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Hello, wonderful theme, thank you. I am just wondering why the map is not zooming or able to click on it in chrome. Works great in Safari. Thank you.

It is because of your custom CSS…....

Remove this line:

.sidebar-top {display:none;}

Oh my gosh!!! I could kiss you right now!!!! MUAH!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

:) You are welcome.


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Hi, I’m purhased properta theme. Purchase Kod: 81a80d73-bf99-4cdb-a44f-b9fc34db93f7

I would be glad if you say will change the unit of measure sqft m2?

contact page where held ?

TL dollars from changing ?

Hi, you can do all customizations in the WP admin > Appearance > Customize.


inanch35 Purchased


You can translate theme using .po files.

How do I put the social media links/icons in the header?

Put them into text widget.

Hello! When I try to sent message in enquire form, it appears mistake “Unable to send a message.”. What a propblem is it? In the settings in enquire form: Who will receive an e-mail? – I have: Site admin. I wrote my email in the admin area.

You need to configure your site to be able to send emails of course. There are more SMTP plugins, choose one of them. For example:



You are welcome.


We see the Agents page here http://www.clientdevelopment2.co.uk/hopeestates/agents/, but is it possible to pull the agents into a content page using a shortcode?



There is no such shortcode. You can either build your own or create a widget for it.

Hi! I am thinking of buying this theme but I have several questions:

1. Is there any option of sending automatic emails to users when a new property which matches their needs/features is published? In that case, is there any preferences within the buyer’s dashboard?

2. Would I have the option, somewhere, to include advertisements from other companies?

3. Are the packages I see in the demo already set up or could I change any of the features already offered (for example the number of agencies) for any other service I would like to offer?

4. Is possible to change the name “agent” by “owner”? also hide “agencies”?? I am focusing on a market where real state agents are not welcome and owners want to sell their property by themselves.

5. Is there any privacy regarding contact info of the owners when publishing a property? I mean, I guess everyone has access to that info (telephone number, email) and not only registered users. In any case, I see the “enquire form”, would it be possible to keep privacy for owners (if they choose that) and use only that form to contact them which reverts to their email address already provided?

6. How is the payments for the packages done? which options are available? Paypal, direct transfer, etc etc??

7. Once the payment of a package is done, how is the procedure to publish the property? Does the Admin have to accept it manually, or it is automatically done once the payment is confirmed? In case of free package, does the property have to be accepted also by the Admin?

8. Is there any way to keep the “featured/reduced” option I see in your demo or TOP, only for owners who want to pay for that feature? Or it’s just automatic when the owner revise the property?

9. Is it possible to send a reminder only to the owners who didn’t revise their property for a period of time and are not paying a package (free package)?

10. Is it possible to have more property types, like garage, etc? or it has to be the ones I see in your demo?

11. Do you provide any reporting tool with stats, number of users, owners, properties by type??

Thank you in advance, I might have more questions further on…

1. unfortunately, such feature is not implemented

2. you can use any of the prepared widget areas to achieve that

3. you can set your own package details

4. you don’t need to use agents/agencies at all. User can submit his own property without being agent.

5. yes

6. PayPal and Wire-Transfer only

7. depends on your settings. You can set both.

8. there are “pay per featured” and “pay per TOP” monetization options

9. it is not implemented in this theme (in our Superlist theme it is)

10. you can set any property types you want

11. there is statistics module which counts property views and search queries

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much!!! Really appreciated it.

1. Could be possible to implement this tool from the source data? I would like to send emails to buyers searching for a property similar that one just posted.

4. I tried to login in the Demo to see how it works but I couldn’t, that’s why I need to know, if there is just one way of registering (only like an “user”)? or are there more options? I would remove all related with “agent” and “agencies”, and I would like to have 2 types of users: current users (buyers who can set their dashboard to receive emails with the properties which match their requests and receive emails-alerts) and owners (sellers who post properties to sell or rent).

5. I understand your reply “yes” is for my question: “would it be possible to keep privacy for owners (if they choose that) and use only that form to contact them which reverts to their email address already provided?”

8. Would it be able to add more options? I cant find them on your Demo. For example, regarding packages I would like to add the option of: Marking a reduced price, and then the property appears in blue. Putting the property on the TOP and sending an email to the rest of users (buyers). Marking a price under the average to increase visits. Highlight in yellow a property. Every package would be different and have a price of course. Would it be possible to make all this? even if it’s from the source. On the other hand, are the features you mentioned by default and free of charge for the “owner”??

9. Could I implement this tool from the source?

Thank you, you’ve been really helpful!

Hi, could someone reply my last message? I need to know all those points before purchasing the theme, and I have been waiting for the reply….


I just did.

How do I have the navigation header go the width 100%

Theme does not have such header variant. You will need to write your own CSS to achieve that.