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Please help with the following issues.


1. How do I remove the More Information and Purchase Now buttons? 2. When I remove the skyline picture on the footer it brings up a black bar…how can I remove the skyline but not show the black bar. 3. What controls what is shown on the first page? I have marked some articles as ‘Featured’ but I don’t see them on the home page.

Thanks in advance for your help…I’ve searched through every part and cannot find how to resolve these. Love the template though.

1) Please go to path ROOT\templates\qnima\Preset and open preset1_index.php file, go to approximately line number 323 or find “bottom_buts” word and you can change your requirements.

2) Go to your existing file preset1_index.php on path ROOT\templates\qnima\Preset find “footer_graph” and remove or comment that div. For regarding Remove black bar: go to ROOT\templates\qnima\css\Preset1\style.css , go to line number 817 and remove background color property.

3) In home page, we have not used any featured article. But we have used module called “Insert Article” and position is “preset1_artical” and related to that article name is “preset1_home”.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for an excellent job with Qnima template.

All recommendations.


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Good afternoon:

two doubts …

Does fast installation pack? Does the test images?


Yes it has the quickstart folder. So its super easy to install theme. The image of template is available but not that of content.