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Hello, I was wondering if you had this in Wordpress?


no, sorry.

Beautiful design! Thanx for the gift! I’ll check for other stuff from you.


You are welcome ;)

Good job giving these awesome stuffs for free !


Glas you like it ;)

Hmm, the Nova Slider on the Index page, loads only the first 1/3 of the Image :S

Screen: http://www.myimg.de/?img=screen28d00.png


will take a look


Thanks :) Hope u find something to fix it :S


Hm, still no fix :/

Hi there, absolutly good work!!

One little question to all of you:

Have someone any idea, how to let the clouds in the background move?

Think that would be a nice effect.


Have no idea :)

Great template!! awesome! I just need to have the contact php to redirect to index… currently it does not. It opens the SEND.PHP file with a “message sent!” and that’s it. How do I do that? Many thanks in advance!

NEVER MIND! I added this couple of lines to the code and it worked!:

$url = ‘thepageyouwanttogoto.html’; echo ’<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=”0; URL=’.$url.’”>’;

Excellent work!!

Spasibo :), dostoynaya rabota!


Neza4to :)

i’m trying to upload your template via wordpress, is this possible? how do i upload… sorry, i am new to this


It’s HTML template not WP ;)

Hello, I want to use this design in a website that is hosted on Github. can I do that.


Hello, you can try ;)

Great Theme! Simple and clean , really like it. Thx

Thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful theme. I’ll use this in redesigning my Australian Agency website. May i know the image slider you used on the homepage?

Any chance of turning this layout for Wordpress?

I am very interested and am willing to pay.


OrangeIdea, I’m really impressed by this theme. Thank you.

Thanks for the gift.

Beautiful design! Thanks for the gift. :)

Hello, If you download the template as ‘free file of the month’ can you still sign up to the support forum you have as I cannot find a purchase number due to it not appearing in downloads.

Thanks, great template btw :)

Loving the theme having good fun playing about with it and changing it, just one quick question, is the twitter feed at the bottom working or for show and if working how would I go about configuring it?

Thanks :)


I love this theme! Can you tell me, please, how can i make to show correctly the latin extended fonts?


thanks for the gift. great work…! :)

Hello, I can not run twitter connection. would you be helping?