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Hello man,

Hope you are doing great. I am trying to remove entry meta but keep ‘more’ link. However, nothing happens when I remove the code from functions.php.

When I hide entry meta with CSS, more disappears too.

I can’t get also use ‘More tag’ in post.

Can you help me on this?


Hello. Drop please link to your site in email. dankov.theme@gmail.com

I’m your 300th Sale, bought the theme yesterday!! I hope i’ll get a good support from you always. Thanks:)

Hello. Thanks :)

Of course, let me questions, if you will have.

Regards, Egor.


The gallery on your theme, using the attachement page option , displays the image at maximum size it? Its theme is ready for adsense ? Translatable from PT-BR ?

It is not hard, but I need time for this. after purchase, write me to email with the request.

Ok thank you, most have one more question. I can put pictures all over the top, as in my current site: www.fazendoanossafesta.com.br

sorry for long delay. it is not problem :)

Hello Bro,

This is Avinash (300th Purchasal ;) ) I’ve a small problem. When I upload this theme, all the image icons were missing. I guess the Image folder might be missing in theme download folder.

For example, see these pics ( I highlited with blue colour marks), all image icons in entire theme are not at all appearing bro, 1) http://puu.sh/hRDFX/55b9bd6e99.png 2) http://puu.sh/hRDUg/be71afa38c.jpg

Also, I want to get the exact look of the demo file. I’ve tried to do it, but getting failed. So can u plz help me bro?

I’m running Wp 4.2.2 latest versn.

Ok, my other problem solved. Now plz make my site as demo one, I’ve made u as admin, bro. Also 1 more suggestion, I don’t want Twitter, flicker widgets on my site as demo theme. Thanks

Bro? waiting for you please!! I’ve made you as admin before 2 days :’(

sorry. I did feature post, please look.

Dear Dankov,

Just sent you an email but I am also posting here since it can be helpful to others. Can you help us fix the Google Crawling erros regarding the hentry class? (missing author, entry-title, updated). Thank you so much! Best, Diana

Hi Dankov, hope you are doing well. We are having another SEO problem: there are multiple H1 per page (there should be only one). How can we fix both problems? cheers, Diana

Dankov, to speed things up, made you admin in the blog, please let us know. best, Di

I replied to email.

In this theme, whenever i’m uploading a pic in blog post, when I preview it, it’s not appearing in center position [http://puu.sh/igNgF/0a32cdf9ff.jpg ]

even though i’ve aligned it in center while making the post – http://puu.sh/igNeD/d4037d7b7a.jpg .

Happening for all posts, plz help!! :/

not only center, None of alignments are working bro, :/

thanks for the bug. I’ll fix in next release.

For you, I can fix now, let me access to dashboard.


savsay Purchased

h? ? bought th?s template and install but i can not orginize two big picture and down part small pictures default part not look like as sample could you help me


savsay Purchased

Also pictures and panels i have problem not work truly

hello. Write me to email dankov.theme@gmail.com in russian :)

Bro, I don’t want to show this ‘traffic count box’ on my entire site posts, so how to remove this?

>> http://puu.sh/iwao5/ba486906c3.jpg, I’ve rounded with blue marks in the pic, so please help me in this task.


Sent you an email bro, Please check. 2 more problems I’ve,

2) I’ve updated to the new version, and now the same alignment problem [pics in the posts ] is happening like earlier I reported – http://puu.sh/iEsfM/35b8d3e842.png. So fix the alignment problem too.

Bro, found 1 more problem, after updating to new version,

3) I’m can’t see any option in “Appearance” settings to insert my 728 * 90 ad >> http://puu.sh/iEsIV/f950b972e0.png

earlier we have an option directly to insert our own 728*90 logo, but after updating to new version, I can’t see that option in my “Appearance” settings.

2) sorry, I doesn’t include this changes in update, I’ll fix in next release.

3) go to Widgets > Banner area and drag Text widget and insert banner with help html (img src=”banner url” alt=”“)

Regards, Egor.

But what the problem 1? You said that you’ll login into my wp admin and remove that count box :/ So I’m waiting from 1 week :/

2) earlier you have fixed the alignment problem in my theme by logging into my site, so now too please fix the alignment problem as I’ve emailed you the login credentials.


BiBaBu Purchased

Hi Dankov

Can I easy migrate from my previous version to the new one? I remember that it was a problem with upgrade from 1.x to 2.x.


Hello. Write me to email, I’ll help you.