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Meant to post on the ecommerce version ^

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. I hadn’t seen the video tutorials before this. It turned out that the reason the slider was broken was because I had my homepage set as the “Homepage” page template in wordpress. When I set it to default template and then just copy/pasted in one of your homepage templates from the demo page, it worked fine. Something to check into for future updates anyway.

I have the site working pretty well now.. You can see my application here: http://covicable.com/

Well done with the Jigoshop integration, it’s working very smoothly for me.

Two very minor bugs I noticed: I have it set to boxed layout and the top bar with view cart and checkout would hang over the side when between 768 and 959px. Quick fix was to set this:

.top-info { float: inherit; }

Secondly, when I set the footer background color, it changed the background colors of a bunch of other things that I didn’t want to change, such as contact form textarea for example. You have bundled them all together with the #footer and #socket:

.comment-body, .comment_input .input-textarea, .input-textarea, .contactform textarea, .input-textarea, .bbp-form input, .bbp-form textarea, .bbp-form #bbp_stick_topic, #main h4.trigger, tr th.bbp-topic-title, tr th.bbp-topic-voice-count, tr th.bbp-topic-reply-count, tr th.bbp-topic-freshness, tr th.bbp-reply-author, tr th.bbp-reply-content, tr th.bbp-forum-info, tr th.bbp-forum-topic-count, tr th.bbp-forum-reply-count, tr th.bbp-forum-freshness, tr th.bbp-topic-action, .woocommerce_tabs .panel

I just separated them when I change the color.

Also, the Product Search formatting is off in the footer widget area, and for some reason

tags don’t have a bottom margin in the product description section. All small things, but things to be aware of on your next revision.

Otherwise, thanks very much for the theme. It’s quite good, and I’m happy with it overall



Thank you for reporting the bugs, I will definitely fix them and get back with an update.

Best Regards,


meant to say

and for some reason <p></p> tags don’t have a bottom margin in the product description section.

Hi Alex, I can not install a flex slider on a page. I saw your video tutorial but I do not understand: - how to select 5 images - how to create the link Help me please! Mykadol

Looked like a great theme but every time I try to upload a featured image (either flex slider or project) it shows up as a broken image?

I tried changing the permission settings but still nothing…

please advise….

Where is the fr_FR.po file?


In folder “languages”, this folder is in the theme main folder where are the php files.

Hey Alex -

I am having trouble with the flex slider on the home page. My image keeps showing up underneath the slider. I have been scrolling through to see if someone else has the same issue, but I don’t see anything. Can you please help.

http://www.padronsocialmarketing.com/ Thank you! And LOVE the theme!

I checked the site and it looks ok. I guess you managed the issue.


Yes. I got it. Thanks for checking! The video you had helped me solve it. I didn’t click “set as feature”.


Hej Agurghis, Thanks for this massive Theme! I have some trouble creating a child theme though. For instance the file uploader in the Theme settings or for the FlexSlider always point to the parent theme directory (TEMPLATEPATH.’/cache’), where I don’t have access to from the child theme Dashboard. 1. Do you have any experience in creating a child theme for Prometheus? Or any advice/links? 2. Since I don’t need the Forum do you know if is there is a way to not require the bb_press plugin (like including it in the function.php instead of requiring it or s.th.)?

So far I only created child themes for twentyeleven and never had that problem. I hope my questions are not to nooby but I did google beforehand :-)

Thanks, Eric

Hi. I have a problem: i don’t see any image: http://ricardovicente.com/?page_id=21 http://ricardovicente.com/?page_id=651

not siledshow, neither post images, etc. I readed something about folder and files permissions, but all this seems to be ok.

i think it’s because src parameter in the image url: timthumb.php?src=http://ricardovicente.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/163325923956464984_DvQRKWnG_c.jpg&w=600&zc=1&q=100

Maybe these?: &w=600&zc=1&q=100,

any help?

(beautiful and powerful theme: thanks a lot. Only for this issue)

I really like this theme and would like to use it on my mother’s website but she still has IE7 and won’t upgrade. Does anyone know if this theme functions smoothly in ie7 or ie8?

Hi, Where is the layered PSD for the template?

Only purchased this template because the layered PSD was listing on the Themeforest included files.

Hi, i’m have a problem. After installation there is a fatal error. This is what is says: Fatal error: Class ‘jigoshop_cart’ not found in …../themes/Prometheus/header.php on line 1299

I tried to reinstall the theme, but it makes no diverence.

agurghis, how to change the slider height? i tried changing the size from the index.php file and flexslider.css but the image distort NOT displaying full size..

please explain

Hi there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, but I am having 2 issues. First, I want my homepage to have a featured image under the header and I want my blog posts below that. When I go into the reading settings, I cannot select blog so I am just getting the featured image.

My next issue is that the table feature is not working properly for me. I am trying to make a 2 column table. In the left column I want a 190 pixel image and when I save the image it shows up as teeny tiny (like 10 pixels maybe) and the table keeps coming up with borders even though I selected no borders.

Thanks in advance for you help! Katrina


Hi Katrina,

For first issue. Create a new page and select blog for page template (from right bottom corner) now select the page slider from top right corner, after that on reading select first page a static page and select the page you created. To add image on slider (you can have only one image) Click on Flex Slider -> Add new and add a new post, add the image as featured image. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do that: http://alexgurghis.com/themes/prometheus/template-pages/video-tutorials/#prometheus_flexslider

For second issue I will need you to give me a link to take a look at what you have done till now and make it how you want.


Trying to remove the “Partners” section of the theme and I can’t figure it out, could you guide me to the right file? I just want to remove it completely from the front page.

Edit: nevermind just put display:none in the partners css in main.css

agurghis this should be an easy fix, but haven’t found out how to do it, how can i add a Search Bar to the theme at the header position http://drphonefix.com/ , not the product search that is built into the widgets, but an overall search bar thanks

another question is been 11 days can i please get some answers Thanks i’m having a little situation, i have 8 Locations pages http://drphonefix.com/locations/plantation-broward-florida-33317/ and because they have a map on them they look ugly on mobile, anyway to remove them from the mobile menu? Thanks

kdando Purchased

Just wanted to say I love the site. I’m VERY new to Wordpress and this is actually my first theme. I have a question that I’m sure is probably a “newbie” one but here goes: How do I get the toggles to show up on my home page only if it’s being displayed on a mobile devise? Oh also, is there a way to change the email address at the top to a location link instead? My customers are more interested in where we’re located than our email address (we’re a face-to-face business).


Hey how can I go about removing/changing the “Project Details” text from the homepage? I used projects on the homepage, of course, but I’d rather it say View Item or Learn More or whatever I decide. What file do I need to edit for that?



You don’t have the buyers badge. How did you get this theme?


By purchasing it, but it looks like I purchased the more expensive ecommerce version: http://themeforest.net/item/-/discussion/1980798?page=10

If you could respond to my question that’d be great, thanks.


Ok, so you want to change the “Project Details” text for homepage. Go to folder lib, open file shortcode.lib.php with a text editor and go to line 1371:

<p>$proj_cont <span class="more"><a href="$temp_link">Project Details ?</a></span></p>

Here change the text.

kdando Purchased

Has anyone had problems with the telephone link in the header? It is a very faint green color that is barely visible on iPhones, and I can’t determine where to change the link color. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks