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Hello, when I change theme to dark skin the background change to a dark background but no the theme, so dark skin means the content dark not only the background.

I Will like to see a dark version of this theme…

Very nice looking! Bookmarked!

wow! :shocked: i love your style it is elegant, stylish, clean and mac!

Yay can’t wait to buy it

This is adorable! We love it!

Thank you all for the kind words.

@JavierDesigns I will include even darker skin in the next update :)

Definitely loving the dark, green, wood style!

i have disable the theme framework with password how to restore the option menu again?

You are supposed to enter a User ID into that field. If you’ve done so you can just login with that user and reset the setting.

If that is not possible you need to edit some code in order to gain access.

Go to functions/admin/controlpanel.php and edit line #303 and change

if($super_user == $current_user_id …


if($super_user != $current_user_id …

Thank you tonyc for your support i have gain the access by applying the code and it’s work :)

i have 2 questions and need your support accordingly:

1. how do i assign the home page to another template page if i would like to change the static wordpress home page other than the default.

for example:

i want to create page name splash to be the home page then i want to link it to product page (default home page)?

2. How do i change or rename the testimonials page on permalinks to be for example VIP ?

Thank you for your efforts fot this amazing template


You can assign any page from your existing ones to be your homepage from Settings->Reading->Front page displays

Choose Static page and for Front page select one page from the drop-down.

Then to create another page to display your default homepage you need to copy index.php file from your theme folder and name it to template-home.php for example. Now open that file and enter this piece of code at the very beginning:

<?php /* Template Name: Homepage */ ?>

Now upload that file to your server. You should now be able to create a blank WordPress page and assign it a page template Homepage.

2. In order to change the permalink structure you need to do some code editting. Open functions/testimonials.php and change line#24 from

'rewrite' => true,

to :

‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’=>‘vip’),

Hi Tony

I’ve just purchased this theme. :)

As above Nona has mentioned, i edited the username box on the general settings and now it has taken away access to the theme.

I can edit everything around the dashboard except the theme itself.

I cannot access the files as they are on a friends server and i run the site using web access to wordpress.

Is there a way of getting back in without getting him to change something in the actual files?

You mentioned above:

“If you’ve done so you can just login with that user and reset the setting.”

How would i go about doing this seeing as i am already logged in as that user?


You can access http:// and find the field “tn_super_user” and remove it’s contents. Keep in mind you need to enter user ID and not username into this field in the future.


Hi Tony

All that does is bring me to a login window and i can access the dashboard by logging in fine, but the ‘Pushed’ theme settings panel is still not at the bottom of the left column as it was previously?


Your user must be with full administrator permissions to access wp-admin/options.php

This is a page where you can control all your WordPress options no matter which theme you are running and it’s a backup system for cases like this.

I’m not sure why you can’t access it but make sure you are logged in with the original admin user that was created when installing wordpress.


Ok thanks.

When i accessed the site from my home computer i found the ‘options panel’ as described.

Can you outline what you mean by a User ID though for that field?


You can see an user’s ID by going to the users screen then click the nickname of the user and you will see his id in your url:




Can you provide me with the pricing table mark up or short code? because it’s not included on the theme help file.

Thank you for your support.


Can you drop me a letter trough my author contact form and I will give you the markup.

I will also include this in the docs for other buyers.


1) How do I add a menu item called home? That takes me to the homepage?

2) What is SuperUser ID and how do i use it?

3) In the Pushed settings I get question marks on top of the icons. I’m using Safari 5 on Mac OS X

1) From Appearance – > Menus create a “Custom link” pointing to your home page titled home and add it to the nav menu. You should be using Nav menus to use this function and not the default generated WordPress menu. You can read more about that in the theme docs.

2) For example, you can have 4 admin users on your WP installation but want to hide the options panel from 3 of them so that only you can make changes. Then you enter your user ID (if you are the user who created the installation it would probably be “1” ) and other admin users won’t see the options panel in their backend.

3) I will create a fix for this issue and update the files


Another question can I align comments button to the left and not the center?


Open custom.css and add this:

#commentform .submit{ float: left; }

This should do the job. Tony

I cannot access the Pushed configuration panel.. just a blank page. Everything else in the admin works perfect, how can I resolve this? There is no logs under error.log from apache


Drop me an email with login details for your wp-admin. As I haven’t heard of someone with a problem like yours ,I can’t help you out without any live demonstration.


I dont like the blog layout so I added another Wordpress configuration on /blog/ is there a way I can change the recent posts on the homepage to get the posts from /blog/

You can do this by using plain old php and directly getting the latest posts from the database of the second installation but you would need some serious php skills to do that.

In case you are using WordPress multisites there might be a plugin or something to the job but I haven’t checked


Hi Tony,

I recently purchased the Pushed WP – Business and Portfolio Solution. I am really happy with it, but I cannot figure out how to add the footer to the home page with the “recent posts.” If you would kindly advise, I would be more than appreciative.

Best, Lauren


Got to your theme options page in your WordPress backend and under the Homepage section the first option is for how many recent posts to appear on the homepage. Make sure this number is not 0.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The recent posts was already set to “3” and when I go into my posts, your default posts are there by default. I set a subheading and featured image in hopes of seeing them appear on the site, but nothing has changed.

Any other ideas?

Thank you, Lauren


Can you contact me trough my author contact form with a live demo url where I can check out your installation. If you could provide temporary login details for your WP installation that would be great.


Does this theme use the new “featured image” thumbnail functionality within wp 3.0?


Yes it does use this feature for the post thumbnails.