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Hey there,

I’m exploring themes for a shop/magazine and yours seems to have a lot of what I’m looking for. If I may, I have a few questions:

1. Can I upload a featured video or youtube to one of the slides on the homepage?

2. I don’t see a search box, is this easy to add to the site?

3. I want to feature all kinds of products, from clothing to software to ebooks, you name it! How easy is it to adapt the shop pages?

4. I’m not a programmer… How user-friendly is your theme for a novice like myself, in terms of setup, design and configuring shop, etc. Basically I want to be as independent and creative as I can without having to know coding.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays.



1.) yes youtube, vimeo etc is possible

2.) yep, either by widget or with the help of the dynamic template builder

3.) hm not sure what you want to “adapt” :)Do you need a different layout for thoese categories? that might require some direct tempalte customization.

4.) if you are happy with the features I provide in the demo than you dont need any coding skills at all.


Thanks for your speedy reply!

2) Please can you explain briefly what is the function of the ‘dynamic template builder’??

3) I was referring to the different product categories which may require real shipping in some cases or downloads of ebooks/podcasts in other cases. Does your theme back-end provide me with these different kinds of configurations.

Cheers again :)

lmw626 Purchased

Hi again, you can disregard my previous questions about home page and headers.. I figured it out. Not sure how but something I did made it work correctly!

It really is a beautiful theme once you figure out how to get certain things to work. Thanks!


Glad you fixed your problem! Thanks for the kind words ;)


I am very happy with this truly amazing theme, everything works great, however I am having a problem when selecting a page for the homepage in the frontpage settings. Can you please advise.

Many thanks.


Hey! if you set the frontpage to a static page then the blog no longer should appear on your front page. Please also make sure that the wordpress default options at settings-reading is set to the default (“Front page displays:Your latest posts”)

If that doesnt work please send me url and login information to your wordpress installation via my contact form at http://www.kriesi.at/support/ ) please also reference this conversation so I know that its all about ;)


Please disregard my question about the settings, got the frontpage working and I am very pleased with the theme. So easy to use and very nice indeed.

Many thanks.

I do not not want the front page to have the blog on, when updating the save settings nothing happens, can you please advise. Once again the theme is really good. Best wishes.


Can I implement http://www.kriesi.at/themes/abundance/ image slider into this theme?

Please advice.

Many thanks

nice template!

I have questions

1. in home can i change “latest products” to “top seller” ?

esidirop Purchased

Hi There,

I just purchased the theme and it unfortunately will not install – the error message i receive states:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, I’ve just purchased the theme, and everything seems perfect, except the shideshow.

the problem what I am facing on is how to use japanese character in slider.Once I type text in japanese, all texts turned into strange characters.. you know?

is there a way to fix that japanese character is displayed properly??

Any help would be really appreciated.


Nice work Kriesi, good luck with the sales ;)

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Here it is Kriesi your Template in Action: http://aedaddy.com/ Once again thanks for such great templates!

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Hello- How can I resize single page portfolio image? See here: http://everythingdoll.com/wordpress/?portfolio=jamal-bryant

To make this theme perfect for my needs, I would like to be able to add a phone number just above de main menu on the right.

How can I code that in without messing everything up?

Thanks for your help, Your themes are excellent!

HI there, first of all – happy new year to everyone!

Second – great theme!

I am fiddling about with the theme builder trying to create a landing page. I like a video (youtube) full width at the top. I tried to get the video fill the space but also to scale down nicely and in proportion. The theme does not do that out of the box and the fitvids plugin was no help either.

Any idea how to achieve this?

Thank you

Uiuiui – its to early in the year and day to think….

I figured it out – protfoilio item!

Is there a problem with the demo video audio on screenr? I can play other videos fine on the site with audio, but none of the demo videos for this theme are playing with audio.

BTW – great theme!


great job, thanks.

I am not happy with the avia fade slider as I cannot achieve the planned result:

1. I would like to slowdown the fading effect and increase the transition duration to 2000.

Editing avia.js line 942 did not have any effect.

2. I would like the slides to loop just once and stop on the last slide.

Thank you for your help and have a Happy 2012.


I used a 940px width image for logo. It takes the complete top of the page and it also looks great at Iphone size, but at Ipad size the image does not resize, the rest of the page is fine.

Is there a way to make the 940px width logo resize at ipad size?

Thanks a lot and happy new year!

Hi Kriesi, wanted to know if you can set up as a payment to Payoneer. Greetings.

I guess it’s not possible because the gateway isn’t listed here: http://bit.ly/vpMfhy

AHedges Purchased

Hi, on the demo, at the bottom of individual portfolio pages you have a “Related Entries” section, with 4 related portfolio images, how can I activate this feature or is it a shortcode?