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Nice work. Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks :)

Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!

Thank you Vicky :)

Nice and clean blogging theme. Well done.

Thank you :)

Clean theme! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie :)


i really like this Theme and i would like to buy it but i have one question ;) When you don enter your name and stuff in the comment form than the site goes just to a site where stands that you have to enter this, and this site is really ugly ;) Can we not have just a red maker on the form fields which the user have to fill?

Thanks :)

When do you think you will create the next update with this feature?

Thanks :)

Probably this Friday, I’m just waiting to hear other buyers requests.

Thanks you.

that’s very nice

Nice theme, Is it real easy to install ?

Yes it is, It comes with a very easy to understand readme file. And if you run into any problems I’m here to help.

I bought a theme on here not your theme another author and it didn’t even download the whole thing… I couldn’t believe it

Do it comes with instructions ? What file is the instructions in ?

Yes it comes with instructions in a html file you can open in your browser.

Thank you.


Super-easy theme to use! Congrats and thank you on such an awesome layout and functionality. I have a question: Is it possible to upload images to be used as Ads in the slider? For example, user can upload a post with no caption where they can click the slider aimage and be redirected?

Thanks a lot :)

Good day thank you for purchasing my theme.

1. To have ads in the slider you could easily create a category were upload images of your advertisements, But to get rid of the caption you will need to go into the code and delete a few lines. So some code customization is needed.

2. The template does not have an author page unfortunately, You can still search for a plugin to help you with this in the WordPress plugins directory. If you run into any problems while using the plugin you can contact me and I can help you diagnose the problem or contact the plugins author.

Thank you again and if you have further questions or you would like me to clarify something please don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, io wanted to know if there was author support – where users can click on an author’s name and be directed to all that author’s posts and perhaps a small bio and FB/twitter contact for the different writers. If not, are there any plugins that you’d recommend that won’t cause any conflicts?

Hello Friend, I would like to take some questions: Inclusion of categories on the side of right is easy? I can take away or change the slider?

Hello luisribas.

1. Yes you can place a category widget in the sidebar.

2. I can help you remove the slider if you don’t want it, But if you want to change it you will need to do it yourself in the code.

3. I tested the theme without photos and it works very well so you will be okay if you don’t want to use photos.

4. Yes the theme is translation ready.

Thank you.

Thank You…One More :) You could send me a print of how it would look calls without the picture featured in the post?

I have already started working on my next theme so I changed everything on my localhost :depressed: but I’ll see what I can do, Just send me a blank message through my profile page I’ll reply with the screen capture attached :depressed:


i found an error in the home slider. When you load the preview in firefox browser on windows 7 pc`s the button and text fade in flickers.

Can you please try to remove that error becouse i am still interrestet in purchasing this awesome theme!

Thanks :)

Thank you FreeWeb it is fixed still waiting for the updated files to be approved. I haven’t forgotten about your feature request ;)

Thanks :) I am sure that i will purchase your wordpress theme ;)

Hi, I purchased your theme and it’s really nice but the on the very top the name field font format doesn’t support my language signs (Slovak language)… Is it possible to put there some image with the correct spelling of the name or what would you suggest? Thanks a lot, Dana

Hey Dana thank you very much for purchasing my theme.

I don’t understand what you mean by “top name field font” but I will just assume you mean the logo. You can use the the themes options page to upload your very own logo image instead of using the default text.

If you have any further questions or I missed something please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


Could you tell me why nothing appears in the part custom theme please… ? thank you.

Thank you

There is a small bug in WP 3.6 with jquery in the admin : they let the jquery map link and it causes some issues on pages like this options pane which are not working properly.

Paul Irish has a workaround : until a WP fix update.

I haven’t had any issues with the Options Framework page on WP 3.6. Are you able to use the options panel now?

Yep it works with the fix

Hi, is your theme translation ready? I need to translate it into a different language.

Good day.

Yes the theme is translation ready.

I am new to blogging. I bought this theme but I don’t know how to make it work. I am sure it’s just me but please HELP! Is there a tutorial? I am about to throw my laptop out the window! Thanks!

Good day and thank you for purchasing my theme, Please don’t break your laptop I’m here to help :)

Is this the first time you’re using WordPress? If yes here are a few tutorials:

If you have WordPress already installed on your webhost but don’t know anything about using the Admin, Watch these:

If your okay with everything and you don’t need the above tutorials you just want to know how to use this theme, Check the final_download folder for a folder named read_me, Open it and then open index.html in your browser. You will find all the information you need to use this theme in that read me file.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

Hi I wanted to purchase this theme and had a question. Can you choose what slides show up on the homepage? And can we create different pages besides blogs, contact, etc.?

Hi there.

1. You can select which category to display in the slider using the options panel.

2. This theme comes with a page template, You can use this page template to create other pages.

So the answer to both of your questions is yes.

Thank you.

Hi, I’ve purchase your theme recently and wanted to translate some of the phrases, such as Leave a comment, read more etc. Unfortunately your theme is not translation ready. There is no any .po file created, which has phrases in it, which can be translated.

I need your help. I asked earlier before buying your theme if it is translation ready, you wrote yes, but it’s not. I’m not going to search for each file in the theme files to translate them.

So, what are you going to do with this problem?

Good day.

“Translation Ready” does not mean .po file is included, You can easily create your own .po file within seconds using a program called Poedit.

Anyway I have created the .po file for you, Just send me a blank message through my profile page and I will email you the .po file.


Hey, thanks for the file.

I’m still saying that your theme is not translation ready. When the theme is ready, having .po file in languages folder of the theme should let the translation work. Such file should also be found by codestyling localization plugin from the dashboard. Nothing of these work. I added your file to the languages folder and changed its name to my language specific, I translated some of the phrases to see if it works at all. So I have 2 proper files .po and .mo but nothing happens. Wordpress doesn’t see the translation and codestyling localization plugin doesn’t recognize your theme as being translatable.

You need to look into it because it already takes so much time to figure out what is wrong and translation is not working.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi DarekBucholski.

Please add the following code to the functions.php file and see if everything works.

load_theme_textdomain('promola', TEMPLATEPATH . '/languages');

$locale = get_locale();
$locale_file = TEMPLATEPATH . "/languages/$locale.php";
if ( is_readable( $locale_file ) )
    require_once( $locale_file );

Hi again,

there is also another problem: you wrote in reply to one of the people asking above that the theme has instructions included in .html file. Such file doesn’t exist in the theme files.

I need to know how to add social media icons to nav menu and how to add an add to the header. Your theme doesn’t have any options to configure after installation and no options to get such an end result as you have in the demo, regarding the 2 issues I mentioned.

I need your help.

The read_me file is not in the theme folder, It is in the final_download folder along with the Options Framework plugin you will need to get the options panel.

First open the final_download folder in there you will find a folder called read_me the index.html read me file is in this folder just double click it to open it in your browser. The read me file has all the information you need to get up and running.

Thank you again for purchasing my theme and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I found it, thanks.