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I’ve been trying to install in wordpress but it doesn’t work. Can you help me? how to do it? maybe you can send me a link with information?

You are not the buyer of my product, looks like you got my item in the pirated sharing files sites, and they don’t have any updates and complete features, some files are also missing. Don’t get template in pirate sites bro, Buy Them, If you use any templates in the pirate site, it may harms you as well, if there is unknown script injected inside it, Trust me.

LOVE this theme, very easy to tweak most options. I would highly recommend it, the code os well commented and the support is good. The author will usually reply to your email and it very clear. Just as a note, the twitter/blog are hard coded, and even with some code experience the contact form doesn’t seem to quite work correctly. However, that should not keep you from buying this, very reasonable and a great self adjusting theme. 5 stars so far.

Any response to the contact form comments above? I also commented on the problem over 2 weeks ago and sent an email.

i have replied your email, sorry for late reply, just got back from holiday

Happy Holidays, no worries! I think the new email got lost in the tubes? Re-send the reply if you can, thanks so much for the response.

How may i go about changing the fit view port ratio for a video? Would like for a video to fit 75% of a screen/monitors real estate.

Great theme. Learning a lot from it as well as it being very adaptable to my needs.. cheers :)

Video Overlay

- To change the video overlay dimensions, open custom.js - Then, go to prettyPhoto Lightbox Settings (by default, located at line #135) - Add these lines inside the options:

default_width: ‘75%’, default_height: ‘75%’,

THE UPDATED SETTINGS: //------- // 6. prettyPhoto Lightbox //------- $(“a[data-rel^=’prettyPhoto’]”).prettyPhoto({ overlay_gallery: false, default_width: ‘75%’, default_height: ‘75%’, social_tools: ‘ ‘ });

Further information about prettyPhoto Lightbox, visit this link:

Hi Stephan, thanks for this great template ;)

i need your help about image rotator. I’m using flexslider at top of page but i have to add 2 more image slider (300×250) to right bar. i tried copy and paste same codes with top slider and change dimensions but doesnt work :( how can i add second and third rotators in same page?

please send me the screenshot :-)

Hi Stephan, this theme looks great and seem to work very well in the mobile enviroment.

Before buying it I have to know if the “contact form” issue that others customers mention is fixed or if it’ll be fixed in other updates.


Hi, there is no problem with the contact form, he just facing some trouble when he was setting it up :-)

Hello Stephanus! How can I built this theme in wordpress?

I am available for freelance if you want to convert it to wordpress, you can contact me

hi, how to operate contact us and link it to receiver?

i do not get what you mean, please explain in details, you can also email me through author personal message box

How do I add a tweeter feed I can’t find where to add id… Help!

Hi, in our template we do not use twitter feed api, it is just html text and link, please go to this reference to add the twitter feed


Thanks! For the info about twitter feeds very helpful!

I got another ’?’ How do I change the view of the map so it can display my address?

You need to change the latitude and longitude of the google map, it is in the js folder

In IE 8 the background of the text box on the slider does not show up. Can you assist? Test this page in IE8: and see.


I will check on it and update you, thanks for letting us know, please do not forget to give us rate :-)

Is this Wordpress theme?

Thanks, I already got it… But both the versions don’t have SEO ready… What is the option for me. I really like the theme a lot and I want to have it. Thanks

You can install seo plugin for the wordpress version


I need help with removing the overlay (dot) effect on the slide.