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hi can u please guide me how to install demo data thanks Abdur Rafay

Hello, sorry for the late reply, you can install the .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress

Hi, i am using Proma theme + WMPL plugin for multilingual website of an advertising agency http://petkov.media/ , but i have problems with the visualising of categories from portfolio. C?uld you please give me detailed information about developing a multilingual website with Promo theme?

When i choose in the settings of the theme categories for portfolio and when changing the language in the site, those categories do not show as portfolio, but as a standart post. Regards

Hello, can you give me a URL where it shows up as standard post?


dagrfx Purchased

Hello, how can I isolate and change the color of the links in the footer widgets? The global custom link colour does not work well with dark colors.

Hi, you can use this code

.footer-widgets a {
color: #your-color !important;

dagrfx Purchased


You’re welcome!

Hi, After an upgrade I’m having some problems the slide text. Is not appear properly. http://goo.gl/jZcPIR I checked to see if it was something wrong but I do not see the problem.Do you help me? http://www.autoismael.pt/

Thank’s for your time.  

Hello. Try reinstalling the plugin and importing the sample data again


When do you plan to update Slider Revolution?

Hello, I’ll update it in the next theme update which should come by the end of the year

Cool, thanks.


Where do I edit the footer information?

Hi, you can find it in footer.php


Just purchased and hope you can help with:

1) I need to add margin or padding to top of page. (logo slightly cut off) 2) Horizontally center the navigation menu links. 3) Match the second slogan line fonts to the first line. 4) Remove “Recent Work” and “Our Clients” from homepage.

Many thanks.


1) You can add this to style.css

header {
padding-top: 30px;

2) Unfortunately that’s not possible by default because the navigation is on the same line and they’re in the same div

3) You want them to look the same(e.g. font, color, size) or just to have the same font-family?

4) Please also send your remaining requests and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile so I can do those changes directly myself via the dashboard, as they require custom coding

Have emailed access details, many thanks.

Hmm, I haven’t received anything, please re-send :)

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with this: The portfolio gallery only shows blank: http://dev.elearningsquared.com/?p=92 I have verified the image links are correct, but nothing shows up.

figured it out, thanks, I had modified some php files and deleted something needed

Great, glad you fixed it, sorry for the late reply.


I have a weird problem – some images show on pages and some don’t, even though the images are formatted exactly the same way and uploaded one after the other the same way too.

Any ideas?

Hello, can you send me your problem + a WordPress admin account + the links of the pages where they don’t show up(in the dashboard) via the contact form on my profile?

Ok, will answer there

hi, how to update revolution slider ?

yes i get it done, but now im in trouble with magnifier glass on ponuda ure?aja : http://www.mfpcloud.com/sharptest/ , how can i remove it ?

ok, i did it, now how to center this remaining button ?

Hi, add this to style.css

.view a.link {
left: 18% !important;