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Live preview would be appreciated

Hi Kiziel I would like to show live preview but don’t want this theme to get ripped off so only screenshots are available.

People are not that bad :D You can use some html protector anyway, for some live preview is v. important.

kiziel I have added a live preview

I’ve just test on Safari Mac Os X, it seems that your logo isn’t in the same color as your background, could you take a look please?

By the way, you did a great job!

Hello mamude I have no idea about Mac OS X can u send me a screenshot please so that i can take a look and fix the issues.

Hello, I wanted to buy this theme but I noticed the logo problem too on MacOSX / Safari. No problem with FF. Maybe you can try Safari for Windows

can anyone send me the screenshot of this template on the macOSX please.

click on my avatar or profile you can message me from there and i will email u back.

It shows becoz its protected with HTML Protector just to avoid copying site from a live preview. When u purchase it you will get a source code without html protection.

rcroeder Purchased

hi, also no skined File input button.

? can u a bit clear please iam confused with your question.

Q – I sell a software application that has admin panel. I want to use thi stheme for the admin panel. Since my customers install the software on their servers after they bought a license, am I allowed to use this theme for my software? I am asking this to ensure that I follow the proper distribution license.

Pls let me know asap.


You can see here

http://themeforest.net/legal/licences u need to purchase a web services or conditional resale or else if you have doubt still let me know i can produce a new theme for u which we can discuss later.


I’m a newbie! Questions, this customized admin cms skin is for ProManager v2.0 script? Can some one give me a link to this cms script site? I want to find out more info etc.


ProManager V2.0 is the theme name not a CMS this is just a Skin you need to integrate this skin into your own custom or any other CMS system

I am new…how do you apply this to an existing site?



you need to get this done by a programmer or you can do only if you know design integration to php scripts

Hello can i just use this as a html website and add a simple php members script


you need to integrate it by yourself for it. Basically its created for an custom admin panels

Are you using jQuery or any other JS library with ProManager v2.0? I want to know as it may cause integration issues. Thanks.

Hi System 32, How difficult would it be to make this skin work within an ASP .NET framework? I have a programmer, available. Thanks so much.

When I clicked on preview I got a virus that were removed by my antvirus program!... Please sanitize the priview!