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Hi, i just bought your theme yesterday i’m trying transfert everything from my old theme. Thanks for this nice stuff !

My first problem is when i upload a high detaild pictures for a post and i want to crop it with the admin panel its works but on the website nothing change, the pictures showed is the original defaut size.

I use 3.6.1 version and tried to change the folder permission on “uploads” but nothing new.

And also the widgets random pictures and Popular posts isnt working…. .

Thank for your help.

Hey bliiss.

Thank you very much for purchasing my theme. Please give me a link to your blog.

Okay I got your link.

1. After you crop the image you will need to regenerate it so the theme recognises the new thumbnail. Use this plugin to regenerate your thumbnails

2. The Random Photos widget looks for posts with thumbnails and displays those thumbnails at random. At the moment you only have three posts that have thumbnails that’s why sometimes it displays the photos and when you refresh the page they are gone, This is because the widget is looking for others thumbnails besides the ones it already displayed. Solution: More posts with thumbnails and everything will be fine.

3. The Popular Posts widget displays posts depending on the number of comments it has, At the moment you have switched off comments on your blog.

Do all this and if you’re still having issues I will need access to your Admin to see what’s going on in there.


Is there a way to remove the slider?

Hi there.

Open index.php and delete the following line:

<?php get_template_part('featured', 'slider'); ?>

It is on line 3.


Hello, I sent an email to you.

Thank you.

one more sugestion :) we have video, audio formats, you can add the “image” format too! thanks!

Did you receive my email?

Yes, thanks for your help. The page is ok. []’s

Hi Promola, I bought your theme on friday and you did an excellent job ! I have a little problem tough. When you publish a comment with only a short word, the comment box is not displaying correctly. I made this screen to show you my problem :

If someone post a longer comment, the comment box will go back to normal. Thanks for your help !

Hey BioKey.

The updated theme is now available for download.

Thank you.

Hi Promola.

Thank you very much for your work, everything runs smoothly now. Is there by any chance the possibilty to display different widget on the articles pages ? For instance I have video, search and recent articles on my main page and I would like to display only a specific text widget for each articles.

Thanks again !

Hey BioKey.

To achieve this you can either go into the code directly and create different widgetized areas or search the WordPress plugins directory for a plugin that creates different sidebars.

Good luck.

Hi Promola, it’s me again.

Is there a way to make the text area in a post bigger and “automatically” push the widget sidebar on the right ? I have some trouble to make a specific sidebar for the single post page only.

Thank you.

Hey BioKey.

Can I get a link to were you’re having this problem please?


hello, nice template! i need some help, i need to put a big header, from side to side…the header in black, can you tell me how to add it? The size in the same the grey background from the slider…


Alright I get it.

1. If you want a bigger logo you can simply upload it using the options panel and if the header is not big enough in terms of height, You can increase it by going into style.css line 252 and increasing the height.

2. Changing the header background from a solid white color to an image will also require you to go into the style.css file line 253 and changing the following:

background-color: #fff;
background-image: url(images/your-image.jpg);

Good luck.

Dera promola, i sent a message/email! thanks

Thanks Promola, resolved! I sent anothe email/message about wordpress comments! Thanks

Hi. Can u make avaliable the .psd if possible? Thanks

Hi ivansiqueira.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to provide a .psd file because I use Adobe Fireworks to create my designs. But I can send you the Fireworks layered .png file if you like.


Hi, How do i edit my mobile site? Or how do I get the Promola template to activate for mobile and tablet?

What is the size of your mobile device display and can I get a link to your site please?


Hi, I resolved this issue. How do I change the template background to another color or an image?

Good day.

To change the background color you will have to go to line 183 of style.css

This is the line you will have to change:

background-color: #F2F2F2;

Good luck.

I purchased this theme. How do you get the little author box (Picture and description) below each post?

Good day.

In the WordPress admin go to “Users” and then “Your Profile”. Add all the necessary information including your “Biographical Info” in the large text box found at the bottom.

Thank you.

Hi – I am interested in this. I can control all the colors, correct? Do you plan to make updates to this theme? I am new to blogging and new to working on websites/wordpress but have a basic understanding. Will this be something I can do? Do you offer support? many thanks!

Hi there.

1. You can change the main color which is green with the options panel, To change all the other colors you will have to edit the css file.

2. Yes I will update this theme if many people request the same feature to be added and if bugs are found.

3. I do offer support but this however does not mean I will customize the theme for you. Please go through the comments section to see the kind of support I do offer.

Thank you.

Hello, I made the purchase and I have some doubts.

How do the translation of some terms such as: text search field, buttons comments. Some terms that are not automatically translated by the system.

How to increase the size of the text that will appear on the home page on every post? The tag editor to read more is not active? It makes the text very limited on my homepage, I would leave more extensive.

Send me a blank message through my profile page, I’ll send you some links to tutorials that may help you.

I edited directly in PHP, solved. Will I have a problem?

It won’t be a problem if you did it correctly.


after change to your theme, the mediathek search doesn´t work anymore.

Images are available, but through search he can´t found them. “No elements found” oO

Hello, i have tested this on my offline installation, but no luck. The images are definitely available, but he didn´t found them through the search. :(

Hey I think I might have found a solution can you please send me a message so I can reply with the updated functions.php attached. Or you can wait for the update.

Hello there,

send you an email :)

Hi. Will I be able to use one of the header layouts to place a second logo to the right of the main company logo?

I have a client with a brandling guideline requirement to have a second logo to the right of their own, at the same height, on a white background, with some text underneath, right-aligned. Would this be possible with your theme?

Good day.

The theme does not support two logos. But I believe you can achieve what you want by creating a single image with the two logos and uploading it as one large logo, You can make the image 1000px in width and 170px height.


how do i reset settings to the original promola design after I’ve changed it?

Hi there.

You can click the “Restore Defaults” button in the theme options page. But if you changed the files (the code) you can replace all the theme’s files.


@ hiphopbaby

through Theme Options and Restore Settings?

Another Question: Is it possible to increase the loading time for the featured slider images? It pops up a little to late.


Try reducing the number of posts you have on the homepage. I see you have 15 posts on the homepage try to reduce them to 10 or 8.


Just wondering how I can add the youtube social media button or replace instead twitter for example.

thank you. Ramiro

Hi Ramiro.

This option is not available, You will have to edit the code to achieve this.


ok thank you but i would like know wich file

header.php, options.php and style.css

Good luck.

Last questions please. I want to change the Audio Format Example to Image. What files must be edited for that? I just found files in custom.js and .css, but this change has no effect in the backend.

thx :)


Open functions.php and go to line 162:

add_theme_support('post-formats', array('video','audio','quote'));

Change ‘audio’ to ‘gallery’ or just add gallery:

add_theme_support('post-formats', array('video','audio','quote','gallery'));

Good luck.

When I add posts to this theme, my posts never go to another page automatically. I don’t want to have all, or too many posts on the home page, I want them to automatically create another page as I keep adding more, as you all have in your demonstration. How is this fixed?


Okay I take that back. I changed the setting that allowed me to change how many posts are displayed at a time. Now when I click to go to the second page, it says the page cannot be found. What do I need to do so readers can read older posts?

In the WordPress admin go to Settings > Permalinks and then change the “Common Settings” to “Post name”.

Just bought the theme, thanks it great.

Just putting a few post in and have noticed that sometimes the TAGS dont show up on the bottom of the post.

Check here:

screen shot here:

thanks in advance.

edit: sorry hadnt added any tags to that post, IF i do add tags then it works. if no tags then it cuts off the image as per picture above so there is still something wrong there in the formattting.

Thank you for reporting this bug, I will let you know when the updated theme is available for download.

The updated theme is now available for download.


thanks! :)