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Clean Work ! GLWS :)

Awesome template, glws webtunes! ;)

Why use XHTML 1 .1 ? Has been.


We considered that XHTML 1 .1 is the most suitable for the moment taking in consideration that HTML 5 is not fully supported by older browsers.

Roaa Purchased

Great design, simple and clean! Thanks for even creating something this!


Thank you Roaa, we’re glad that you like it !

Shame it doesn’t have any form of login dialogue designed for it.

Man, this has such potential! I love the colors, the design, everything. Just needs to be built on bootstrap, and more content area. The left bar takes up so much room.

I really like how clean it is and the color schemes. Just needs more cowbell (i.e. bootstrap, html5) etc.

I agree – HTML5 would have been nice (a lot of admin themes are HTML5 if you look around).

Also, this is missing grid.

check your code :

For some reason Kaspersky keeps giving me security alerts when I try opening the demo…

rsuelzer Purchased

This package is missing some imortant files. The Documentation states: “The PSD files can be found in the package in /02.psd-design/, the main file is Personal Portfolio & Gallery HTML.psd, it contains all the layouts.”

Too bad the said package does not exist. I’m trying to edit the icons, but without a PSD file, that is impossible. Please include the icons, logo, necessary fonts in the package.

Thanks, Ray


Hi, we will update this, in the meantime send us an e-mail and you will receive it directly.

rsuelzer Purchased

I got it all working. The template looks and is fantastic, just was frustrated that it didn’t include the icon psd etc. Cheers.

rvlira Purchased

Hello! On the form elements page, if I have multiple inputs with descriptions (class “input-text”) the titles (h4) and the inputs will lose alignment. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks in advance.

Demo is available with virus!!


Hi Bernhard, thank you for noticing, it works just fine now !

how can i download this demo plizzz

looks beautiful, you may have missed the dropdown listbox on the form elements tho

nice work good luck with sales!;