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Can I use WordPress Importer plugin and import the content from XML for DEMO1..? I follow in detail, instructions, but no luck.. I just can not install default content from DEMO1. Please, help.. Thanks in advance..

Hello SenseiThemes, I love your theme thank you. I have some issues, could you help me? 1. I couldnt get my site’s ( http://affilysis.com/ ) top blank section to be erased as you told http://www.brandstartdesign.com/ to do. I added the code you recommended to custom css section as you can see here: http://gyazo.com/2d406ee16091d8d3c0f040c89aa521a1 but it didnt work. What am I doing wrong?

2. I would like to get the sticky header to be just as it is at http://www.brandstartdesign.com/ but now it does not go over my revolution slider. Could you tell me what to fix?

Thank you.

Hello SenseiThemes…

Can you please send some instructions how to setup “Tiled slideshow”. There is no instructions how to do it. Cos there is no response from your side, I have to manually recreate the DEMO1… But now I`m stick with “Tiled slideshow”. I guess I will lose my client… :-(((


I figured out about Tilt slideshow… Thank`s anyway

Can you please update the Ultimate Add-Ons plugin. There are new options available in their recent update.

URGENT REPLY IS APPRECIATED! Hello, I can not get the sticky menu background and button text color to change. http://affilysis.com/ I want background to be red and texts to be white same as in the initial menu background. Could you help me with this?

Also I still need to delete the top white area from my page.

URGENT REPLY IS APPRECIATED as I have to finalize this work ASAP! Thank you.

Hi, great theme. We’re looking to purchase but wanted to confirm a couple of items.

Can you stack the carousel? Meaning… currently it shows 4 images across, can you have 3 carousels stacked on to of each other so there are 12 images? All three with the slider function so each stacked row would be controlled with it’s own slider?

Also, can the 8 cups per day, 1200 songs per day, 357 projects 4 team members be removed so that gray area/info isn’t under the carousel?

Can the carousel be filtered, by that I mean, if we add a visible tag for say “drinks” and click that, three of the images would disappear and only the coffee image would remain?


Hi just wanted to follow-up again it’s been about 4 days and hadn’t heard anything. Any chance you can follow-up with us today so we can get back to our client? Thanks!

How do i replicate the Tours & Tab page?

Hello Sensei Themes, This is the 3rd time I am asking you to please help me. I finished my website http://affilysis.com/ everything is perfect except for the white area on top. I added the code you recommended to custom css section as you can see here: http://gyazo.com/2d406ee16091d8d3c0f040c89aa521a1 but it didnt work. Please Help Me!

Thank you.


This is coming from a setting of Visual Composer. If you look at the inspector on your page, it says,

.vc_custom_1406801466946 { margin-bottom: 0px !important; padding-top: 110px !important; padding-bottom: 100px !important; }

That padding-top is what is doing it. Find where that is located, it’s not coming from the visual composer frontend.css file.

Hello, is this theme responsive?

wdangelo Purchased

Great theme with a steep learning curve. Limited documentation but worth it if you can invest the time. The sites don’t always scale well on mobile and it’s not the fastest loading theme. Lots of packed in extras! Recommended for fresh installs and I wouldn’t use any plugins not built into the package. check out www.dangeloimaging.com to see what I was able to do with about a month’s worth of work with limited wordpress knowledge.

While the included plugins are nice, THERE’S NO WAY TO UPDATE THEM!

This is a great theme but I have some trouble with changing the ‘tilt slideshow’ background, I can only change the small images which are fading in and I can’t upload a background image. And how to get rid of the black part (not with the blog etc.) below the map?

It would be great to have a quick solution for this, thanks a lot!


And is there any way I can download the restaurant demo file (nr. 7)?


The ‘revolution slider’ is having some problems, the website can’t find the file etc. but I’ve added all the plugins. Anyone with the same problem? About to lose a client if this isn’t working…


Okay, now I have to buy another Wordpress template because the client can’t wait any longer…. I would like my money back, really really bad service!!! I will contact Envato about this!

@WatchMeShine thank you very much for your input. Problem is this code is not in one of the css files. It is within the java script code and I can not reach it. :(


I am very DISSATISFIED with the fact you do not provide support for below issue. If you do not respond my support request within 24 hours, I will make an official complaint to Themeforest support team about this case.

For the past 14 days I am asking you to help me with a technical issue I have. I finished my website http://affilysis.com/ everything is perfect except for the white area on top. I added the code you recommended to custom css section as you can see here: http://gyazo.com/2d406ee16091d8d3c0f040c89aa521a1 but it didnt work. Please Help Me!

I’ve been trying to install demo 1 and I click RUN INSTALL and i’m left with a blank white page…

Hi – I have used this theme for my business website, and it all works fine, except that sometimes the template info shows up instead of the content I put in. My site is creativitysource.com, and the problem comes up on phone and tablet versions.

I have deleted all of the pages I am not using from the Wordpress dashboard, and in the media library I only have the images I specifically uploaded – I don;t understand whey the template is loading.

Please help – thanks!

My main menu looks absolutely NOTHING like the one in the demo… I’ve read ALL of the documentation.

Help ASAP please…

WilfredP Purchased

Hi, I have a problem where when i active blog in my page. My post with gallery will showing up with the gallery shortcode [gallery …..] and read more is not working. Can you help on this? thanks!

graphonix Purchased

the theme is great, please suggest it supports vimeo player or not.

So apparently the lack of support on this theme is an ongoing issue – I have requested support twice, on two different sites, and have never gotten a response from this seller.

I am also having issues with the white band across the top of my site – I have used the template before and had the same problem but the custom css code solved it – however, on the site I am working on now it is an ongoing problem and I can’t seem to fix it.

I have to say that after using Themeforest for years, this is probably the most disconnected support I have encountered, and will probably not purchase another theme from this seller again because of it, although I think the templates are lovely and very creative.

Any interest in resolving the issue and maybe saving a customer?