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After purchasing this nice theme I’m bothered that my post images don’t appear in their native sizes, instead appearing as a cropped thumbnail. I would like each posts featured image to appear in its native size. Please share with me how this is possible?

Having browsed through the comments, I saw the option to edit the images.php file but that’s not working because I need each image, all of which have different sizes, to be their own (original) size.


You can try modifying “functions/thumbs.php” and at the first lines of the get_post_thumb() function insert:
$width = 0; $height = 0;
But beware, this might break something else in the layout.

JLuisCP Purchased

Hi, With the latest update of the topic, the form to register and post does not appear. Only the text “Only registered users can comment.” Appears. Clicking on check me redirects to the main page of wordpress. I can do to show the form? Thanks

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.


JLuisCP Purchased

Ok. envoy

hello, dump presale question. the sliderpic is to big, can i change the size? and can i fix the background?

and i got in the preview often database error, got this too on my site,if i buy?

Hello, You will be able to change it by configuring the LayerSlider. We are having some problems with our servers once in a while, it is not a problem with the theme itself.

Hi, when do you release next update with visual composer 4.5? the last integrated version vc.4.4.4 has some bugs with other vc-addons (e.g. ulimate-addon-for-vc), which are fixed in vc4.5. best regards

We will launch it right now, it should be available by tomorrow.

Helo. I need help with this fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/escosplayadmin/escosplay/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home/escosplayadmin/escosplay/wp-content/themes/quadrum-theme/functions/filters.php on line 155

This problem is encountering when you have updated the wordpress core to the latest version but haven’t updated the theme for it’s compatibility.
Please update the theme to the latest version.

Do you have a table summarizing the differences between your various magazine themes? E.g., this one has LayerSlider, but Solidus doesn’t, etc. The descriptions are very similar. Thanks.

Currently such table will not be available. We would recommend using Solidus because it is a bit newer release.

Hi, I want to purchase this theme but I,m not sure for membership options. Does it have ,my account, and etc. pages for users to login?

We are using a plugin called BuddyPress, which is available for download for free. You can install it and play around with it before deciding to buy our theme.


I am not sure if you have changed this in your latest update. My site was having high cpu load with only 100 concurrent users. It crashed the server once in a while. When I checked in my web host manager (WHM), I found some scripts are using a lot of cpu. So, I looked into them, and I found following codes.


I saw 3 files like that. One of them is, for example, css/fonts.php.

Basically, when a visitor visits a page, the whole wordpress core is being loaded multiple times because you are calling wp-load.php from multiple separate files. Even though it had “require_once”, since the theme is calling those files separately, wp-load.php will be loaded repeatedly.

After I removed those codes and replaced the output with static css codes, server is running fine. It might have been fine for low traffic sites, but I have millions of page views per month.

I also checked with “P3 plugin profiler” for performance. Before I did that, theme’s load time was 0.27 seconds. After the above update, it drops to 0.09 seconds.


Thank you for your feedback, we will look into this.


aquatis Purchased

Hello, we have problems with the template. A strange malware is keep coming again and again. We secured our website but we identified that the template has a security hole. Every time the only fix is reuploading the template files, but after 2 days the malware is coming again. The malware appears after a custom jquery line and it contains this domain name : . Please fix it or tell us how to protect the template of being hacked again and again.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the theme.

Pre-sales question:

1) What is your typical turnaround time (honestly) for email support questions?

2) Do you have a resource where I can find freelancers to help me with your theme specifically? Customization, setup, etc. I can always hire random people but they have to learn your theme first.

3) Your last several updates going back over a year only seem to include a bug fix or two. Not much else. Is this theme being enhanced anymore or have you decided to give up on it?

4) We have a website that has been around 15 years. If we go with your theme, do you think you’ll be around some time into the future to keep Quadrum secure and technologically updated?

Thank you.

1. We usually get back to you within 24 hours except on working days.
2. You might try envato’s freelance marketplace:
3. We are keeping it so it will be working with the latest version of wordpress, will launch updates on bug fixes if there are any.
4. As long as the theme is on ThemeForest marketplace, we will support it. We have no plans on removing it yet.

its great information,i’m felling good here thanks for you post :

Dear. I just installed the theme that I just bought, Section plugin get the following message:

WPBakery Visual Composer Settings | Off | Edit Drag and drop page builder for WordPress. Take Full Control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required.

Version 4.5.3 | By Michael M – | View details A new version of Visual Composer WPBakery available. View details of the 4.6.1 version. Download new version from

Try to load the code that comes in the theme without success … why this happens? That I have to carry around?

Thank you, Daniel.