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Hello, Beautifull & intelligent theme ! I just need to know if it’s possible to sell something to download ? and If you can give me the solution to add “send my basket to a friend”

Thank you.

Hello, I am planning to buy this theme, it is for the Print and design company. In checkout section, I will need the option to upload files for print. Does your theme include it? If not, could you help, please? Regards


I assume that I can use a sidebar in the detail shop or portfolio pages as well? Because as the demo is set up now, I lose all navigation when in a detailed shop/portfolio page. Could you confirm this?

Thank you


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Hi Kriesi!, it’s Javier from Argentina again ;)

Let’s go to action: Installed the NextGen Gallery plugin, then inserted the shortcode in one of my pages. After that, I go to the page and YES , the NextGen gallery is displayed BUT the gallery included with your theme too! I can see two images at the same time! Sounds crazy but it’s real :S

Waiting for your answer.

mercatec Purchased

PS: My question is how to disable the theme gallery or avoid this issue

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Hi Kriesi,

how do I hide “Latest portfolio entries” on the home page?

Thanks! =)

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My portfolio is not showing the categories for sorting. Is there a way to force this to show up or am I missing a setting.

All of the boxes for making it sortable are set to “Yes”.

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Heyy Kriesi , GREAT Theme! I’ve setup and installed everything, and everything is working correctly.. however, the only issue I’ve ran into is that… when I checkout, rather then being directed to a paypal purchase page, it directs me to the paypal sandbox page… I’ve went through the woocommerce options.. and didn’t find how to enable/disable that. Is there somthing I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. Products: When you open a product, is it possible to enlarge it a second time to full-screen (like you can in Flashlight)? What zoom and display options are available for the products? Can a product be a video too?

2. Slider: Is it possible to make the main slider on the homepage bigger, or widescreen even?


Hi! Nicelooking theme. is it easy to include a search bar? If so, how and where can I out it? Thanks!

should i hold off on upgrading wooCommerce 1.5?

Is there a location to check when you update your theme so I can be current on both?

As always thanks. A great theme!

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Hello, after working a while with your theme I found out that there is an issue with the column styles. If I use a 2 column or three column style from your shortcodes, the headline inside this columns is always different from the common text. This make it impossible to write an page in article style with two and one columns. Another issue is, after a column style usage I have to set a else the flow text starts with a big tab next row. Please advise.


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This theme does not appear to be compatible with several versions of both IE and also Firefox. Please see www.downtoearthohio.com for an example, as the site is appearing very weird in both of these browsers. Any fix??

cant add images from flickr for product photos?

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Hello… I have a fresh install and have broken layout on the checkout page… I have tried re installing whole site twice… http://sweetwebsites.co.nz/clients/theuptown/checkout/ pleeeease help, thanks

Theme Support

Hey Guys! Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have: http://www.kriesi.at/support

If you got pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot, best regards Kriesi


I just updated my woocommerce pluggin and because of this, I am getting an error message of:

“Warning: Missing argument 2 for avia_woocommerceproduct_prev_image() in /home/mclean4am/4thavemaps.com/wp-content/themes/propulsion/config-woocommerce/config.php on line 253”


“Warning: Missing argument 2 for avia_woocommerce_template_single_excerpt() in /home/mclean4am/4thavemaps.com/wp-content/themes/propulsion/config-woocommerce/config.php on line 131”

My questions are:

Can you help us square this away? And or, if I decided to delete this pluggin and re-upload the original one, would I risk losing all the data in my woocommerce store?

How should we proceed?

Thank you!



Please try to update the theme to the latest version as well to get rid of any errors. if you delete the plugin your data will still be stored in the database but it wont be accessible until you re install it :)

Hi, Im thinking of buying these theme and would like to know a few questions. I want to use this theme for a client that has a shop, at this stage they don’t want to sell online, but they want to just showcase each product they sell, Can the add to cart button and featues be disabled on certain products or all? So it can just be used like a product catelog?

hi all, i too am a fan of this theme. I am using wordpres 3.3.1 and i am having all sorts of problems with it. When i upload and activate the woocommerce plugin either v1 or 1.4. or 1.5 wordpress says fatal error and does not install.

also the forum plugin. i have to keep activating it to be able to manage and see the contents of the pages and posts, and then de activate it when i want to manage the template page builder. I have removed all the plugins and uploaded back 1 by 1 to see what may be causing the problems but still i cannot see the full home page live on the web.

I see preview it using the template builder for the home pages but the slideshow does not come up

I am really stuck and not sure what is happening. we are small charity helping disabled people and i am almost thinking about buying the abundance theme to see if that works any better. but i really like this theme.

so on the home page, a created one called welcome, then used the template page builder to assign to the welcome page. but the live page on the web does not show the slideshow but shows all the other elements.

so we are not able to set up our online shop, nor the forum – please please anyone who may have an idea to please help us. I have written to woocommerce, posted on kriesi.at forum, emailed kriesi, and now trying the talented people of theme forest. thanks for your time reading our plea.

here is the site by the way http://www.freedomintheair.org

strangely this portfolio page displays the slideshow


and also as a test, i did a page called slide show and that shows the images but just not the home page one?