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Nice theme, good luck with sales! :)


Thank you…appreciate it!

I’m sooooo bored with searching through hundreds of the same old themes, this is brand new and very fresh, well done charlesn, where have you been??? Just finishing a few projects then I’ll have this for sure. Great theme dude!


Good to hear, thank you festa. I share the same feeling. :)

Beautiful theme! Good luck with sales :)


Thank you!

Nice theme, and I’m wondering if you could design a WP version. I know very little html or coding. I have installed and worked only with WordPress sites and WP looks comfortable so far.

All the same. Nice work. Good luck with the sales.


Thanks Wantom, unfortunately I have no current plans to build a Wordpress version. It’s not entirely out of the question however as they seem to always fair better on Themeforest.

nice work…


Thanks :)

Hi Charlesn

I can’t seem to get my copy working on localhost. I get “The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request”. What is my server missing ? Thanks !!


Hi, make sure the .htaccess file bundled with the template is sitting at the web root of your local server.

If the problem persists, as a suggestion verify that Options “FollowSymLinks” and “SymLinksifOwnerMatch” in your server config file (httpd.conf) are enabled.

Thanks for purchasing :)

jerodev Purchased

Hi, great template.

I have a question though: Is it possible to have more then six tiles on the home page? I have already tryied to add a third row, but this one appears on the bottom of the screen.

Thank you.


For each tile added to home.php, a new tile definition is needed in customize.js. It will even accept an exact copy and paste of a previous definition, in which case the tile will be identical. Thx for buying!

jerodev Purchased

I have created a static version of the page and added a new tile. But this doesn’t work, the tile appears at the bottom of the page.

I have create an example at http://test.deviaene.eu/.


In your static version, the tile at the bottom has a “top” style property of 914px attached as an inline style. This is causing it to appear at the bottom.

If you are using static inline styles as opposed to having javascript count the number of tiles and handle their placement, change “top” style for the bottom tile to 645px or so… and increase the height of ”#content” div by approximately 250px.

Hey man, I bought the theme, its great except I get the error “Error: Not Found”, could you help me out? :)


Hi and thanks for purchasing. :) The error you’re getting means the page you’re trying to load cannot be found. This could happen for a couple of reasons including:
1. The file is not a php file. Make sure all pages on your site that are linked to from within the template are php files. Can be static or dynamic in nature.
2. Htaccess not being used. Make sure the htaccess file included with the template is copied to your server or appended to your current htaccess file. And also that your server can read it without error.

The theme looks pretty, but there are some issues under the hood… because this theme uses hashbang URI ’s incorrectly, users can’t bookmark or use the back button. Also, I do not see any use of the <meta name="fragment" content="!"> which is needed to tell Google to follow the #! links by responding to the ?escaped_fragment= var, so how can it be indexed by the Google as the instructions say?

Also, I can’t figure out why the home page is structured semantically incorrectly; it uses block elements nested inside inline span tags. This is a basic validation requirement and easy to avoid so why do it?

This template needs a lot of work to be viable as a business website. I don’t know if it is worth doing all these changes….. in the future I will be sure to take a closer look at what I am buying! I know the price is cheap but still this cost me a lot of time.


Thanks for your post, but a few corrections.

This template DOES NOT use hash fragments incorrectly. It does however deliver a very solid base for full acceptance by Google and other search engines. With some knowledge on the topic, all the user needs to do to index dynamic content is create an html snapshot of the content generated by ajax and serve this snapshot when ”?escaped_fragment” is requested. This can be done with different headless browser solutions but is obviously outside the scope of a $12 template. All other base content including all pages can be indexed by Google bots as is.

The home page is also not semantically incorrect. The only place where block elements are nested inside span elements are in parts of the footer, which is a page of it’s own. However, these span elements are rendered as “block” displays with css thus making the block inside in-line argument a moot point.

Thanks however for buying the template and for posting your thoughts. Hope it works out better in the future.

On my template the span was not a block element, I had to fix that, not that it is a big deal, but I wish I would have known in advance that Google would only pick up one page.

The reason I was upset, is because in the documentation you indicate that the hashbangs allow Google to index the site out-of-the-box. For the purposes of optimizing this template for Google and other search engines, robust use of url hashes is made in order to enable support for the template and its pages to be crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers. The navigation links to other pages of the template using nothing more than a hash fragment corresponding to the "link to" page's file name. For example: <a href="#!mypage" rel="canonical">My Page</a> The above is a typical link found in the navigation bar for the template. Rather than saying [href="mypage.php"], we use a hash fragment with the name of the intended file. <em>This tells search engines that not only is this is an ajax application but it also instructs them to index the content found at the fragmented url (www.sitename.com/#!mypage).</em>

I have never seen this before so when I investigated I realised it was over my head to get this to work.

If you could assist with what needs to be done (is it just a custom PHP script to take a snapshot?) I would be very appreciative. I can live without a back button, but having an indexable site would be nice. :):impatient:


Please pm me and I’ll be happy to assist as best as possible. Thanks!

strate Purchased

Hi, i bought this template because is fresh and amazing. But, i would like to have it only html5 + css.

I’m not an expert on this and i can’t handle ajax yet. But it could be very good if you could proporcionate us a version only html+css.



The template is built to utilize ajax in how content is loaded from page to page. And so changing to html5 and CSS only will require a complete change in design.


I was wondering how I can activate the back button for the main tiles – it’s quite a frustrating experience to use without it….



I will be releasing an update shortly that will resolve this issue, in addition to a few minor changes.

Thanks for offering an update, that is cool of you. Are you only fixing the back button issue, or are you adding a fix for the search engine indexing issue as well?

This template blows my mind with how good it looks, you have talent no doubt. I ended up using your concept but recoded it from the ground up. I am curious to see what you do to fix it though as the Ajax effects are very nice.

Sorry if I was too harsh in my original post, it just frustrated me as I did not notice any of the issues until I had spent a bunch of time working on the template!

However, this template has helped me learn a lot more about Ajax and general web standards that never crossed my mind before. :bashfulcute:

If it does get fixed I will change my ratings and comments to reflect the new version!

Hi charlesn

how to change an original background to wood grain background


*its kick ass template .. i like it :)


Thanks Kapalsuper :)

In scripts/customiz.js, change the value of page.bgImage as so..

page.bgImage = liteWood;

‘liteWood’ variable is already predefined in the template to hold the woodgrain image you are looking for.

Please rete the item if you haven’t already. Thx!

This template is currently at v1.1.

Back button support has been fixed and the contact form has been improved to only require a valid email address to be fully functional.


leehart Purchased

The page title problem really needs sorting as well as actually being able to click links in the title.


As this is an ajax template and content is pulled onto a single page via http requests, the page title has to be updated when a new page is request. The template handles this for you. You can set page titles for each ajax page on your site inside customize.js.


rc125 Purchased

Its all in PHP . I need the html please