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Hello :)

Can it be that the ‘no result’ template is missing?

If i use the the search with no results, the site is blank.

best regards …

Cool, I like your blog ;)

Good luck with everything.

Thanks, is that really necessary that we need a responsive format? Our Content width is now fixed on 1000px, never more and i saw that the most ipad´s has a minimum resolution of 1024px, so that would be fit in the most cases.

How i can remove the responsive function? Just removed the media-queries.css?

thx a lot :)

Don’t remove the file. Open it, delete everything that is inside it and then save it just as a blank file.

I need a few modifications done to my site, but Im not a guru at this sort of thing. Do you do custom work?

Mainly want to change the colour combination and a few other small things.

Hi there.

Unfortunately I am not available to do any freelance work.


is there any way to disable the slider?

Hi there.

Open index.php and remove line 3, It looks like this:

<?php get_template_part('featured', 'slider'); ?>


Hi Great theme. One issue is with the pagination. The link for page 2 for example is: which is broken!

Can you shed some light or let me know where the previous/next call is.

Many thanks


index.php is needed because you are using a Windows server which is a pain.

Try this:

Open nav.php go to line 9 and change it to

'format' => 'index.php/page/%#%',

I am not sure if this will work, But try it.

Problem solved! Great customer service, great theme. Good luck with sales. Matt

Cool thanks Matt ;)

maybe another bug found, the prev and next slider button´s doesn´t work. Can´t click them in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Tested also on Live Preview here.

mmhh, no luck. It just works through the Touch-Screen, but not through mouse-click (except hover effect). Tested on two PCs. Same on the Live-Preview here.

I can’t really fix something that already works :confused: Clear your cache.

No problem, we doesn´t use this at this moment. A friend says it works on his PC, but he have a Mac.

Possible to get a Twitter feed widget?

Totally got it, thanks.

Sorry, another question, are you aware of a good plug in to put in blog posts so they are easily shared?

I have never used any social sharing plugin, But you can search the WordPress plugins site

Okay last one, is it possible to create new pages that are also in Blog format?

You can create new pages but if you want them to be like the blog you will have to do a bit of coding.

1. Create a new page template.

2. Style the new page template your way or make sure it uses the same ids and classes as the blog page.


Same question as agyei0. I see the “author-bio.php” page in the editor. Where is that being used? How do I link to it? Do I need to activate it? Can it show on the Author Archive page? Thanks!

Hi there.

The author-bio.php file is used by the single.php file and to call it in the code use this:

<?php get_template_part('author', 'bio'); ?>

The WordPress Codex can help you a lot:


@ aarswells

you must just fill your biography under wordpress profil, then it appears under every post. ^^

I’m interested in this theme, but I do not see much in regards to page layout, shortcodes, etc. Apart from the contact page, it looks like all posts. Do you have anything for building regular pages? Thanks

Hi there.

The theme comes with a page template which can be used to build pages like “About us” and so on.

Unfortunately there are no build in shortcodes, But you can use any shortcodes plugin from the WordPress plugins directory or anywhere else.


Hello, I would like to know if there’s a way we can get a LinkedIn social header option, just like we have for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Thanks a lot!

Would you happen to know what the code is and where I can insert it?

And one more thing. What’s the size (px) of the pictures that are attached to a post? If I wanted to bring them down to that size so that the image looks good, what is the dimension I should be using?

1. It is not that simple to get a new icon, You need to find someone who knows how to code to help you.

2. The width of the post thumbnails is 315px.

3. You can use any photo size, The theme will resize the photos for you.


I bought the theme but am wondering if it would be possible to save custom excerpts for each post. I’ve tried a plugin but it’s causing conflicts. Can you recommend one or let me know how I can do this? Thanks.


Open main-loop.php and go to line 27.

Change this line:

<p class="post-excerpt"><?php echo mola_excerpt(36); ?></p>

To look like this:

<p class="post-excerpt"><?php the_excerpt(); ?></p>

Good luck.


I just purchased this theme and I have a couple of questions:

(1) How do I get the main page to have things on the right side (social media, latest posts, etc?)

(2) I use wordpress and when I click on theme options in order to upload my logo and customize the theme, I see the tabs for “Basics,” “Header,” “Featured Slider,” and “Contact,” but when I click on any of these tabs literally no information comes up. If I refresh the page I see momentarily where I would be able to upload my logo but then the option goes away.

Please advise. Thank you!

I figured out that it was just not responding well with Google Chrome so I was able to upload a logo using Firefox.

However, is it possible to make my logo larger and centered? Right now it looks tiny and when I uploaded the file any bigger it threw off the categories and top slider.

Also – where would I upload advertisements? I see the option for a header ad, but are there other ways of putting them in?

And my previous question #1 still stands. I’d like to make the main page more dynamic.


Hi there.

1. Those “things” are called Widgets, Watch this:

2. To center the logo you must go into the code directly.

3. Besides uploading advertisements directly to the header, You can use widgets to place ads in the sidebar or footer.


I recently purchased the theme, and love it. I just have two questions: 1) Is it possible to display my pages in the slider instead of posts? 2) Nothing happens when I try to add the popular posts widget. I get the header for it but no content (I’ve played with the number of posts it shows, same result). Thanks for any help you might have!

Please login with the account you used to purchase the theme.

I recently purchased the theme, and love it. I just have two questions: 1) Is it possible to display my pages in the slider instead of posts? 2) Nothing happens when I try to add the popular posts widget. I get the header for it but no content (I’ve played with the number of posts it shows, same result). Thanks for any help you might have!

Definitely understand, thanks for your explanation.

For anyone else interested in a workaround for the slider (to show pages and not posts), I used a plugin called “Page Links To” (, which will redirect from the url of a post to a url of your choosing. I created posts w/ featured images I wanted in my slider, then using the plugin, when someone clicks on the link to the “post” in the slider, it took them to the page I had designated. Worked like a charm.

Thank you for sharing :)

Hi Promola,

Awesome theme thank you. I have a couple of questions.

1. On the live preview you have photos and text in the footer, how did you achieve this? With widgets or coding?

2. Is it possible to incorporate ‘addthis’ analytics into the default theme share and follow buttons?

Thanks you again. Ian

Hi Ian,

1. I used the Text widget and the Promola Random Photos widget.

2. I am not familiar with “AddThis Analytics” but I believe you can integrate it through the code.

Thank you.

I was trying to embed a youtube video into my post and the iframe won’t show. Please advise on how to add videos to my website.


Hi there,

Read this:

Thank you.

Hi there, will you be adding a YouTube, Instagram, and Email icon to the top bar in your next update? It only has options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.



If I get more requests for these icons then I will add them. In the meantime though you can search the WordPress plugins directory for similar widgets to use in your sidebar.


Okay. Everyone help me and ask for the social media icons!


i have try to activate the gravatar hovercards, because it´s a cool feature. I have add this code to function.php, but it doesn´t work with the theme.

wp_enqueue_script( 'gprofiles', '', array( 'jquery' ), 'e', TRUE );



It’s your code that has a problem and not the theme, Try using a plugin instead.