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Hi I am interested in this theme, but could you tell me…

1. On the Home page, is it possible to customize the yellow box to something else? For example a search form for posts or Woocommerce products?

2. If we could add a search form, does it involve to modify PHP? Or just simply modifying HTML/CSS codes?

3. Additionally on the Home page, could we add more contents to the footer? Like 1 or 2 rows of newest posts?

Hello, x1024!

1. I don’t understand, which block you mean. Could you please show me this on screenshot, if possible.

2. In default options you can add simple search via widgets to sidebars for default page and blog.

3. In options of theme this is not provided, but you can use any plugin for this.


I am very interested in your products, but can I ask a question? If I had bought this products, can you help me to change a bit of the contents, so it would fit for me?

Thank you! Johnny Yu

Hello, Johnny_Yu!

We can give you tips, how to create and modify some elements. But we can’t create content for you.



I have a problem with this theme. when I install it in FileZilla it block my access in my wordpress account

Do you have a solution for me ? thanks

Hello, khadija92!

Not at all! Settings for image sizes you can find in menu Settings-> Media. Please, if you have other questions, refer to our support forum It works 24/7.


Okk thank you very much

You are welcome! Thank you for using our product! ;)

Hey, Serzh! It’s wonderful. :D

One question: is it possible to add a small image (250px wide) to the details tab?


Can a small image and text be added at the bottom of all the big images of a single portfolio?


Hello, Roberto! Thanks for idea! We will take note. Unfortunately this theme has no such feature.

Perfecct, Serzh! Thanks! :D

Hey! Serzh, what happens if I have a vertical image that isn’t wide enough? Will there be a white margin on the sides?


Roberto, please refer to our support team with a detailed description and screenshot if you have some problems with theme. We work 24/7.

Kind regards

Ok, thanks, Serzh!

Serzh, when was your last update?


The last official update was on the 23th of June. At present we have test update, but so far it is not available on themeforest.

Hi! Can I add multiple images from image library to gallery (by 1 step)? Thanks

Hello, vad1!

No, unfortunately you can’t. Photos for gallery should be uploaded one by one. This feature is implemented in our new GetPhoto theme.


Edrax Purchased

Hi !

I’m trying to change how menu is displayed. I need to display it Vertical not Horizontal.

I changed CSS erasing and modifying those properties on #menu-wrap

Right : 10px ERASED Top : 0 CHANGED Bottom : 0 ADDED

When I do that the Menu is displayed as I want (On live preview), but when I save the changes and reload the page menu load OUTSIDE the screen. and I get that code :

div id=”menu-wrap” class=”” style=”margin-top: -742px; background: transparent;”

How I can delate that margin-top? I saw that this margin is auto generated by your code.

I’m sure it’s really easy to do, but I don’t know where your code is.

Kind Regards

Please Hello, Edrax! Please refer with you issue on our support forum. Our operators will help you to find solution. We need to see live site.

Best regards.


I lost my password to access the forum, can you communicate to me

here is my email :

I followed the procedure to recover but it does not work

Hello, khadija92!

We have already sent you a new password. Sorry for this inconvenience! Feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day ;)

yess thank you very much

you too


asrael9 Purchased

Hi there, I am having difficulties creating a forum account. I entered my purchase code but did not receive an email with the password (I checked SPAM as well). Using the “Lost Password” function doesn’t help either. Tried it multiple times.

What can I do?



Hello, asrael9!

I’ve sent you a password. Please, check your mail box. Feel free to contact us :-)

Best regards.


asrael9 Purchased

Hi Serzh, unfortunately the password does not work. Could you create a new one?

Thanks a lot.

Hello, asrael9!

We’ve sent you a new password. Sorry for inconvenience. Check your mailbox, please!

Best regards, GoGetThemes Team


I can’t access the forum or videos, I followed the procedure to register and recover password but it doesn’t work. Can you help me. Thanks.

Hello, iconic23!

Sorry for inconvenience! Please check your mailbox. We have sent you a password.

Hi and congratulations for the theme… I need help please…finding a problem with the home page video on mobile devices , the video does not start and remains the black background. I tried to make the update of mobile_detect.php file but it doesn’t work. I did several tests : youtube , vimeo and selfhosted and in any case it works . could you tell me the problem ?

thanks a lot

PS: I’m sorry for my english :)

Hello, pcarlo82! Do you use the last theme version? Check this, please! Also, I need to see your live site.

I have sent you a password. Please, check your mail box.

Hi Serzh, i have updated now the theme at the last version … you can check please? the problem persists.. Thanks

Hello, pcralo82!

When we have news ofrom our experts we’ll contact you on our forum.

BR GoGetThemes Team.

I have added a flash banner in the sidebar. The default code

img, object, video { display: block; height: auto; }

causes the banner not to display at all.

I fixed this giving the containing div a class:

.homeflash object{ width: 160px!important; height: 600px!important; }

I tried to ask support but they can not help me because they dont have Safari and are not willing to help me because I have made customisations to the theme (I am using a child theme). Does anybody have an idea?

The banner now displays in Firefox and Chrome but not in Safari.

Subject closed. I found someone who helped me solve this.

Hello, annedawn! Ok, it is great. Please register on our forum and you will get support asap. BR GoGetThemes Team.


Been using this theme for a year now, its a really nice theme but my woo commerce templates are outdated and i had to disable my shop now. The last update been a year ago, also i noticed on your forum people asking for updates. I have lost my login details for your forums and when requesting a password reset i simply don’t receive an email.

I’m running a commercial business and it would be nice if things like outdated woocommerce templates are instantly solved.

Thanks for any help, hoping for a very quick fix otherwise i have to go through the hassle of getting another theme and setting it all up again.

Hello, wimburgwal!

Sorry for incinvenience. We’ll fix this issue asap. Please, write your username that you use for registration on our forum or e-mail address and we’ll send you a password.

BR GoGetThemes Team.

Hi. Just a Pre Sale question: I see that you did not updated this theme since june 2014. Is it working well with Wordpress 4.2.2 ?

Hello, kozero!

Yes. Theme works fine on WP 4.2.2.

BR GoGetThemes Team.

Hi, can you please tell me who is the author of the photography that you used in the template?

Hello, g2x! Sure!

His name is ollyi

BR GoGetThemes Team.


Hi there, loving the looks of this theme! :) Presale questions re: a couple things I noticed:

1. Possible to keep the navigation menu extended by default? 2. On the thumbnails gallery, the thumbnails are being squished into squares, is there a way to keep the proportions locked and not squish? 3. The share menu in the upper right has some overlapping text? 4.Possible to make the blog/pages full width? 5. On my iPad in vertical orientation, I’m not sure which page I’m on, but the site isn’t full screen, but rather extends only 2/3’s of the way down. – On the Ken Burns option it is full screen but the logo and navigation menu are hidden / tucked underneath the tabs at the top…this happens in Safari and Chrome (ios9) 6. On my Android phone when viewing a portfolio, the center navigation has << buttons >>, but when I touch them it brings up the share icons instead of going forward/back.

Hello, twelvethirtyfive! No, theme comes without this feature, but we have already had solution for this issue on our support forum. So it is simple to implement. This problem is already fixed in package our customers download from themeforest. Sorry for inconvenience. This problem will be fixed in update. But our support team will help to solve it with pleasure. Forum works 24/7. Theme supports masonry blog and standart blog page like this one We need to see a screenshot in order to understand and fix a problem Sorry, but I tested on my Androin phone portfolio. Arrows work. So we need to know Android version and screen size. Thank you a lot for comment. Best regards!

Hello, Great work on the theme. I have little problem. I am unable to centre content on pages. I tried to align centre but it shows on the left side.

Hello, Welovetofit!

Thanks a lot for kind words :-) Please, provide us with a link to the page where you have a problem on our forum Support Team works 24/7.

Best regards, GoGetThemes Team!

Thank you for quick reply. I was unable to login on to support site.I tried to reset the password but not receiving password change email as well. Username Welovetofit. Many Thanks

Hello, Welovetofit!

E-mail you used for regirtration does not exist. We tried to send you a letter. Please send your correct e-mail to

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hi, is it possible to use video for portfolio? and is it possible to mix photos and videos? if yes, do you have a demo?


Serzh Author

Hello, Catchagency!

Yes, it is possible. All pages of our demo portfolio pages have a mixed content – For example,

Best regards, GoGetThemes team. 24/7 Customer Support –