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Please need me xlm file.And How can I put into place components directly

Hi, I don’t understand your question. Can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.

I want to establish categories and houses the demo . Examples of such products would normally theme in the XML file. asks the themes to load when loading the sample files you isterms ?

You can use One-Click Installation tool which comes with theme.

I can’t seem to find the CSS code to change the hover color for Authenticated menu text. It is still the peach color and I need to to be a different color. Where can I find the code? I want to change all hover colors for all text

Figured it out. Thanks!!

Great to hear that.

I am trying to change the color of the “Font Awesome” icon fa-home on the listings page. It is currently peach, I need it black. what would the CSS look like?

Hi, which icon exactly? Can you post a screenshot and public URL please? Thank you.

http://www.destinationhomerealestatepros.com/properties/990/ On the google map, you will see the peach colored house.

And what exactly is the problem?

.simple-marker:before { color: black !important }

Hi, in your template. I don’t have One-Click Instrall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6RArzWyC-Q It’s possible to sent this files plz for configured template

Have you activated one-click plugin?

I am looking to do a few things, and can probably figure it out with documentation, but I can’t find the documentation. Is it located somewhere in the zip file of the theme, or is it at a URL?

Also, from reading threads, It looks like I can install / load the demo home page (http://preview.byaviators.com/theme/properta/ ) for me to work off of, but I can’t figure out how to do that either.

All steps are in green color, it means you already run One-Click Installation once. You don’t need to run it multiple times.

Ok. So, it sounds like your saying I’ve done the import correctly. And if not, how can I get the demo to import correctly? Would you please look at my current home page, and tell me why it is not displaying similar to your demo?

Furthermore, is there additional documentation to the URL you provided above? You cover how to install the theme and demo only in that doc. Do you have another doc for the complete use of your theme and all of it’s features?

Feel free to send me your WP credentials. I will check our demo content import. Except of wprealia documentation, there isn’t any other docs.


This is Mircea Scarlatescu from FYB Romania, I want to know if your theme (Properta) supports listing of appartment complexes, not just individual listings. This would mean being able to list multiple appartments into one bigger entity, the appartment complex. If so, how are these displayed on the map?

Thanks! Mircea

Hi, unfortunately, it does not.

I am looking to change lot area from square feet to acres. I have seen in other threads something about settings > properties. There is no properties tab in my settings tab. Has this moved?

Both ‘home area’ and ‘lot area’ are classified the same in settings ‘Area Unit’ (sqft). (The only other editable setting is ‘Distance Unit’ which doesn’t need changing, as it does not affect lot size anyway). When changing ‘Area Unit’ it changes both ‘home area’ and ‘lot area’. I want ‘home area’ to stay the same (sq ft), and ‘lot area’ to be changed to ‘acres’.

This is not possible, you would have to edit a lot of files to achieve that.

Ok. I understand. I will have to use square feet instead of acres for the lot area then.

how i make “chose your plan” for my wp, http://www.upsieutoc.com/image/hmfd

Use Pricing tables for that.


kalime Purchased

Hello, Is there a possibility of buying the premium theme at ones and gain the ownership rather than always pay per month? if yes how much and what makes it disadvantageous?

You pay only once per theme here at ThemeForest. The pricing you see ($99 per month) is only a demonstration of pricing table you can create at your own webpage.


kalime Purchased

wow great ! thank you very much….I hope it is having two pannels, one for the the theme owner and a user friendly admin for the landlord, also a user registration panel too

Yes, there are all of these features.

How can I get orange button “register” in my wordpress like images https://uphinhnhanh.com/image/6j Thank

Add “secondary” class to that menu item.

Please respond within an account you bought our item and support from. Thank you.


lkyip Purchased

hello, please instruct step by step how to create a “For Rent” page in Grid view. Thanks.

Hi, you can set “Show property archive as grid” in WP customizer.

hi > i like to change the content of the page like contact page map and the text ,

i need small help , when i put price nothing show on the main page at the Featured or most recent add

price is not showing and the grid show in the main home page , i am using the map view , so please tell me where i can’t modify it

You can modify box.php template.

Hi supporter, In version 2.0, the map has Map filter. How can i active it in this version ( 3.0 ) ? Or a plugin can do it ?

Hi, add a Rent/Sale Filter widget into Top widget area and set “map-overlay” as Classes in widget settings.

Hope it helps.

59 dollars is the basic version ?

not clear in that currency are charging

Hi, I am not sure what are you talking about?

Hi Support,

Where is your installation guide of the theme called, properta-real-estate-wordpress-theme.

Looking forward for your immediate feedback. Thanks.

Best, Arnold

Hi, Properta was built using our wprealia plugin. Its documentation is available online here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/gettting-started/installation.html

Hi there,

I have translated realia and the theme into French. But on login page, I still get the text “New to Properta? Sign up.” where to change it?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Found it, just simple in page. It’s ok, thank you.

Hi, great to hear that.

Hi Support,

Need your help. How can I add a new field in attributes section of the property listing page then show up in live page of property overview.

Currently, i have successfully add a new field in the attributes section but it doesn’t show up in the live version.

Here is the code i have added in the function.php;

add_action( ‘cmb2_meta_boxes’, ‘custom_fields’ );

function custom_fields( array $metaboxes ) { $metaboxesREALIA_PROPERTY_PREFIX . ‘attributes’[] = array( ‘id’ => REALIA_PROPERTY_PREFIX . ‘attributes’, ‘name’ => ‘TEST’, ‘type’ => ‘text’ ); }

return $metaboxes;

Lastly, can i also edit the current fields text in the attributes and other existing section of the property listing. Ex. “Home area” into “Building area”

Looking forward for your immediate response. Thanks.

Hi, you will also need to override template file which renders property overview fields to show your new field up.

You can also change any string into your own using .po file.


itsr10a Purchased

Hi there, for some reason my google maps is not showing – what could be wrong?

Google disabled using their maps without browser key. We will release update for this soon. Btw. please extend your support for this item please. Thank you.


lordvizer Purchased

Hello i am back again sorry was in holiday i need to edit the following Realia – Real Estate Plugin [Smart Property Filter]

Hi, what do you need to edit exactly?

at the center of my site home page there is 3 boxes have some text i like to change them the boxes under the full page map page box 1 [Realia – Real Estate Plugin]. box 2 [Portal Ready Solution]. box 3 [Smart Property Filter].