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Where can I find the documentation for 3.0?

This (http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html) documentation seems a lot less incomplete than the original documentation for 2.4.

Both me and my developer have tried installing the theme but unable to get the homepage displaying: property4expats.com

Please can you let us know where the correct documentaion for 3.0 install is?



I have done that and it still does not work. A clean install of wordpress with a new database. Please explain or assist.

I would appreciate a reply. Please contact me directly.


please post me your FTP and WP credentials. Don’t forget to attach a link pointing at this thread. Thanks


grilabs Purchased


I installed Properta theme 3.0 version and imported demo data. But your this theme’s page templates is not available on Page Editing or New Page. I can see only “No Title” page template. How can I see another templates? Thanks.


in 3.x there are no other templates. They are not needed. What exactly are you missing?


Buenos dias, tengo un problema con la importación de los archivos del demo XML, ya he hecho todo los pasos de la documentación pero aun así me genera error al importar archivos, que puedo hacer?

it appears that version 3.0 is not complete , generating error when importing files ( content.xml demo) , and the structure is not the same as the demo

I excuse me, but I think it takes more documentation and support for this template.

Hello friend , sorry to ask many questions , and I could install version 3.0 :) but now I have a problem with the links socialize, do not appear in the configuration option , which is part of the complement of the plugin aviator, but only available in version 2.2.3 , How do I move the option to socialize version 3.0?

Social options are not available. You can use third party plugin which can do that job.


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Dear team

I have purchase PROPERTA WP THEME and I want to add submenu items , i have import demo content and adding more submneus items on LOCATION and PROPERTY TYPE but it does not show items i have added by my self.


do you mean submenus in primary navigation? This is possible by default in WordPress just check “Appearance – Menu”.



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Hello i want know from where the tabs ( for rent & for sale ) get the data , i see there is no to chose the both ( for rent or for sale ) when the user create new property in the ( create-property page ) , Also i want remove ( Materials ) from create-property page this is no necessary about my city . pleas help me about this issue Thank you


please check the documentation for more information http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html



msaleem Purchased

ok but in your documentation there is no topic about that issue !!


yes it is. You need to read about page template inheritation and taxonomies. If you are stucked and you are not developer, just post us PM regarding the custom work.


Hello friends, for those who have addiction problems to add icons of social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc…) at the top, you have to do as follows :

1. Enter menus

2. Open the top menu (where the Login and Register links found)

3. Add a custom link.

4. insert the url Facebook or Twitter or Youtube, etc … where link text says leave blank .

5. expand the custom link, and wherein said navigation label, insert

<i class="fa fa-RRRRRRR "> </i>

6. where it says RRRRRRR replaced by the code of the class:

• facebook
• twitter
• youtube or youtube-play
• google or google-plus
• options or options-p
• tumblr

there are many more icons, greetings and hope have helped. :D

Thanks for tutorial

When I edit or add another property, reduced, featured, gps are all missing


did you change anything in your website? Maybe you installed some sort of plugin or someone touched the code because it is unlikely that this functionality stopped working from day to day.

What is the difference between the 2.0 version and 3.0 ?

We only want this for Showcasing the properties built.

NO prices are to be displayed.

Is this possible ?

Hello support

I will change the color theme

How can I do?