Qualia - Flexible Multi-Purpose Theme

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Qualia 3.1 is NOW live

Welcome to Qualia

This wordpress theme is very impressive; something I am very excited to display to my clients and partners. Easy and intuitive to use, I can already see how this allows me to focus on content opposed to glitches. Most importantly, any questions or issues that I have had are promptly solved by top-notch customer service! Very studly!

5 stars for this theme one of the best I’ve come across all year! Looking forward to more stuff from you guys!

James Sentio
Such an incredible theme you’ve been made! This is what I’ve been waiting for, an easy way to create a website, provided with complete documentations, and friendly customer support. Can’t wait for your next update to support e-commerce. Good job for you guys. Two thumbs up!

This theme is amazing, and these guys give the most amazing support..!!

Well ya know I found legit theme made by some serious designers :p . Ok, great! Thanks for the quick support! And yes, I’ll stay tuned for woo commerce support!


Qualia Features

Qualia Full Features

    • Clean, Modern Design
    • Retina Ready
    • 2 Logos (default logo and alternative logo for occasional use)
    • Favicons for Standard Browser, iPhone, and iPad
    • INTRODUCING: Color Sets System
      • Define up to 10 Color Sets
      • Set each Color Set: background, base, subtle, text, strong, and accent color
      • Live Preview Settings
    • UNLIMITED Color Combinations
    • Auto Fallback Color into HEX format for older browsers
    • Styled standard widgets
    • FULL CONTROL over all Typography
      • All headings Typography (h1 – h6)
      • Body Text Typography
      • Button Text Typography
      • Navigation Links Typography
      • Blockquote Text Typography
      • Page Title Typography
      • Page Divider Typography
      • RevSlider Typography
      • Standard Regular Fonts
      • 600++ Google Fonts
      • Upload Custom Fonts
      • Configure font face, size, style, weight, transform, line height, letter spacing fore each typography
      • Live Preview Settings
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • Responsive Breakpoints Configuration (Meaning you can even control how Responsive your site you want!)
      • Standard / Default
      • Enable or disable Wide Screen Breakpoint
      • Enable or disable Tablet Breakpoint
      • Enable or disable Mobile Breakpoint
    • Customize Body Layout
      • 3 Layouts: Wide Layout, Boxed Layout, Boxed Spaced Layout
      • Set different layout on specific pages
      • Set different background color and image on specific pages
    • One Page Website
      • Optional PAge PreLoader
      • Smooth animated scroll navigation
      • Auto scroll detected navigation
    • Customize “From Head to Toe”
      • Customize all sections: Top Header, Header, Sub Header, Content, Footer, and Copyright
      • Assign color set to every sections
      • Set background image
      • Set custom classes
      • Set section’s separator
    • Additional Top Header Section Customizations
      • Change Top Header text
      • Activate Top Header menu
      • Activate Top Header social links set
    • Additional Header Section Customizations
      • Enable or disable Floating Header
      • Set Header Attachment: Normal or Absolute
      • Optionally change absolute header background color
      • Use Alternative Logo on specific pages
      • Activate Mega Menu on Menu Item
      • Activate Button Menu Item
      • Activate Social Icon Menu Item
    • Additional Sub Header (Page Title Section) Customizations
      • 3 Modes: Normal, Centered, Side by Side
      • Enable or disable breadcrumb
      • Optionally set specific background image for specific pages
      • Configure top and bottom spacing
    • Additional Content Section Customizations
      • Set Sidebar Position (left, right, or disabled)
      • Configure top and bottom spacing
      • Or you can split into UNLIMITED multiple sections (via “Multiple Sections” Page Template)
    • Additional Footer Section Customizations
      • Set any number of columns (max 6 columns)
      • Set each columns’ grid and offset
      • Put widgets
      • Put shortcodes
    • Additional Copyright Section Customizations
      • Change copyright text
      • Activate Copyright menu
      • Activate Copyright social links set
    • Powered by Vafpress Portfolio Plugin
    • Cover any kind of works (Designer, Developer, Company, Agency, Photographer, Architect, Event Organizer, Artist, Musician, Professional, etc)
    • Choose one from 4 available tiles modes and hover effects
    • UNLIMITED Portfolio Meta Data (e.g. “client”, “year”, “skills”, “contributors”, “address”, “credits”, “project URL”, etc)
    • Play Shortcodes in Meta Data (button, links, list, maps, etc)
    • INTRODUCING Handpicked Queryable Portfolio Meta Data (you can query by “client”, “year”, etc, not only by category and tag)
    • One Click Queryable Meta Data Setup
    • Auto generated Queryable Meta Data for new Portfolio Posts
    • Set 2 – 4 columns layout
    • Set number of items per page
    • Auto generated thumbnails
    • Create custom archive page via Shortcode
    • Enable or disable Filters by category
    • Pagination mode: load more
    • Pagination mode: standard page links
    • Pagination mode: carousel
    • Pagination mode: disabled
    • Set Single Portfolio Details Layout
    • Portfolio Images Presentation: Images
    • Portfolio Images Presentation: Slider
    • Enable of disable singe portfolio pagination
    • Custom URL Rewrite for Global Portfolio Post
    • Custom URL Rewrite for Portfolio Category Archive
    • Custom URL Rewrite for Portfolio Tag Archive
    • Configure Portfolio Title Format
    • Configure Portfolio Category Archive Title Format
    • Configure Portfolio Tag Archive Title Format
    • Dedicated Portfolio Admin Options
    • Extended Qualia Portfolio Admin Options
    • Import / Export Settings
    • Restore Default Settings
    • Blog Layout: Classic
    • Blog Layout: Timeline
    • Blog Layout: Masonry
    • Blog Layout: Mini
    • Set Sidebar position
    • Support Custom Sidebar
    • Use Blog and Sidebar as a shortcode. Create your own unique Blog page layout!
    • Support Latest WordPress Post Formats (Audio, Video, Quote, Image Gallery, Link)
    • Support Sticky Post
    • Support Featured Image
    • Support Google Author Rich Snippets
    • Standard Pagination or Modern Load More Paginations
    • Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin Support out of the box
    • Powered by Vafpress Animation Plugin
    • Anymate any element or group of elements (literaly anything!)
    • A bunch of awesome animation effects
      • scale in and out
      • scale in out
      • fade in and out
      • fade in out
      • fade in short from left
      • fade in short from right
      • fade in short from top
      • fade in short from bottom
      • fade out short to left
      • fade out short to right
      • fade out short to top
      • fade out short to bottom
      • rotate 90 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate 90 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate 90 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate 180 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate 180 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate 180 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate 270 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate 270 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate 270 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate 360 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate 360 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate 360 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate -90 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate -90 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate -90 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate -180 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate -180 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate -180 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate -270 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate -270 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate -270 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
      • rotate -360 degree anchor top-left / top-center / top-right
      • rotate -360 degree anchor middle-left / middle-center / middle-right
      • rotate -360 degree anchor bottom-left / bottom-center / bottom-right
    • Full Support of all the latest CSS3 Animation properties
      • Set animation duration
      • Set trigger to start the animation
      • Set delay on each animation
      • n iteration or infinite iteration
      • Timing Function Preset
      • Custom Timing Function (Cubic Bezier)
      • Choose animation direction
      • Choose fill mode
    • 40++ and counting Shortcodes available
    • Easy usage via visual editor
    • Use shortcodes any where (posts, pages, section, even footer!)
    • Shortcode inside Shortcode, more flexibiliy for customizing content
    • Grid System Shortcodes (row, column, offset)
    • Boxes shortcodes for wrapping any content and group of elements
    • Divider shortcode (solid line, dashed, dotted, double, with text or icons)
    • Accordion shortcode (single or multiple open options)
    • Tabs shortcode with custom panel placement
    • Sidebar shortcode to put your custom widget everywhere
    • Blog shortcodes to put blog archive everywhere
    • Portfolio shortcodes to put blog archive everywhere
    • Point Block shortcodes for your service columns
    • Google Maps everywhere (full-width layout or any custom size, with custom pin)
    • Stylish Pricing Table table and easy to customize
    • Clean and Cool animated Progress Bar
    • Unique and still customizable Progress Ring
    • Animated Counter
    • No more boring plain Table with Stylish Table shortcode
    • A set of Typography shortcodes (Dropcap, Heading, Shout and Meta, Highlight text, etc)
    • Stylish Alert Message Box
    • Buttons, two nice and beautiful styles option with unlimited color combination
    • 360++ Beautiful and Retina Ready Icons with FontAwesome
    • Customize FontAwesome Icons with different fill modes and unlimited color combination
    • Adavanced Animation shortcodes (explained in a different section on this list)
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.x
    • All widgets ready
    • Products grid number of columns setting
    • Products grid posts per page setting
    • Product Catalog sidebar position setting
    • Single Product sidebar position setting
    • 2 Single Product Images mode: slider or stacked
    • Product Call for Price mode
    • Product Call for Price action page
    • Account Page Template
    • Add new custom account page
  • Search Engline Optimization (SEO) friendly, also Mobile Optimized
    • SEO friendly code structure
    • Fully Capable of Creating your own unique and accurate page titles
    • On-Page Optimizations
    • Light and Fast Performance
    • Google Author Rich Snippet (get your picture in search result!)
    • Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet
    • Image Slider: Revolution Slider (PREMIUM)
    • Breadcrumb: Breadcrumb NavXT
    • Form Builder: Contact Form 7
    • Pagination: WP Pagenavi
    • Many other Popular Plugins
    • Powered by the awesome Vafpress Framework
    • Support from WordPress 3.3 to NEW 3.7
    • Support browsers: IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mobile Browsers, etc
    • Built in HTML5 and CSS3 best practices
    • 100% W3 Valid code
    • Resource Optimizations
    • Very Modular and Extendable
    • Child Theme Support
    • Custom In-Page Head and Foot Script
    • Custom In-Page Inline Styles
    • Tons of Helper Classes
    • Secret Recipes
    • Multi Language Translation Ready


Background Videos from Vimeo: - http://vimeo.com/29250314 - http://vimeo.com/20035508


v3.1.2 - June 2, 2014
Update RevSlider
v3.1 - March 5, 2014
Removed: WooCommerce version 2.0.x compatibility in favor of WooCommerce 2.1.x new version. Please update your woocommerce to version 2.1.x
New Feature: Typography settings now has subset option for the specified font family
Fixed: some styling bugs
New Feature: Option to hide Footer
New Feature: Option to hide Copyright
Update Plugin: RevSlider
v3.0 - February 6, 2014
WooCommerce Integration
- Compatible with Version 2.0.x
- Custom MyAccount Page, add custom MyAccount Pages to the user dashboard (Useful for 3rd party addon, shortcodes, or static account pages)
- Catalog Configuration: columns, posts per page, sidebar position, etc.
- Product Image Ratio: you can set your product thumbnail as portrait, square, or landscape
- Call for Price: if you don’t have a fixed price, you can enable “Call for Price” which you might want user to personally contact you for the price.
- Product Images presentation: Slider or Stacked
Removed: MonoSocialIconsFont Integration due to lack of compatibility on IE browsers
New Feature: SocMed icons integration (replace MonoSocialIcons)
New Feature: Accordion Mode – Outline
New Feature: Tabs Mode – Outline
New Feature: Tab now has icon (optional)
New Feature: Portfolio grid now has gap size option
New Feature: Header Mode – Nav on Left
New Feature: Header Mode – Centered Logo
Fixed: Floating Header Animation
Fixed: Menu rendering issue on IE browsers
Fixed: GoogleMaps longitude/latitude bug
Improve: Flexslider style and merge it into style.css
Enriched Documentation
v2.0 - December 6, 2013
Add One Page Template, create scrolling navigation one page in ease
Add new menu: One Page Menu
Add version migration system
Add Xing social media
Add an overriding option to show/hide top bar on individual page
Remove RevSlider Typography Settings, regards the new RevSlider dynamic style mechanism
Improve documentation
Improve counter shortcode styling
Update plugin packages
Update Vafpress Framework
Fix child theme issue
Fix unregistered sidebar notice in sidebar shortcode
Fix CSS class conflict with 3rd party plugins: .clear
Fix blog classic imbalance style

v1.1.1 - November 30, 2013
Fixed responsive blog classic style bug
Fixed jQuery Isotope issue on load more pagination
Fixed embedding Google Fonts bug
Enhanced Color Live Previews in the Theme options
Enhanced Demo Data (no longer download all gray images)
Enhanced minor styles

v1.1 - November 28, 2013
Improved Point Block Shortcode System
Optimize header sizing mechanism. Now user can configure the header size and it will fit well into any logo orientation (both vertical and horizontal logo)
Added Counter Shortcode
Added Animation Shortcode Full Container Mode
Added overriding page options metabox for blog post and portfolio post
Improve Metabox Ordering
Fixed portfolio archive load more layout glitch
Fixed IE8 Isotope Filtering

v1.0.1 - November 24, 2013
Fixed bugs on search page and 404 page
Fixed some style bugs

v1.0 - November 23, 2013
First Release, 200++ features are included