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I bought this theme since it is well designed, pretty customizable and seems to be frequently updated. Most important of all, I bought this theme thanks to it’s RTL support, and I would like to use this stage, given to us buyers, to ask more developers to support RTL . If it wasn’t for RTL , this developer wouldn’t have received my hard earned cash.

I agree with legshooter! I will buy this theme because of its RTL support. Thank you Olegnax – keep it up!!!

This is a great theme but still has some some problems with localizations. I use it for a German Website about insurances and finders’ fees and had to do some hard coded customiziations in date formats and stuff. As grateful as I am for this theme I offer you assistnance in translations and localizations for future versions. Just pop me a note: huebner@tippgeber.ug

Hi, I am maintaining a Prosto Wordpress site purchased & installed by someone else, but they have not given me the documentation. Is there anywhere I can read the included documentation without re-purchasing the entire theme?



These days I’m into speeding up my website. Here I see some big potentials for future versions. For example I’ve brought your DroidSans.js from 404 KB down to 56 KB. And if you would minify the CSS file prosto.php and merge it with the other ones into one single file or minify and merge all .js-files webmasters could safe much loading time. This test gives some good hints: http://siteloadtest.com/


Hi Parafox,

We can’t make similar optimization for our theme, because our customers need to make customization, if we minified and merged all to speed up loading it will be hard to edit files for customization.

At any way thanks for tips!

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I am responsible for WPML plugin and I see that your theme works with it.

Do you want to get a free account in wpml.org, so that you can use the recent versions of our plugin in your testing?

If so, please contact us privately and we’ll arrange it.


ichuck Purchased


I have been using this theme for several months and everything has been working great.

However, we noticed that it doesn’t render correctly in IE9 .

Is the best course of action to upload the latest version of the theme over the previous theme via FTP ?

Thanks, iChuck


Hi ichuck,
Simply update your theme, but don’t forget to make a backup.
Best regards Oleg.

neodoxa Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme and I was wondering if there was a way to disable the big orange bar above every individual page I make?

Also, is there a way to make different menu options or links display different colors to the theme? I want part of my site to be the green color, and part of it the blue color. Is this possible somehow?



Hi neodoxa,
Can you show what you mean by “big orange bar”?

It is possible to make different colors but it’s a custom work.
Best regards Oleg.

marmoor Purchased

Hi, I have purchased the Prosto CMS theme for Wordpress. It works perfectly and I am very happy with the result.

However, last week one of my customers complained that his website does not work on IE8 in compatibility mode (which is actually IE7 ). An example can be seen here: http://foodavenue.co.il/hendels/

The website is in Hebrew, which is RTL .

I will be happy to hear your thought about this issue, I hope that it has an easy solution.

Thanks! :)

Like ichuck reports, there is a bug in IE9 and it doesn’t render the Cufon fonts properly. Snapshot: http://www.martinbroeze.nl/temp/screen4.jpg

This is quite critical and we have customers complaining …

Previous issue with bug in IE9 was fixed by downloading and utilizing the latest JS from Cufon: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i



Hi suncat100, Yes, this fix was added in 1.51 version for september :)
Best regards Oleg.

Sauriol Purchased

I would like to ask the same question one of your clients Neodoxa asked 4 days ago. is it possible to have a different colour for each page created. if there is a way to do this I would love to know how. www.retailguidance.com cheers Ted


Hi Sauriol,
No you can’t have different color for each page.
Best regards Oleg.

Hi Olegnax,

Great work. Sorry if this has been covered in the 43 pages of comments but…

Does this theme allow for displaying thumbnail images in post excerpts? Looks like you have that in the sample.



Hi flyboy-sd,
Wordpress excerpts only display plain text. It doesnt support html, so it can’t have images. That’s for all WordPress themes.
Best regards Oleg.

I’m obviously missing something here but could you please tell me how to get rid of the comment box at the bottom of this page please:



Im considering purchasing this theme but I have a questions.

Can the slider be a single standing youtube video?

GRRRRRR Why does the slider continue to rotate when i play a video within it. And why have you not simply explained how its done on your site in the documentation by using the Nat Geo video as an example…......And why can’t i search your comments…. set up a blog for support for your theme! Isn’t that the point of wordpress? 1452x$35 thats 50K you could at least help us help ourselves a little more.

jaedsm Purchased

SCOC , regarding the page you linked, the comment section is an option in WordPress and nothing to do with this theme. Edit the page and scroll down to Discussions and uncheck Allow Comments. If you don’t see that option go back to the top of the page and click the Screen Options box then put a check in the Discussions box then scroll down again.

olegnax, great theme! Been using 1.4 for awhile now and finally getting around to checking out the latest release. One request though when/if you have time for it; I’d like to see the Prosto Page/Post Options split into two groups (i.e. Header and Portfolio). Once the header is set I hardly ever change it but do use portfolio options a lot. That’s clean up the page/post sections of options I don’t use a lot of. Hope that made sense, kinda late and tired heh.

marksade Purchased


This was already asked but I cannot find an answer to it.

With my custom forms I’m getting bullet points in all the form sections along with a hr line in each section. Could you let me know what line of code I need to fix to remove this?

Plus WP-admin bar links also show bullet points.

Thank you.

Hello everyone,

Anybody know how to switch on any sidebar on frontpage?

Best regards,


studio Purchased

Great theme. It’s been easier than I thought it would be to setup.

How can I turn off the comments from being available on each page/post?


Hi Studio,

Thank you for purchase.

You can disable comments by unchecked “Allow comments” option on edit screen for each page/post. (You can display this metabox by check option “Discussion” at dropdown panel “Screen options” that you can see on the top right side of window).

You can add next code to function.php at root of the theme, to disable comments for all new page/post by default:

function default_comments_off( $data ) {
    if( $data['post_type'] == 'page' && $data['post_status'] == 'auto-draft' || $data['post_type'] == 'post' && $data['post_status'] == 'auto-draft') {
        $data['comment_status'] = 0;
        $data['ping_status'] = 0;

    return $data;

add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_data', 'default_comments_off' );

Best regards, Kostiantyn.