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Hi, very nice template, but i have a problem with IE9 using prettybox.

When i try to open a pic using prettybox in gallery 1 theme ie9 crash!! It’s work fine with chrome, firefox, ie8 but in ie9 i have this problem. I can see this problem in theme live preview too.

Can you help me? IE is a very used browser and i can’t publish a website with this problem..


ps Sorry for my bad english

googly69 Purchased

Hello..great template..however all the <H> tags are showing up duplicated in IE9 . Can you suggest a fix for this please? Thanks

hi all. Good template :) So just one question: in 3dslider, if you try to disable flash plugins with Firefox, you should see alternative text on the browser…but nothing appear. Maybe i mistake something? Thanks E.

Author are you still supporting this?

I am hesitant to purchase due to multiple errors report (Header tags being duplicated in IE9 , twitter feed not working, etc).

Otherwise I would purchase this immediately.


i didn’t get that error in IE9 never… :S Are you sure you’re thinking about IE9 ?

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Hello, I purchased this template today and absolutely love it. However, as another member has already posted, I too am experiencing all the <H> tags showing up duplicated in IE9 . Is there a solution known for this?


IE9 (well IE in general to be honest) doesn’t “like” some of the google fonts, it’s the issue which as far as I know you can only solve by changing the font family…. if I find a real solution I’ll update it!

will check it out right away! :)

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Great site trendyWebStar, could you tell me how to activate the search engine feature, please?

I need some help with the theme… Do you have Skype?

Hello before anything, great template look!! I’m having a problem with latin characters in H4, simply they do not appear.

Amazing work here. One of my favorites to work with.

One question though: I’m trying to pull just the portfolio slider element (seen on the homepage) out to place on a different site, but I’m somehow overlooking some code elements it references and requires to make it work. Right now I’ve got:

  • custom.js
  • Sections 16 and 17 from the stylesheet (the one I’m using is dark-grey.css

What else am I missing, or could you give me a list of the files necessary for just that slider?

Thanks in advance.

Solved, vegur font doesn’t have latin characters… Had to change that font and disable “cufon” function…

I bought this template some weeks ago and I am having problems with jquery functions. For example, I just added this code at head section $(document).ready(function(){ alert(‘hello’); }); and I get the following error: TypeError: $ is not a function [Break On This Error] $(document).ready(function(){

What should I do? The problem seems to be in custom.js because when I delete this file the web page works fine

Wicca Purchased

Hello Trendy, ive bought this some time ago, but the social icons links are not working. Do you have any solutions for this ?