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This seems to be wp theme but not even the theme on the screen shot?

The preview says This is an example of a WordPress page

expecting? to have a preview soon?


then w/o frame http://livepreview.net/

hey live preview is missing , looks amazing…in the pics…wanna see a demo…


Sorry guys there was a typo in the live preview link. It’s all working now!



I will wish to purchase the wordpress. But I do not see in your portfolio.

Have you planned a wordpress version?

Thank you in advance @ Soon yougos



There will be a WordPress version of this template.

Can’t tell you an ETA for it though


this look amazing – good work man!

Great looking theme tony! Awesome stuff!

Wow, this is breath-taking! Good luck with sales!!!

B-E-A-utiful. A must for designers.

Chris :)

Yeah really good stuff. Crisp. Awesome.

Can anyone suggest how I can integrate a client-accessible CMS for the Portfolio section?

Does a simple technology exist?

Thanks in advance :)

Is it possible to make this wordpress version, I will buy it for sure!

Great work mate, looking forward to the Wordpress version

Love the attention on even the slightest details, very cool job! :)


Thanks mate!

I appreciate your support


Nice work…

Is the theme switcher included in the download? I like that functionality since I have a project which requires to change brands (similar to the drop down here at the Theme Forest logo)...

Thanks and keep up the good work…




The styleswitcher is not included as it needs some php code on every page to function properly which is not really appropriate for ThemeForest site templates.

I can send you the files for it and instructions on how to implement it if you decide to go for it.


hey nice work . i will wish to purchase but i have some questions

Is the theme switcher included in the download?

and when i choose the background and click to another link on the site the background was changed why ?



Unfortunately no, the styleswitcher is for demonstration purposes only as it needs some php code to function which won’t be appropriate for ThemeForest


Sorry Dear on this speech, but there are many pirated copies of this work, but I decided to buy this version because I thought I would get the (styleswitcher) inside if it was possible to send (styleswitcher) for me with an explanation of a simple combination. The most beautiful in this work the possibility of a gap between the colors move and how can I buy it I can not do so in the version you purchased.

Please Please reply soon thank you and sorry for bad English .

I cannot get this to work, the Pushed admin panel just turns up blank. How can I contact you for support?



Drop me an email with login details for your wp-admin. As I haven’t heard of someone with a problem like yours ,I can’t help you out without any live demonstration.

p.s I think you are talking about the WordPress version, right?


When I open the index.html locally in a browser I get:

Adobe® Flash® Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer or network:


is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:


To let this application communicate with the Internet, click Settings. You must restart this application after changing your settings.

WTF is this?

Deleted the slide with an embedded youtube video and this went away but…