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Is this internationalized?


yes, the theme comes with mo/po files for easy translation into different languages. the shop plugin offers the same features ;)

Would you mind uploading some screenshots of the admin options for this theme? I’m guessing the options do a whole lot more than change background, text, and page colors. ;)

But I’d like to see what options are available and if they are better than the current free theme I’m working with. Thanks


May look a little bit confusing due to all toggles and subpages open but it was easier than to make 8 different screenshots ;D

These are the options:


This is a template builder example:


Hi mate, how do I disable the welcome message at the top that you close on first landing?

Never mind, Im guessing I just need to leave the text field blank ?

While I’m on here Kriesi, could you take a look at the demo im building, when you hover on a product the options / variations text is very dark using the dark boxed layout, where can I edit that text to make it white?


Hi Kriesi, i’ve already bought the angular and the display themes from you. i also want to buy this propulsion.

But i need this Propulsion Theme with the AviaCordion Slider (Corona Theme). Is there a possibility?

You do a good job!

Thanks for Feedback.


Sorry, thats currently not possible. The aviacordion slider doesnt work with responsive layouts yet…

ryanwood Purchased

How can I disable the responsive thing? I do not want the size to change based on screen width. Thanks.

can I use this to sell digital products? I want to create a website that works like the nivo slider site.


Yes of course, the shop support digital products

Hi Kriesi,

first of all, thanks for the great theme. I really like it a alot and im doing well upgrading from Striking & WP-eCommerce to Propulsion & WooCommerce.

I got a or two question for you, which i hope u reply to asap. Is it possible to make a custom header/heading (you know where the page title is shown) for single product pages? I see that it is for the majority of pages, but what i miss is the option to put in the product price in the header instead of the Search Box.

Another question: I read a comment from corinneb. He is flamin but i think he got a point. The source code for my website is actually really poor at some point. He says “1. There are tons of CSS in the sourcecode 2. There is JS in the head 3. There are big ugly comments all around” and that is true. Is it possible for you to make a huge upgrade on this area? You say that Propulsion is “SEO Optimized” but with these tons of misplaced codes, i really dont think this theme is SEO optimized

@elledinho Misplaced codes doesn’t mean its not SEO optimized !

W3C Validator : This document was successfully checked as HTML5 !

Kriesi :

- CSS in source code can be moved by creating a specific CSS …

- Google Analytics tracking code is misplaced, you have to put it just before </head> and not at the end…(asynchronous code)

I’d like to change the blog page format a bit. How can I remove the text “Archive for category: ” so that only the category name remains?

Second, I’d like to reposition the flag with meta info about each post. How can I place it above the post or make it smaller so it doesn’t take up so much room?

bothand Purchased

Great theme.

I would like to use the slideshow feature to only display my video on a post but when I do that it turns off the regular feature image and thus I lose my thumbnail image throughout that site. Any chance you could help me be able to show the video through the slideshow on a post yet still be able to set the thumbnail image?

Support Requests

Please use our support forum for any support requests you have: http://www.kriesi.at/support/

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Fantastic looking theme! I’m about to purchase, but just wanted to check if the USD $ cart can instead show as GBP £ or Euros? Can it process different currencies? Thanks, Karen (non-tech here:-0)


Hey Karen!

You can use any major currency you like (USD, GBP £ or Euros are all supported of course) but you have to settle with one currency, you cant mix them up :)



I have read the message of CORINNEB and have checked the theme with help of http://validator.w3.org after that. There found 396 errors in Propulsion, but all of them were only two kinds: “& did not start a character reference. 1. & probably should have been escaped as &.” and 2. “Bad value ?google_webfont= ...” It is not problem.

Also many //comments inside of files of theme – it is very well for me.

So, as result, I have already purchased of this theme (right now) in order to use it for my new project.

Thank you Kriesi for this interesting theme! I checked more of similar themes before of purchasing of yours. The Propulsion looks me very nice and well-combinated with shop and forum, and is really responsive! Hope, everything will be ok with support!


Hey! The validation error is only because of the color switcher, the real theme got no validation errors ;)

Glad you like the theme! Thanks for purchasing


I see (as I said before, for demo-site – all indicated validation errors there proved me – there is all right with coding of theme’s files).

Please, take a little attention to http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/how-do-i-save-my-propulsion-theme-options#post-42029

Thanks in advance!



please try as suggested in the forum :)

I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients… can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks –


Yes of course :)

Hi there, very nice theme, I think I’ll purchase. One question that I have: is there a way to create a “customer login” for a password protected are? Great work, so far, thanks,



Hm guess the easiest way is to use a login widget for your sidebar. Or if you are using the shop plugin the customer login will be available right out of the box:


That was a fast reply, thanks a lot!! Good option, still not decided between “abundance” and “propulsion”...


Totally up to you, both offer the login area, thanks to the woocommerce plugin ;)

Thank you for great theme that I have just bought. I have a serious issue with the installation. Anytime I active the WooCommerce plugin it says Internal Server Error. If I deactive it, it works again. What am I doing wrong please?? :) Thank you! :)

Nm, got it :) Thank you!


Glad you fixed it ;)

Hi mate, is there any way of disabling a youtube video from popping up in a lightbox, id just like it to play from the page ?



Hey! If you want to embed them into the slideshow press the “add external video by url and it should display directly from the page”


1) for a german webshop we need to show the following informations on every product:

1. the gross price 2. the tax (inkl. 19 % Mwst.) 3. and a link to a special webpage dedicated with informations about the shipping charges (zzgl. Versandkosten)


15,00 €

(inkl. 19 % Mwst. und zzgl. <a href="http://www.webshop.de/versandkosten">Versandkosten</a>)

Would this be possible to automate this task with your theme or do we have to manually edit point 2 and 3 of every single product we want to sell?

2) On the Checkout page we need a field which must be check marked by the customer that indicates that he accepts the “terms of payment and delivery” (AGB) before pressing on the button “Confirm This Order”.

Would this be possible?




1.) To display that information on each product you would probably need to customize the plugin and theme output in the template files. that would be a one time effort but would require someone with knowledge of html and php.

I would recommend to get the plugin first (since its free) and see if you can adapt it to your needs, if so get the theme ;)

2.) again a woocommerce plugin customization, pretty much same procedure as #1

Disregard my last question

I removed the relevant light box links from js/avia.js

autolinkElements: ‘a[rel=”prettyPhoto”], a[rel=”lightbox”], a[href$=jpg], a[href$=png], a[href$=gif], a[href$=jpeg], a[href$=”.mov”] , a[href$=”.swf”] , a[href=”vimeo.com”] , a[href=”youtube.com”] , a[href*=”screenr.com”]’