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I’m having an issue with the chevron (arrow at bottom of page to scroll to top of page). The positioning is out in that it is not “overlapping” the background image above.

Any suggestions?


So a couple more issues I have encounted: 1) When at checkout as “guest” the fields don’t validate and an error is popped up:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token < OK <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: firstname in <b>/home/shop/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php</b> on line <b>185</b><b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: lastname in <b>/home/shop/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php</b> on line 189

The log says:

2014-03-16 3:40:25 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: firstname in /home/shop/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php on line 185 2014-03-16 3:40:25 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: lastname in /home/shop/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php on line 189 2014-03-16 3:40:25 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: email in /home/shop/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php on line 193

2) On the guest login page the form styling doesn’t come through. e.g the input boxes have no styling.

Can you offer any help?

Thanks. I have followed the instructions and still can’t get this to work. I have emailed you my FTP details.

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

OK. I will reply to you email shortly. Please respond also on email. Thank you for changing you rating.

Thanks again. This author provided me with outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.

Hi, I have bought your theme when it was in bundle. How to put Free delivery block as you have in demo?


Hi, view Tips and Tricks.


Hi there, may i get the latest copy of the theme as i yet download the latest copy :(

i mean kubera.

Hi, contact me via profile form, please. Thanks!

Hi 0808web,

Quick question. On your demo home page, near the bottom, you have a “specials” block (above the “Free shipping”). How do you get the products to display in the block?

Thanks Jarrod

Hi! Set in Project Store Theme Options module Home Page Layout “Home I” and after add new module “Specials” in column left. Thanks!

Hello, I bought this theme along with The eCommerce Sampler Pack is Available Package for Two Weeks! and want to know how I can download versions 1.2 and 1.3 of this theme. Thanks

Hello! The eCommerce Sampler Pack contained products for which you could download the updates for three months. For updates after this three month period, you have to purchase the theme separately, individually. Thanks!

Could you create a true maintenance mode page? One where people can not see the categories, etc.

Hi! Yes, I was thinking about this and your request encourages me to make it soon. I will prepare an important update shortly and I will include this change in it. Thanks!

Can i get the demo . Me and my team wanna be the extended license .


Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, no.

Hi, this BUY icons on products of home can be changed? I think that it is very small.

Can you help me on this?

And another question: how do I set all home products larger like your demo without set it with special price?

Hi, I don’t understand exactly your question. Please be more specific.

And, In regard to the BUY button: Give me access to FTP to make the necessary changes OR wait the new update because you can make this form the admin.


0808web ?

Can I change the related items size?

Hi, yes. View Theme Documentation: Install Theme > Step 04

Hello, may I ask if you will you be selling the admin skin separately?

Hi, unfortunately no, the skin is part only from this package and it is compatible only with OpenCart.


I have not taken this discussion lightly to leave this negative feedback for all to read, I have 4 of 0808web themes, Kubera, Start-online-store, wossy and Project Store. As all the stores look great, sadly the support is not great, I have had a few reply emails to questions long ago, but of late I have had no support on any of this author’s themes by email or the messaging system on ThemeForest, He did post that there would still be support offered to the redundant themes, but this is not the case. I expect I will get a sarcastic response to the 1 star I will be giving him as it seems the norm for him to respond to negative feedback in this way, I so wish there was a zero. Please keep this in mind before you part with your money with this author, I wish I had! If you choose to now respond to me 0808web, I will be willing to listen, but most things I have been able to fix myself via editing the files and help from another professional author.


For the most part you are right, but there are also some things that don’t belong here and don’t have coverage. I admit that lately I have not offered a 5 star support, I did the best I could. I will not report your comment, because if I do, it will certainly be removed. Instead, I will try to learn from what you said and become more responsable. I hope that this discussion will end here.


This does not answer my question, will your as you put it “5 star support” be now offered to me, or am i still on my own! and you say about having the comments removed as a standard response to everyone who has a gripe with you. either support your themes or stop wasting peoples time in chasing you, (its been months for me, i felt i had to comment as i had no other choice, and now you comment). please feel free to email me to conduct with this away from the public eye, with the issues you maybe able to support me with.

UPDATE: We are working on my issues via email. 16/04/2014

Hi, I just upgraded to OC and seems like something broke and the Featured and Latest sections in the home page are not loading.

Would appreciate if you could look into it.

Hi, thanks for the warning. At the moment the theme is compatible with OC but I will make the update soon. Even so you should not have any problems (I think) in the two modules that you mentioned, it is strange. Can you give me a link to your site? I am curious. Thanks again, talk to you soon.

Hi, appreciate the quick response. The link to the site is www.thenortheaststore.com. Prior to the update, both the Featured and Latest modules were enabled and were visible in the homepage. However, ever since the update, am unable to see the modules. Rest all seems to be fine

1. Delete from FTP the “vqmod” folder
2. After that, install again vqmod (details in the theme documentation)
3. Upload on FTP the “vqmod” folder from the theme package

Please keep me posted with issues status.

Hi 0808web, The image options of products not work with Chrome, only IE? ... This is a problem? Is possible a solution? Product of example: http://sea-dog.com.br/camisa-de-pesca-masculina-cor-verde-escuro-manga-longa-destacavel-ziper-ventilacao-traseira. Thanks.

First of all why have you installed version of OpenCart, if the Project Store version that you have is not compatible with OpenCart

Even so, I really don’t know why it does not function for you. Nobody reported this issue, and it’s a pretty important issue, if it is real. I have checked and everything in OK.

Yes, the version is complatible with opencart I bought this theme along with The eCommerce Sampler Pack… The version that I installed has no module addicional, only your theme Project Store. tell me your email so I can send the file I downloaded from Themeforest

Yes, you are right in the e-commerce sampler pack Project Store was compatible with OpenCart It is not necessary for you to send me the file, I have them. Although I don’t know which is the problem, I want to help you solve it, so please lets continue the conversation via email, you can find my email address in the documentation. Or, easier, use this form. Thanks!

Hi! Do you have a date to release update to new OC version?

Hi ibruno! This week the new update will be available, 2-3 days. Thanks!

hi there, when will be the maintenance site is online?

almost 24 hours already, please inform me when it’s ready coz i wanna to buy it! =D

I have sent right now the new update, I am waiting for approval. Demo site works now! Thanks!

already purchased it bro! Great job guys! =D

When will be the demo site online again? It has been already a while since maintenance started and it became offline.

Hi, in a few hours the new update will be available on the site. Thanks!

Demo site works now! Thanks!

I cant access admin using demo as user/pass.

Demo site works now! Thanks!

Love the update! Thanks Guys! =D

Work with Opencart

I have local the version if you want. But, not contains all Project Store v1.4 options.