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I just direct messaged you.

can I remove the (manufacturer + product code + tags + availability) block?

I will make this option available in the admin in the next update. Until then you can use the code bellow in the admin in “Custom CSS”.

.right-item .item-mini-info {display:none;}

Admin Skin Is it compatible with RTL ??

Hi, no.

When would the v2.0 supported version launch? Do you have any plans for updating the theme for compatibility with Opencart 2.0?

Of course, work in progress. I don’t know exactly the date. Is 70% done now.

+1 on OpenCart v2.0.1.1

Have i missed something? Where can i modify the menu. I have all categories set up but the menu is blank.

Hi Jac33au,

There are more than one way to solve your issue. I am not able to give you the correct answer without seeing exactly what it’s about, but I will try.

- Make sure that you have installed correct and complete vqmod (the documentation will help)
- Make sure that you checked the “Top” option in the admin (Catalog > Category > Edit Your Cat > Tab Data)

If you did all of the above and it still does not function send me a link to your site via email, so that I can take a better look to the problem. If it is solved leave here an answer.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your reply. The menu is all good now. Can I change the order of the menu items?

also…I have the menu set to Light and the sub menu’s background is dark. I would like to change the colour to #f5c5db

Waiting v2.0 compatibility !


Added a new product and now when selecting products in back end page is blank.

In system/error log this appears.

2015-01-05 16:19:27 – PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘layout_id’ in /var/www/vhosts/penaltysolutions.co.uk/subdamentals/admin/model/catalog/product.php on line 107

Why did this occur?

I am unable to edit products now.

theres two errors in error log

2015-01-05 16:19:27 – PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘layout_id’ in /var/www/vhosts/penaltysolutions.co.uk/subdamentals/admin/model/catalog/product.php on line 107 2015-01-05 16:19:27 – PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘layout_id’ in /var/www/vhosts/penaltysolutions.co.uk/subdamentals/admin/model/catalog/product.php on line 108


Please send me a link to your site.
I don’t know if this error is from the Project Store Theme.

If you don’t have your website online be sure that:
1 – You have installed OpenCart
2 – You have installed correct and complete vQmod

Next time contact me via Support Form, not via Comment Form

Just want to say a huge thank you to the devs. They have gone above and beyond with the support for my site.

Any news on Opencart

5 stars. Wow. This theme is so well designed and well coded. Great features and no bloat. Can’t believe it, but it appears to be bug-free. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your future work.

You should change the front page.

Where it says 2.0 coming soon, it should say coming soon™

is there gonna be an update for opencart 2.0x?


iBruno Purchased

Are you alive, bro?

Hi, How can I add a custom font? I need to change the font to Persian font,would you plz give a link or instruction to do that?


1. Go to: General Settings / Custom CSS
2. Check “Activate”
3. Follow guidelines (view demo)
4. Click Save

Contact me via contact form if you need more help.

Where do I upload my custom font? It’s not a google font

Hi how can I remove the price from the top basket ?

Hi, I would like to buy this theme but for OpenCart version 2. Do you have any updates when this will be available please?


iBruno Purchased

Hello. I’m your client and I want to update my OC to 2.X, you can tell me if you will update this theme or I can buy another? If you will update, I will wait, but I need know. Please, answer us.

Hi everybody,

The new Project Store will be available in a few days. If you bought this theme and you want to keep the actual version of the theme please download the theme from your themeforest account because in the new package this version, compatible with OpenCart v1.5.6.4, will no longer be available.

The new Project Store will have a better look and new features. I will keep all this as a surprise when the theme will be available to download and when I will improve the theme presentation page.

We wish you all the best
0808web Team


iBruno Purchased

Great work !!! Nice 2.0 update!!! thx

Thank you iBruno!

Update 05 December 2015 – v2.0

The new PROJECT STORE is now available. The update list is to long to be added anywhere. Basically the theme is brand new, only the design was kept, and a little bit improved (but important bit).

We wish you all the best,
0808web Team


mywebku Purchased

hi there, where can i find the fun facts setting in the footer? i can’t find it in the module


mywebku Purchased

one more thing, where can i find the custom link setting in the footer, i can’t find it too in the admin panel


- Hit button “More Chapters”
- Choose option “Footer”
- After that click the green button “Add” in order to add new “Footer Widgets”
- Click “Customize” and there choose what type of content you want to display in the frontend: “Fun Fact, Link Icon or Link Text”



iBruno Purchased

Hello! Do you will update for oc 2.2 version?