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The footer social icons apear in the top navigation menu. here is an example http://petro-con.com/. How do I remove the icons from the top menu? Thanks


You will need to edit includes/top.php file

just remove these lines

<?php if($social_header=="on") { ?> <ul class="footer-social-icons"> <?php if($digg) { ?><li class="footer-digg"><a href="<?php echo $digg;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($dribbble) { ?><li class="footer-dribbble"><a href="<?php echo $dribbble;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($facebook) { ?><li class="footer-facebook"><a href="<?php echo $facebook;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($flickr) { ?><li class="footer-flickr"><a href="<?php echo $flickr;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($twitter) { ?><li class="footer-twitter"><a href="<?php echo $twitter;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($googleplus) { ?><li class="footer-googleplus"><a href="<?php echo $googleplus;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> </ul> <?php } ?>

hello admin are you here ??

ok but for customization RTL this theme contains CSS files to edit what i want ??

Here you can see how it looks by default in RTL http://pulchellus.different-themes.com/?d=rtl

The theme contains CSS files.

ok i will buy it ..

thank’s alot :)

Will the drop down menu only go down 2 levels? What is the maximum?

Thank you


Yes it supports 2 level drop down. To add more, you will need to modify php and css files.

Hi, I purchased your theme and want to test a few things based on the demo content now. Would you be so kind to send me the XML file? Thanks!

Please send me your email, and I will send you the demo xml file, also the layerslider demo content.


I am creating the staff page. How do I get the MAIL option to work? The Teambox shortcode askes Social—which I choose Mail. Then there is the URL field so I enter the email address here. I have even tried to use “mailto:emailaddress” but I keep getting the 404 error page.


Thanks for purchase!

Could you please send me a live link to the page so I could check it?

I sent you an email.


is it possible to define a regular page as the homepage? I’ve tried to set up a regular page, choose the tempalte “Homepage” and would like to use that page as homepage. But nothing shows up (I don’t want to use the theme – homepage -blocks).


You can’t have other customer for this theme if you haven’t bought the extended license.

“Use, by you or one client …”

It’s for a client. But never mind. I’m using another theme.

If you have a customer then he is paying you, and that is against the license rules.

Hi DT,

I love your work and I’m thinking about purchasing this theme as well. Is it possible to make the slider image/text clickable? I noticed that none of the slider content is clickable in the demo. Please let me know.

Thanks, m

Please note that we are not providing the licenses for the images so we can’t send you them.

How do I add my own background image? I couldn’t find the option.

You can easy do it in theme management panel – > style settings http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c44jebxe0

No XML file included in this theme. Can you please include in future releases? Also I ran into several error message when trying to install the theme. For example: Parse error: ...../pulchellus-themes/includes/lib/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1140

May want to look into this for a future release. Thanks!


I think I just emailed you the demo xml and slider demo content. About the error, you will need to update your server php version to 5.4