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There appears to be a serious database bug in this PROMA theme. I am getting a massive error that effectively shuts my Drupal 7.16 site down. Even Drush cannot clear cache. Problem seems to be isolated to the Tabvn modules you install, I think specifically it could be portfolio_type.features.field.inc. The module throws up “DatabaseSchemaObjectExistsException” similiar to this problem:


Very disappointed in this theme, wasted hours troubleshooting this problem and definitely isolated it to your theme.


HI trainingcity,

if you could not fixed problem, contact me by theme forest contact form with your -site information. i will look into your problem.

thank you.

This theme is a disaster. Use themes from Tabvn at your own risk…

After being forced to remove the tabvn module from my Drupal 7.16 sites/all/modules folder to remove the DatabaseSchemaObjectExistsException that was shutting down my site, I now find that it has corrupted the mysql database. My content access permissions are all messed up and users can no longer view any node “body” type content! Replacing the entire site with a backup copy made just before downloading this piece of junk was the only solution.

I want my money back, but of course that’s not going to happen.

This latest problem with this theme is causing this type of error:


Thank you for purchasing , if you dont like it, contact to envato , i dont have permission to do that. one again, thank you

I can’t access this. is there a way I can navigate to this page instead?

To upload new image for slider

follow the URL http://your-site.com/node/add/slider

Can anyone help me with this?

I need to add some things to this template and I can’t figure out how to access any of these:

http://your-domain.com/node/add/portfolio http://your-site.com/node/add/slider

or any of the node stuff. (I have done plenty of Wordpress and a couple of Joomlas but this is my first Drupal site)

What am I doing wrong?


I really need help with the slider on the Homepage. I need this site live by tomorrow..

Could this be the problem? slider_type missing a couple of things?


I cannot access this: http://boomboommedia.com/webdev/node/add/slider

because my links in the Drupal CMS look more like this:


hi gotboom

i did reply you by email, check your inbox.



thanks, I wrote you back as well..

Quick question, how can I make the parent link clickable to a page?—for example, the Portfolio parent on your sample site? thanks!!

Hey EVERYONE Have any of you (60 other people that have purchased this template) installed it and it is running and working fine?

Can you please tell me the tricks on how to do a clean install? did you do it from fresh and uploaded the data.sql file through myphpadmin?

please email me at info (at) ocfilms (dot) com

thanks for your help!!!!!


Hi friend, you are too complain ,

so follow the documentation and i ‘m on email right now to help you.


I’ve written you many emails already about getting the slider to work. Please answer. thanks

dlafont Purchased

The content types (sliders, profolio) are notre created.

Started from an existing Drupal 7.16 instance.

Tabvn Modules installed, themo also.

Any idea to solve the proble ?

dlafont Purchased

There is no Page content type on my site (this is dedicated Drupal distribution).

How can I have the home page?



dlafont: can you let me know if you get the slider working?

please email me at info (at) ocfilms (dot) com


Hi I will get back to you on Monday


dlafont Purchased

I have got the error message:

“An able process file themes/proma/css/cache/cache.css”

what does that mean?


Hi for any question send me via themeforest contact form and I will get back to you on Monday ,

I’m not at computer right now, by the way that error main you need set that file read and writeable (chmod 777)

Thanks for purchasing the theme .

dlafont Purchased

Already 777de



did you get the slider to work?


It was weekend, i went out, i just sent you an email, ask your ftp account, and i will check for you. thank you

Is there a PSD file that goes along with this template? Templates usually come with one, but I cannot find it in the documentation I downloaded with the theme.

Thank you!


lwelshans, it has not PSD . thanks for purchasing the theme.

Great theme.

I would like to modify the “Recent Projects” block on the front page to use a different content type called “events”. As the block doesn’t utilize the views module, I can’t figure out where to modify the code. Can you give me some direction?



please have a look


thanks for purchasing the theme.

can I see the admin before making a decision ?


It’s Drupal . Visit Drupal.org for more information :)


How can I make the parent link clickable to a page? for example, your Portfolio parent on your sample site? only the first (parent) link is not working. the sub-navigation is working.

can you help me… thx

sorry.. the parent-link is only not working in firefox!!! what can i do??


Hi there could you send me screenshot to my profile http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

it should work

thanks for purchasing the theme.

and my next question… I have changed “recent-works” on the startpage to 4 fields. how do I get back to to 9 fields.. (i can use only 4,8,12…) only nine fields it looks good. please help..


send me an email via themeforest.net.net/user/tabvn#from i will reply you in email. thanks

gregagre Purchased

Hi tabvn, same problem here:

“and my next question… I have changed “recent-works” on the startpage to 4 fields. how do I get back to to 9 fields.. (i can use only 4,8,12…) only nine fields it looks good. please help..”

Where is this function written? Thanks


Hi there

You can downlaod newest from themeforest and copy /site/all/modules/Tabvn/custom/custom.module

To your site then you will see “9” in block setting

Or send me an email I will send you custom.module