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Hi 0808web,

I’ve just installed this theme on my zencart store and i think i have done all correctly but footer. As you can see here http://www.papelmoneda.es/ footer is not correct. I uploaded files twice but nothing solved. Any idea? Tnks.


I thing that you send me a link to a wrong site or these messages were meant for another author. My theme has no connection with your site. Anyhow, if I knew, I would have helped you :D Thanks!

Oh! sorry. I made a mistake, you are right. This is for another author. The fact is that i’m thinking about buying your theme and I chose wrong label.

Hope you can excuse me.

No problem!

Nice Theme! Thanks! When “Item alignment” set “vertical”, don’t work sort by price. My shop http://franke.dp.ua

Can you add in next versions spoiler(Like in youtube video description) in item and category descriptions. When descriptions large scroll uncomfortable.


I checked sort by price in all browsers and everything seems OK. Tell me if I need to know more details. The video width iframe is fixed (how much you set it to be), in the future update I will make a “trick” to be fluid.

Thanks and sorry for the delay!

Any way to change the size of the manufacture icon? The height is fine but I would love to make it longer to accommodate a brand with a longer logo.

To better explain, when on the product page it show the brand icon or logo in the description. The height of 65px is fine but need it longer then the 120px.

It’s necessary for you to send me a file. Thanks and sorry for the delay, I will reply to your e-mail in short time.

Hi!:) Tell me, is there any support for Russian language?


The theme is full multi-language and compatible with languages read from left to right.
If you are referring to something else, please be more specific!


On your demo theme, selecting the top right buttons such as search button and information, seem to be very sensitive. Every time i click on search button and then click in the text box to type something, the search box will just close. I have to be really careful and make sure my cursor does not go out the box when typing the search box. Is there a fix for this?

Hello again!
You made a good purchase :)

Send me an e-mail, it is necessary to send me a file (for minor changes) so that I can apply the changes you referred to. Like I said, there is not an issue, it is only your choice to modify that.
Thanks for your patience!

Email sent mate,


Never got a reply for this mate?

Does this theme easily link up to an ebay store account? Interested in purchasing. Thanks!


The theme is compatible with all OpenCart features, if you want to make a live test before you purchase, contact me via e-mail.


Hi there,

Really like your theme and was sold but I found some a tech issue testing your demo on Ipad tablet:

> Sometimes the products don’t open and stay pilled up on one and cannot see the other ones.

Also: 1/ do you offer custom coding? I need few little changes 2/ Any chance to add a countdown to specials?


just found another issue on Ipad: submenu don’t open

is it possible to have only 1 column product on cellphone?

Hi! I tested the theme and it works fine. Use horizontal display if you are not satisfied with vertical display. (I knew about this issue before launching the theme, but I solved it. There are many factors that can influence bad display, not related with the theme, and that is not my concern. For example: a bad internet connection.)

1. I am not available for freelancing work. 2. Countdown: no. It is irrelevant if the submenu opens or not on touchscreen devices (please don’t make me explain this). It is not possible to have only one column product on cellphone.

When adding an attribute to a product, is there a way to make a global change to the tab name of ‘specifications’? I would love for it to say ‘Size Chart’. I know you can add a common tab through the theme but I will end up having different ‘Size Charts’ and will need to add them to the products accordingly.

Actually, disregard that. The word ‘Specifications’ is fine. But what I am noticing is that the content for the Attribute section doesn’t allow you to have line breaks. Its just jumbles all the info together. I have bullet points for an attribute of shirt specs and it wont show as bullets. Can this be adjusted? Does that make sense?

I have sent you an e-mail, which also contains the file for the logo size, from the product page. Thanks!

Amazing theme, very good eye for detail. Everything seems pixel perfect, and i’ve had a breeze installing and configuring it on our webshop. Was also easy to add blog support for BlogManager, if you’re interested have a look at <url>http://rauchermischungenbestellen.de/blog</url>.

Literally the best OpenCart theme i’ve ever encountered, and i can get real anal on details.


Hi! I’m going to buy a theme. Tell me, what program did you do the watermark?

Adobe Photoshop.

Hey Dude, love the theme so far. easy to use.

I have a question.

How do I put ‘non-category’ links into the main navigation? eg: about us, contact, etc.

Thanks heaps. (as you can tell, I am pretty new to opencart! :)

Hi 0808web, I tried that but I am getting blank links.

Show on left doesn’t show at all. Show on right shows the icon for drop down, then “Select links you want to display.” also shows but the link title and URL don’t work.

Any ideas? is there a trick to getting them to work?

Thanks mate,

Send me a link to your site.

will do, It is all local LAMP at the moment, I’ll throw it online today sometime and let you know.

No one reply to my previous questions!!! very disappointing and will pass then!

Hi there,

got same issue like venturenet on iPhone and iPad, products don’t fan out and are stacked on top each other.

Great masonry theme and like the modern look, but without working on mobile devices, it’s useless. Btw I did ask you that through the support here more than a week ago.

Would you pls be so kind and address the issue?

mise le meas.

I tested the theme and it works fine. Use horizontal display if you are not satisfied with vertical display. (I knew about this issue before launching the theme, but I solved it. There are many factors that can influence bad display, not related with the theme, and that is not my concern. For example: a bad internet connection.)

Thanks a lot for your reply. Will try horizontal display then.

For an eCommerce site I can’t expect everyone to have a fast connection and my customers are my concern.

Hi there This is a weird question This will be used as a school reward site where the purchase the items with school points Is there a way to change the currency to school points? e.g. 400 points My apologise for my ignorance Thanks Adam

Hi there! Yes it is possible. Sorry for the delay!

Hi! Great work, great theme) Just one question. Can i use in category page or main page quick review of item, when i hover mouse to it? thanks!

HI! Yes, you can enable or disable the mini-description of the items. Sorry for the delay!

Hello, and nice job!

Is there a way different google fonts can be used easily or would i have to change that in the css?

Hi! You need to edit header.tpl and some CSS lines. If you want to, I can help you to do that. Sorry for the delay!

hi, i’ve some problem with home screen Notice: Undefined variable: position in …/www/catalog/view/theme/projectstore/template/module/featured.tpl on line 1

im using opencart 1.5.6 and same version on project store.

i get it. solved. Thanks.

Ok! Sorry for the delay!

Beautiful theme! Thanks for your hard work.

I have one question. How to make the widget Free Shipping like demo?

And how can I config related product as your demo?

Thanks in advance

Never mind. I get it! Thanks

Ok! Sorry for the delay!

Hi -

Still really liking the theme! If I’m going to use the full width responsive slider on the home page, what size do I make the banners? I have 980×460 and they look great when I’m using the fixed width but not when I switch to responsive. Also, on your demo where you have the module at the bottom of the home page about shipping, which module is that? Something additional I need to add?


Hi! The banner size needs to be (recommended size) 1920×460. If you want to add shipping message like in demo, go to admin > module > welcome and add a new module where you want it to be displayed. And paste the code from bellow:

<h6>Free Shipping</h6> <div class="content"> <p><img align="left" src="YOUR IMAGE URL" />Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed vitae lacus enim. Ut nisl urna, posuere vel quam et, pellentesque molestie ipsum.</p> </div> <div class="buttons"> <div class="left"><a class="button" href="YOUR URL">Delivery Information</a></div> </div> demo

Sorry for the delay!

Thank you for the reply and I’ll give it a try.

1. Is there a way to add the ‘Brands’ to the product search drop-down function?

2. I notices that I cant organize the main headers in the order that I want. It keeps randomizing them even after I tried just about everything. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks. (those are my last questions I promise)

Hi! Sorry for the delay!
1. No.
2. You need to set a “Sort order” for your categories. The sort order functions for the categories and also for the subcategories, for OpenCart, for OpenCart 1.5.6 (for the moment, I suppose) it functions only for categories. This is not a theme bug, it is related to OpenCart.
Thanks for you patience, and if in the future you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!