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After i installed your theme. when i want to edit a produkt in woocommerce non of the add video og image funktions work. and the WP menu dos not show the dropouts.

Any idear?


I would like to use this template on my own ecommerce system and not on wordpress. Can I also receive the html and js files without specific wordpress codes ?


Dear sirs,

Is this e-commerce website working for Digital uploaded files?

Thank’s in advance

Best regards

Dear sirs, Is this e-commerce website working for Digital uploaded files? Thank’s in advance Best regards

How does one go about getting a support question answered? After purchasing your them I have joined your support forum and posted a questions but have yet to receive an answer.

You have to go to their site to get support. ->http://www.kriesi.at/support

This is the lamest assed thing about Themeforest….

Even then, it could be days and days before getting an answer. My post has been there for four days with no reply.

A great looking theme with no support is worth nothing.

Dear sirs, Is this e-commerce website working for Digital uploaded files? Thank’s in advance Best regards

hello, I used your template to create a website selling clothes, I would like to know how can I put the choice of sizes on the product page? thank you in advance for your help.

Just a small last question,

Is it possible to Add in the shop page/layout a slider elastic or other one from you library?

Best regards

I can not upload this theme to my word press account. It does not show up in the “activate themes” section. What does show up is an area called “broken themes.” Can you help me fix this problem?

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme!

Mai 14th Update: we have updated the framework folder across all of our WordPress Themes for security and new functionality! Go get it now :)

Please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download.

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have: http://www.kriesi.at/support

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Great theme, just wondering how to open my woocommerce product image in a new window? I can apply a link to the image but it opens in the same window :-( I need to open in a new window so people dont leave my site when they click the image….....thoughts?

If you want prompt response I contacted http://www.kreisi.at/contact Hope this helps.


Can your theme support input box and file upload in the product order page?

I want to use it to sell service not digital or tangible product.


Hi, Nice theme. Big question. I don’t want a theme without the user text search box in the user’s face or access to a search page. Roughly 15% of carts use this strategy. Nobody has a link to a search page. When I don’t see access to this, I go elsewhere. Why in the world don’t you guys have a user search box? Cheers, J


Could you let me know if it’s possible to have several shop pages? So different categories can be in separate pages?

Thank you


The NEW WooCommerce Gum Gallery has been tested and recommended to work with the Propulsion theme Display your products in a gallery with QuickView panels. See it in action here – http://gumgallery.nuvuthemes.com

This theme looks awesome. I asked some of your users how they like it and people generally love it. Congrats!! I have an issue, though…

I’m looking at your web site and the demo site on my Android (Verizon Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE ) and it’s not responsive. I’m seeing the full site. :-/ I work at a mobile startup and we would like to use this theme for our site, but I’m a little hesitant because of this.

Any insights you can share???

Thanks!!! :) -jxn


Does this theme support clothing sales, or principally electronic goods; there doesn’t appear to be any ‘options’ for items in the demo site


Yes, it supports all of this. You can use it for pretty much everything :) The shop functionality is provided by the free woocommerce plugin. If you want to give the shop itself a try just download it here:


The theme is merely an advanced skin for the plugin ;D

Hello, I am interested in the Propulsion theme because of the responsive design. (I have not purchased the theme yet.) I need to have 728×90 ads on my site, served by an external ad server. How will those work when the theme is sized down for smart phones?