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BBCom Purchased

Ok, if you send us what you have done so far, we’ll finish it for you… We are are looking at converting into WP, anyway…what do you think…?

Regards, Chris.


Hi Chris, I’m sorry but I don’t share a files before release in this case. Thanks anyway.

I noticed that in the screenshots, it shows a little bubble around the current page in the menu, but when you look at the demo it’s not there. Is this worked into the version that is currently for sale?


Hi, hover bubble functionality was removed as per some buyers requests. Regards!


If I purchase could you put it back in for me?

jeezyo Purchased

Just wondering if you are moving forward with the WordPress version? I did a site with this template a while back, really like the site, but need to move it over the WordPress. Thanks.

steve55 Purchased


I have just purchased this and have a coupe of quick questions :

1/ The arrow graphics in the slider aren’t working correctly. The previous arrow moves the image forward and the next arrow moves the image back.

They need to be swapped so they work correctly.

Can you advise how and where we do this.

2/ The slider speed – Can I alter the code to make it a slower speed before it moves to the next image.

A quick reply would be appreciated.

Thanks Steve


Hi Steve, I’m sorry for long delay I just back from holiday:D I answered for your questions just look fo FAQ section for this template. Thanks for bought my template. Regards

please help. I want to change home page image rotation to single video of a commercial we did for our business. Video is in .fla format but would like to know what to edit to remove scrolling images a place a .fla video in home page. Thanks


I tried to find the file jCarousel to change the speed, but in the folder named ‘jCarousel’ there is only one file called ‘jcarousellite_1.0.1.pack.js’.

And it’s content is: eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function©{return(c35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!’’.replace(/^/,String)){while(c-)r[e©]=k©||e©;k=[function(e){return r[e]}];e=function(){return’\\w+’};c=1};while(c-)if(k©)p=p.replace(new RegExp(’\\b’’\\b’,’g’),k©);return p}(‘(6($){$.1g.1w=6(o){o=$.1f({r:n,x:n,N:n,17:q,J:n,L:1a,16:n,y:q,u:12,H:3,B:0,k:1,K:n,I:n},o||{});8 G.R(6(){p b=q,A=o.y?15 c=$(G),9=$(“9”,c),E=$(“10”,9),W=E.Y(),v=o.H;7(o.u){9.1h(E.D(W-v-1+1).V()).1d(E.D(0,v).V());o.B+=v}p f=$(“10”,9),l=f.Y(),4=o.B;c.5(“1c”,”H”);f.5({U:”T”,1b:o.y?S g=o.y?t(f):s(f);p h=gl;p j=gv;f.5({s:f.s(),t:f.t()});9.5(P,h+”C”).5(A,g">);c.5(P,j+”C”);7(o.r)$(o.r).O(6(){8 m(4-o.k)});7(o.x)$(o.x).O(6(){8 m(4+o.k)});7(o.N)$.R(o.N,6(i,a){$(a).O(6(){8 m(o.u?o.H+i:i)})});7(o.17&&c.11)c.11(6(e,d){8 d>0?m(4-o.k):m(4+o.k)});7(o.J)1p(6(){m(4+o.k)},o.J+o.L);6 M(){8 f.D(4).D(0,v)};6 m(a){7(!b){7(o.K)o.K.Z(G,M());7(o.u){7(a<=o.B-v-1){9.5(A,((l-(v2))g)“C”);4=a==o.B-v-1?l-(v2)1:l(v2)o.k}F 7(a>=l-v+1){9.5(A,((v)g)“C”);4=a==l-v+1?v+1:v+o.k}F 4=a}F{7(a<0||a>l-v)8;F 4=a}b=12;9.1o(A==”w”?{w:g">}:{15:(4g)},o.L,o.16,6(){7(o.I)o.I.Z(G,M());b=q});7(!o.u){$(o.r+”,”+o.x).1n(“X”);$((4-o.k<0&&o.r)||(4+o.k>l-v&&o.x)||[]).1m(“X”)}}8 q}})};6 5(a,b){8 1l($.5(a0,b))||0};6 s(a){8 a0.1k+5(a,\’1j\’)+5(a,\’1i\’)};6 t(a){8 a0.1t+5(a,\’1u\’)+5(a,\’1e\’)}})(1x);’,62,96,’||||curr|css|function|if|return|ul|||||||||||scroll|itemLength|go|null||var|false|btnPrev|width|height|circular||left|btnNext|vertical||animCss|start|px|slice|tLi|else|this|visible|afterEnd|auto|beforeStart|speed|vis|btnGo|click|sizeCss|position|each|none|hidden|overflow|clone|tl|disabled|size|call|li|mousewheel|true|relative|index|top|easing|mouseWheel|padding|margin|200|float|visibility|append|marginBottom|extend|fn|prepend|marginRight|marginLeft|offsetWidth|parseInt|addClass|removeClass|animate|setInterval|0px|type|style|offsetHeight|marginTop|list|jCarouselLite|jQuery’.split(’|’),0,{}))

Do I replace the above with the code you have provided in the FAQ section?

Hope to hearing from you soon, thanks.



Hi Kenn, Please do not edit ‘jcarousellite_1.0.1.pack.js’ file. You will find code that I show in FAQ in index.html file in header section. At the beggining of the file content.

To chnage a speed of slideshow you just have to edit this values

speed: 500, auto:4000,

Nothing else. I hope you find. Regards

Thanks a bunch Vesthar, that helped me find the code :)

Much appreciated,