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Quick question… on my portfolio page I would like to know if there is any method to arrange the items into a certain order. I have pictures that I would like to be in front of others. I changed the date of the post, but it seems to not work. Any suggestion? And my second question. When I’m moving the mouse over the item (picture) it shows the coding I used inside the picture. There is any way to make that description to not display? Thank you very much! http://friendlydesign.us/portfolio/

Hi chioibasu,

1. You can sort portfolio item order from

Admin > Portfolio > Sort Portfolio Items > Drag and drop portfolio items to order

2. Hover text are title text which browser displays with their “default” settings and we can’t remove it. Title tag text are also necessary for lightbox image description.

Thank you :)

hi, i have both the html and WP versions of “pure gift”.

Any plans of a “responsive” WP version ?

kind regards,


Hi RC,

In recent future there is not plan to make theme responsive.

Thank you :)

Excellent template! But Shortcode Tabs don’t work. Why can it be? http://aprelkovstudio.ru

It looks plugin css tab style is conflict with theme css style. You can fix it by customize plugin css style. ( This requires good skill in css ).

Problem was not in css. I deleted css-file, but problem remains. After I deleted js-file problem disappeared. And this plugin also continued to work.

This file was very short: jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(’#demo’).DataTable(); } );

Great :)

Thank you MasterAl for your feedback for fixing the issue.

Love this theme! Found a glitch on the portfolio page that I’m not sure how to fix… There are two pages of portfolio items with several categories. When you select a single category, it shows you just a few items (which is right) but it shows two pages in the count below it and when you click on (page 2) it jumps to showing page 2 of all the categories.

Please send your website URL so we can check and give you feedback.