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  • Proma – Responsive Multi-Purpose Website Template
    Please let me know if you can help me, I’m not getting to do the Slider pause when I place the mouse over, the video does not even have to load and change the slide … is this possible?? Thanks,

hi, send me an email id i will send you the docs … as far as slider pause is concerned open index.html file goto line 355 or find this line “onHoverStop:”off”,” make it “on” instead of “off” it will work… thanks :)

webosk Purchased

Perfect!! thank you!

Hello, I recently purchase your template, but no doc for the contact form, can you send me : betremieuxdavid@yahoo.fr

Thanks ;)


Unfortunately, my contact form is still not submitting even after replacing the new files you sent me. I also noticed the new forms.js file you sent for me to use still had an original line of code that you had me change earlier at one point that you told me was wrong. I think you should include detailed documentation on how to edit the forms.js and html files to make the form work properly. I’m ready to replace this form with another that I know works from other sites I’ve built, but I’d rather not. If there’s anything else you can do, that would be great because I like this particular form for my site.

Thank you.


hi, send me an email i will look into it. thanks :)

Hi…..I got two little questions. But first of all I want to congratulate for the great Template and Support from Webthemer. I will recomend anyone to buy it, it is Awesome Template.

I Just got problems Attaching my Analitycs Code, I attach it where it goes in the Template Options, but it dosent run. am I forgetting something?? Any click to do, anywhere, to allow Tracking?’

By the way, where can I find the File in where to attach it Straight Forward in the Server Files??

Thanks a lot, A lot…. Maria


hi, i think you are writing to wrong person i am atifport i made html version i think you buy joomla version of proma which was made by webthemer you should write to them :) thanks


am also getting the following error as Mitch 621 and islandmix

Could you please help with documents?

Fatal error: Class ‘mapWidgetkitHelper’ not found in /homez.713/www/electrobeta/administrator/components/com_widgetkit/classes/widgetkit.php on line 129

please sent to: klaus@hapiday.dk

Sawasdee Purchased

Hi guys!

Nice template!

I’m trying to figure out something and would like to know if you have a clue for it! In IE8, the HTML version doesn’t display properly the Transparency inside the Slider. But in the Wordpress version, IE8 is able to render the transparency!

Any idea if we can make the HTML display properly the transparency?



hi, which transparency you are talking about, please email me so that i can check it properly thanks :)

Hi We installed Proma theme in our wp site configure everything but in Proma Theme Option under “Homepage”-> “Categories included in the recent work area” I choose a category but on the homepage all post are showing .it should just show the post with the category i choose. Any advice?


hi, you should asked to WP author as you purchased WP version…. “http://themeforest.net/item/proma-responsive-multipurpose-theme/3662271” Thanks :)


In your slider the slides/pictures are shown in a random order – but i have 3 pictures i want to show in order.. Where do i edit that??

Please send the answer to cs@geniecorp.net


No worries, i found a fix for this :)


Great Enjoy the template, and Thanks for purchasing it :)

proudy Purchased

Hi, I purchased today, please send me the document information @ aproudfoot@gmail.com

Also I noticed that when the video is playing on the slider it still loads the next slide before the video finishes, is there a fix for this.

proudy Purchased

Thank you, received.

I also have a displaying problem in IE8 … anything I can do to fix this or did I make some mistake while adapting the code to my needs?



I have a problem with submenu items: in the tablet version (the menu is a combobox in this case), when I tap one main item, the sub items (if present) appear and after a while disappear, so that it’s not possible to tap them.

Could you please check the issue?

Thanks in advance, Elisabetta


So? No answer? I also sent you a message, as you know. I’m quite disappointed…


hi, well i checked it works fine with me send me your files i will check it thanks :)


My contact form is not working….Please send me the documentation that you have been sending others to mike(at)michaelgall(.)com

Also when I do a blog post and bold something anything in the strong tag becomes white text on the white background….

any ideas on how to fix this?


documentation sent to you thanks :)


My contact form is not working as well, how do I fix this?

E-mail : calsignssanleandro@att.net


hi, already sent you an email with documentation which will help you, thanks :)

aaf1983 Purchased

hi. I bought this template and download the zip file: themeforest-3185178-proma-responsive-multipurpose-website-template.zip

i uploaded it to /home/alon/public_html/tmp and from the joomla i did: Extension Manager: Install >Install from Directory>/home/alon/public_html/tmp.

but… when i click install i got an error: Warning JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

can you explain me how to install this template? Thanks

Hello, I recently purchase your template, but no docs for the contact form or the website, can you send me to: h.barriosj@gmail.com

thanks in advance!


hi, proma docs sent thanks for purchasing the template :)

empty message

Hi, I purchased your theme recently & did not found any helpful documentation attached. Please send me documentations asap. My Email-Id : lawak_giler@yahoo.com


docs sent thanks :)

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Hi I purhased this theme and when I upload the zip file its telling me failed because stylesheet is missing

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Hi, My contact form is not working as well, how do I fix this?

Please email me at: laumb24@gmail.com


hi,I have changed the tags from the portfolio articles module i.e module-88, to reflect my desired filter criteria and now no portfolio image is displaying on my portfolio page.where can i correct this? check it out here http://firstidea.co.ke/demo/index.php/portfolio-4-columns