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I’ve read through these comments and I’m quite a novice when it comes to using wordpress and templates like these… I was hoping there was some documentation I could read through to better understand how to make use of this purchase because it isn’t very intuitive to me. For example, when I upload images to a property page, there is a slider at the top of the property page and I can’t seem to find a way to order the photos. I also am not able to figure out how to add a page that shows all the property listings I have created. The only way visitors will be able to access property listings is via the slider on the main page. HELP!


Hi, please read documentation on documentation folder, if you need support please send a support request via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


On the actual house page. I noticed a gallery. What happens if you have 8 images instead of just 4?

Is it possible to translate all these words ?

I need a page in Norwegian.


Yes, this theme is translation ready… thanks

Amanski Purchased

Ok, So I downloaded it. How can I upload it to a wordpress control panel ?


Unzip the file that you downloaded then upload the file under theme folder, please also read documentation… thanks

Hello, can i create a section with a sold properties? another with properties for rent??



Thanks for the theme! Is there any way to make the slider the full width of the browser window?




It required modification…


We are facing problem with slider on home page.. Error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /XXX/wp-content/themes/teamsunshine/slider.php on line 119

Can you help with this?

Thanks, Hardik.

Still having the same issue: when my property search returns no results, the page I get has 2 search bars now.

Hello. Can you please provide more detailed instructions on how to change the Slogan on each Page. The instructions in the Theme Options are a bit vague.

(“Enter Slogan. You can overwrite this slogan by adding custom field: page-desc in your page.”)

Thank You very much.


I am interested in purchasing the Pure Paradise theme. In the demo the theme has a functional search form. i was wondering if the form will be functional upon purchase as the PHP code used for the form would be very useful to me. Thanks


You can purchase the html version at http://themeforest.net/item/pure-paradise-clean-real-estate-html-template/3343435

and you can edit use dreamweaver… :)


does the HTML version come with any code for the search form? just out of curiousity. :) thank you


in the httml version the search form doesn’t work… but ou can integrate google custom search…

Do you ever answer any of the inquiries over at http://www.templatesquare.com/clients? Emailed you like a week ago, twice, no response. If that’s the sign of things to come in terms of support for this theme, umm… I dunno…

tony9199 Purchased

Where in the theme can I update the word aqres to acres. I have done a search on the entire them but I can not seem to find it anywhere. It shows up when displaying the property and when adding/editng of a property in the admin



please send a support request via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

Is it possible add last portfolio projects in home?!


Hi There I wish to know before I buy something- Is it possible to add more options to filter my estates? Like adding number of rooms, baths, beds or whatever, and then having this option on the sidebar to filter my results as well? Also – Can I transfer it into a multilingual site? Thanks Guy


It required customization.. thanks


I s this fairly simple to do , supposing I have a good knowledge of php?


Yes, it is simple to do…. you can use plugin such as WPML for the multilingual…

Hi! Before I purchase the item, one question. The query form can be customized?

When I click through the Property page to view the individual property listings, I am directed to the 404 page. Can I please get some help ASAP?


Thank you very much.

I want to buy this theme, but before I do… I need to know if I can add more than 4 images in the slider on the individual property page. Please let me know soon! Thanks.



Yes, you can add more than 4 images in the slider on the individual property page.

bigmango Purchased

How do I get the google map to work? Do I need to install a plugin for that?

I’ve purchased the theme and imported the demo data.

The Portfolio 2 column page is showing with 4 columns – how do I change it?


This looks ok but I am a little discouraged by some posts on customization that remain unanswered after 6 months.

Specifically what I would like to know is… can the fields for the tables be easily customized.

I am of course referring to:

House Size Lot Size Bedrooms Bathrooms: Property Type Style Year Built Price/sqft Total Rooms Garage Property Features etc…

I would need to change the fields and options to customize the theme for my purposes.

Hey guys. Great theme, but I’m having one small issue that I’d like to tweak, and can’t figure out how it’s happening.

As soon as the ‘tinynav’ kicks in on smaller screens, and the topnav changes to a select menu, by default, the last item in the menu list is selected. Can we change that so that the first item in the menu is selected?