients/client13/web84/web/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_latest.php on line 69

I will pay great attention to this issue, and I will give you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Hi. How about this case?

never mind. I fixed it by myself