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Product Info

ProjectPress turns WordPress into a basic project management application. Requiring login to view the site and allowing 99% of all work to be done from the front end help this truly run like a web app.

If you need basic project management, use this theme and save hundreds a year over other softwares.

*Note – no form submits will function on demo.

5.0 Features

  • Updated for WP 3.8
  • Updated menu system
  • Completely new design
  • Better responsive design
  • Better client management
  • Better menu structure
  • Better documentation
  • All users no longer to edit other users (all edits to a profile other than your own now handled through backend as usual)
  • Simplified project adding/listing
  • Emails to users now pull blog title and admin email for reply
  • Simplified menus and page setup
  • Custom page titles

4.0 Features

  • New Design
  • Simplified Date Fields w/ jQuery Datepicker
  • Clients Excluded from Assigning Projects
  • Clients Can Have Project Editing Capabilities Turned Off
  • Multiple Owners for a Project
  • New My Tasks Page
  • New My Projects Page
  • New, Separate TimeLog
  • Better Menu and Navigation
  • Timelog Delete Entry Option

3.0 Features

  • Brand new Options Framework
  • New CSS Styles
  • Better responsiveness
  • Project completion button
  • Translation ready
  • Chat (customized for Quick Chat plugin)
  • Time log
  • WYSIWYG project descriptions
  • Front end avatar control (gravatar is default) (customized for WP User Avatar plugin)
  • Password generator
  • Video widget
  • Recent posts widget
  • New related blog articles
  • Post category widget
  • Filterable projects gallery
  • Project categories
  • Make any project gallery page show draft or completed projects
  • 8 new project gallery page types
  • Basic search functions
  • Plus 8 new skins
  • Shortcodes for columns, buttons and a few more
2.0 Features
  • Client Login w/ custom login page template
  • Customize client menu’s, calendar, project listings and dashboard
  • Project Task Notes
  • Project File Support
  • Email notification on project and task assignments
  • Redesigned Project Profile
  • Responsive CSS & Bug Fixes
  • Dashboard gives you over of projects and tasks assigned to you as well as features projects and company news.
  • Add new projects
  • Set project deadline, goals and budget and them track throughout the duration of the project
  • Set projects as either live or draft.
  • Give project tasks a deadline and assigned u ser
  • View a calendar of your upcoming projects
  • Add and edit user profiles directly from the front end.
  • This theme is fully responsive so you can keep track of your project on the go.
  • Gravatar integrated user pics
  • Extra pages and blog area

More Features to Come!

Email me or comment for new features – I’m taking requests

Also, since I cannot be responsable for anything outside of my theme, as all TF authors cannot, please note that this theme assumes that:

  1. No changes have been made to core WP Functionality.
  2. No plugins which would effect core WP Functionality have been added to the site.