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I just downloaded the newest version. I have an older version that is up and running. It is pretty much stock, but it is working. What do i need to do to perform the upgrade to this new version? Do i just upload the file the way it is? Will i lose everything i have setup?


If you haven’t changed any of the theme files there is nothing to worry. you can just replace the old set of files with the new one and everything should keep working ;)


Great, that worked perfect. Thanks. One other question, how can i make the general font all over the site WHITE? I have looked and looked and cannot locate where to change this?


Hey! You can change the default font colors at enfold->general styling: http://cl.ly/WfKW the third color select input in the first row defines the default font color for each section

Hi , presalequestion :)

Will this theme work with WooCommerce Product vendors plugin? Im trying to build an online marketplace for selling physical goods so it would be pretty interesting if this theme has those capabilities.

Thanks in advance.


Hey! I am afraid I dont have the plugin so I can’t tell for sure but it has been mentioned a few times in our support forum so I guess changes are good that it works fine ;)


I am having troubles with the featured Images for the portfolio of Propulsion. I input one and it does not save. Can I get help? I can’t seem to find my licensing number in neither the License folder nor the Licensing folder of my package.

Thank you,

Christina hello@peanutmediaco.com

Hey Christina!

You can get your licensing number by following these steps ;) http://www.kriesi.at/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/registration_steps.jpg

I have done that now. I am waiting for my password. In the meantime, do you know about the question I need help with?

In portfolio, I set a featured image and it does not save. Why is it possibly doing this?

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Hi Kriesi,

Is there anyway on the product page to instead of showing “related products” you can just browse “next” or “back” to the product next in line? (instead of random)

Also when the product is in the cart clicking that product name does not take us back to the product page, just a page with the products name.