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Hiee Dankov,

On my blog, for some big posts, I want to break(split) that post into multiple pages like this >> http://puu.sh/l7YAX/0a1c6a99a5.png

But how to do this perfectly on our theme? I’ve tried all tutorials on google, but got failed!! So please help me!!

Hello. I badly understood you. Provide more info to email

Mailed you now, please check!!

ok :)

In the new theme you installed there is a HOME button automatically added to the Secondary Menu. I did not add HOME to the menu nor do i want it. How do I remove HOME from the secondary nav?

ok, write me to email. I’ll remove.

Sent a few more emails. Please respond.



I wrote you an email about DFP ads. Please respond ASAP. Thanks!

I replied.

I emailed you back. The shortcode in the widget is just displaying as text. Not an add.

I emailed you again. Having trouble with getting ads to appear. It’s set up in Adsense and I’m just showing blank spaces. Please respond to my email.

I emailed about ads. They are still not working. Please respond to my email it’s been over a week.

check email.


cparizo Purchased

How do I change the link color so that it constantly is blue, instead of only being blue when you hover over it?

Hello. Provide please link to site to my email. dankov.theme@gmail.com I’ll help you.


wolff94 Purchased


Nice theme! I’ve been customizing it for a week now, but I do need to change one thing I think you can help me with.

I couldn’t find anything in the .css, but I do want to change the link color. Not only the hover, but both. Right now it appear as white, until mouseover and it will turn the right color. But I would really like to change that white color, so I can make it more visible for readers that it is a link.


Hello. Please provide link to your site and credentials from wp-dashboard. I’ll take a look.

My email dankov.theme@gmail.com

Regards, Egor.