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I just received this from my hosting provider, please advise me on what to do.

A scan of your account has found the following malicious or infected files present:

themes/qualifire/scripts/timthumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-108.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

Thank you


when was the last time you updated your theme? Make sure you’re running the latest version of the theme and TimThumb. More on updating your theme:


Is the latest version of this theme (1.3.2) compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (3.9.2)? I just updated both Wordpress and this theme and in the admin tool on the Qualfier settings page, clicking on Screen Options > Color Scheme has no affect (nor does Help). Let me know if there is a fix or workaround to change the color scheme.



Looks like you might have a plugin that’s causing a conflict, to test this possibility disable all plugins and then test it again. If it works then start enabling the plugins one by one and do a test in between until you find the culprit. Don’t forget to clear the caching too if you have any caching plugins installed.


Thanks for the quick response! As suggested, I disabled all plug-ins and cleared cache, but the problem still exists (in both Cr and IE 11). If you would like a wp-admin login to check it out yourself, please provide me an email address. Thanks again!

Yes, let me check it, but it will be in the morning :)
You can send me an email through my Profile page.

Cheers, Andon

How do you choose which style (color) to use?

That would be under the “QualiFire Options” under “Color Scheme” section. If for whatever reason you don’t see this section please email me for further instructions. You can send me an email through my Profile page.


hi, I would like in the “portfolio” page to disable the thumbnail view is that possible? or to have no link on it.

Hi, In a portfolio page, when click on image, I don’t want an image viewer, but a link to article, or no actions. Sorry for my bad english. Regards

You can send me an email through my Profile page. Once I receive this email from you I’ll write back and you’ll have my email address.


That’s correct mosesr, it’s not. If you’re looking for a responsive theme check out my uDesign one. :)


Really really love the theme – but lately I am getting errors for this:


I searched but could not find anyone else having any issues.

Thanks kindly!


Thank you for choosing the “QualiFire” theme.

Could you please email me. You can send me an email through my Profile page. Make sure to include a link to your site as well.


you gonna keep updating this theme?

yes, of course :) BUT, if you mean actively updating with new features then “no”, just security and maintenance updates.


Hi, First off congratulation for the fantastic theme. This is actually where I’m working on: I would better set the black label, extended with the same heght for the entire theme(but well centered), and change the font (it is not a my wish) to the H2, h3, h4 tags (Bradley font). Can you please help me to manage these 2 options?

Thank you so much

Please email me and I’ll see what I can do. You can send me an email through my Profile page.