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Hello. Am wondering if there is anything I can do about the way images in my slider are cropped? It generally only shows the top of the subject’s head and therefore looks odd.

Also, is there a way to have it showcase images in all categories instead of having to choose just one?


Open style.css and go to line 873.


margin-bottom: 30px;

To something like:

margin-bottom: 20px;

Good luck.

I know it has been awhile, but it was working and now the featured images are being cropped oddly again. in the .css section, none of the lines are numbered. How can I identify line 873?



1. Please read my previous comment on this issue (The first comment I left for you).

2. To get the line numbers you will have to open style.css in a code editor.


I really love your theme, but is there a way to make a video embed in the featured image of a post on the homepage? Like the featured images (with videos) on

The blog I will have is very video heavy and I’d rather have the videos be embedded on featured images on the homepage.

Hi there.

Unfortunately that is not possible.



So I used this theme for my website :

If i want to go to page 2 at the bottom, it gives an 404 eror. Do you know what the problem is?

Good day.

In the WordPress admin go to Settings > Permalinks and then change your permalinks to “Post name”.



I am having trouble when I attempt to copy/paste a post link to my company’s facebook page.

The featured image does not appear nor does a nice drop down of the article. It only shows the article’s link.

Can I do something about this?


Can I get a link to your website please?.

Thank you.

Disable your plugins one by one and check if you’re still getting the same problem. It might be one of your facebook plugins doing this.

hey, i’m going to make the bottom side background to other color (probably black), but i can’t seem to figure how to change the color of the header to other color than white.(part where website logo stands)

is there any way to change the header background color? thanks

Hi there.

At the moment the only way to change the header background color is to edit the style.css file directly.

If you are familiar with css then open style.css and go to line 253:

background-color: #fff;

Change #fff to whatever color you like.

Thank you.

Is it possible to change the grey background to an image? If so where do I edit it?

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi there.

You can only change the background by editing the style.css file. Unfortunately to be able to do that you will need to be familiar with CSS.

The background color is set on line 183 of style.css and that’s were you can change the background color to another color or an image.

Good luck.

thanks and thanks

Hi there, I asked about this before regarding social media, but could you have the ability to have the “Get Social” widget on this theme like you do on the Ross theme? Would make it really easy.

Also, could you give any more direction on creating a new page template that is in Blog format?

Good day.

1. If more people ask for that social media widget to be added to this theme then I will add it. In the meantime you can search the WordPress plugins directory for a social media plugin.

2. You cannot create a page that is in blog format.


Hi Again, I’m really happy with my site, your theme is awesome and so simple.

Just one last take, I want to make the advert in the header a no-follow link, can you tell me where I will find the file do it.

Thank you, IAn

Hi IAn.

Open header.php and go to line 63.


Hello, I have a problem when i write my articles. The titles are not where they are supposed to be and they are positioned just after the paragraphs instead of being after a line break. thank you for your answer. Manon

Thanks for your quickanswer.

Here is my blog address with an article taht’s doesn’t work:

Sometimes it’s working and sometimes not… I work on firefox but I checked with Chrome and Safari too

By the way, How to update the theme? (I always upload the update and try to instal the “new”, but my wordpress tell me “Le dossier de destination existe déjà. /homepages/4/d357108918/htdocs/blog-graines-germees/wp-content/themes/promola/

L’installation du thème a échoué.” sorry it’s in french

Hope you will be able to help me.

best regards,

1. Whatever editor you use to write your articles is the one causing these problems. Do you use Microsoft Word and then copy and paste in WordPress admin?. If yes go to Settings > Writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes”

2. Delete the old theme and install the new one.

I will try to proceed as you suggest.

Thanks a lot

I finished the implementation of my layout today. I’m having some doubts: I applied the theme in my database, application most popular posts in widget is not working what can be? The site is excellent all over the application of the slider could be better, can not make a version where you can manually select the posts that will be on the slider?

Wow that’s amazing I love it. I will update the theme with a fixed menu and I will also make the popular posts widget work with posts that don’t have featured images.

Thank you for convincing me.

:) It was very cool the new implementation. Came to me one more doubt… in some posts I have emoticons in the text, but the mobile version they get big and burst, how can I solve?

Hi there,

Go to the css folder and open media-queries.css, Go to line 237.

Remove this:

.entry img {
   width: 100%;
   height: auto;

Good luck.


It seems that my website was hacked!!!! It links to a youtube page!

Can you offer a solution? Thank you. :(

Sorry to here that, I don’t believe it was because of the theme. Inform your web hosting company about this, This might be happening to everyone on your server if you are using a shared hosting package. Or it might be one of the plugins you installed.

Also please read this:

Good luck.

For now use a url shortner to make that link to Google Docs on your blog a bit shorter.

i meant the post could you please offer a solution to make the posts look better in the mobile (THE POSTS SPREAD OUT) thank you

The problem is that long link on your blog, Make that link short. I’m talking about that link to a download you have on your post.


I’ve used your theme for a friend of mine. It’s really nice but I’ve some questions. 1- Can we change the menu text font? If not, how to from .css file? 2- I really need to use a fullwidth page template, is it possible and how? 3- Is it possible to add some more social buttons to the menu?

Thanks a lot…

The updated theme is now available for download, Check the update log at the bottom of the items page. I’ve added what you requested :)

Thank you.

Thanks a lot, it’s really good work. By the way, a last question; can i add an background image for all of the website? If I can, how? Sorry for questions again and again… Anyway, thank you. I really appreciated it.


The only way to change the background into an image is to edit the style.css file.


Hi, trying to update to the latest WP version and getting the following error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\Domains\t\\user\htdocs\wp-admin\includes\class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 71

many thanks in advance

Good day.

Try this:

Or contact your web host about this issue because it is not a theme related problem.

Good luck.

Hi, I inserted the Promola video sidebar widget and am trying to embed a video. I read the codex for WP that you posted in response to a question on how to embed a video into a post. I was able to do it in a post (by removing the hyperlink) but when I try to embed in the widget, it appear on the website itself as just the plain URL, no video. I checked that there is no hyperlink on the URL and it’s the URL from YouTube. Is there additional code or commands that I need to add to embed the video in the widget? Right now I’m just pasting in the YouTube URL with nothing else in the box.


Also, is there a way to limit the number of posts that show on the front page? Thank you for the great template!

Hi there.

1. Under the YouTube video you want to use, Click “Share” and then click “Embed” copy that code that starts with <iframe into the video widget and save.

2. In the WordPress admin go to “Settings” and then “Reading” under the settings menu, Change “Blog pages show at most” to whatever number of posts you would like to display in the homepage.


Worked like a charm! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

Hello, when updates are made to the template do I have to re-download to access them? Thank you in advance. I am just not sure how the updates go. Thanks again

Hi there.

Yes you have to download the theme again and upload it to your site.


Thank you


I’m having problems adding the social icons in the menu bar. I’ve already found the index inside “read me” folder and downloaded the ‘Theme Options’ plugin. I put my social networks links but they don’t appear when I refresh my blog.

You can check the images bellow:

Could you help me, please?


Hi there.

You don’t have to download any plugins the theme comes bundled with the required plugins, You just have to click install when prompted.

After pasting links to your social networks you have to click the “Save Options” button at the bottom of the options panel (On the same page).

If you did click the “Save Options” button when you were done and you still have the same problem, You will have to send me a message through my profile page with the login details to your site so I can investigate further.



1 – Can we turn off the social media icons that shows over the blog posts on the home page?

2 – How does it works the slider? Is that shown the latest posts? Or I can choose which posts to show?

Thanks! Renato

Hi Renato.

1. The social media icons are part of the design so the only way to remove them is to delete a few lines of code. I can help you to remove them though.

2. You can choose which category to display in the slider, You can also order the posts by date, randomly or by title.


Hello again,

awesome new features. Is it possible to make the background clickable, maybe with an image? There are invisible elements on the left and right, that makes impossible through the traditional way.


found another problem. It seems that some scripts cannot shown.

Old Version of your template:

Newest Version:

The 728×90 Banner between main-nav and slider doesn´t show up. Same script, same position.


Both problems resolved … no idea how and why oO But thx :)

Hello there, i sent you an email :)

Hi there.

I received your email, I will respond to it shortly.