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Solsat Purchased

Hi, great theme! One question: Is there a possibility to rename the “Home” Button?

Kind regards

Hi Solsat,

for rename the “Home” button open the “Header.php” and edit the line 89

<li<?php if(is_front_page()){ echo " class='current_page_item' ";}?>><a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>"><span>Home</ </span></a>

Thanks for answering the question GrimlocK38.

with pleasure :)

By the way, I have re-uploaded the theme with some small bug fixes for those of you who have downloaded the theme before June 2nd, or rather June 1st 10pm EST . For description of the updates check out the bottom of the theme’s landing page here

Solsat Purchased

Thanks for your reply GrimlocK38 !

internq7, awesome work!

What a great theme. As soon as you convert to HTML , you have a sale. I don’t even have a project for it, it’s just too god to pass up.



Stay tuned, should have it out by 2 weeks the most

Need HTML version of it as well. Would be great to get it sooner as 2 weeks…


Yes, I’m working on it…


Hi dr770,

I submitted the HTML version of the template for approval 3 days ago, but TF seems to be taking their time.

Solsat Purchased

Hi again,

maybe a stupid question, but might it be possible to use the same “black” from the footer area on the header part where the Logo is placed?

Kind regards,


PS: I really dig your theme, the sliders are working perfectly!


It’s possible. It would just be a question of changing the colors in the PSD and saving the new slices. I can help you with that


Questions on your QualiFire theme:

1 – How difficult would it be to change the color on the nav bar to a different specific color?

2 – – How difficult would it be to change the color around the slider to a different specific color?


Thank you so much! Judith


Hi, it would be very easy, let me know if you need help.


Hi, i really like this theme and want to purchase it for use with a client, but i was wondering if on the home page, the three bottom columns can have widgets. I basically want to make sure i cant get the most recent blog headlines someplace on the home page. Im also curious if i am able to add a sidebar to the portion of the home page below the slider.



Great question!

The answer to both your questions is “Yes”. Actually, the text underneath the slider you see in the demo is a Widget Area, the three columns underneath it are also three separate widget areas, and the bottom four-column area with the dark background has four widget areas as well. You can drop any widget in those and it should work just fine. The widget areas are architected in such a way that they will dynamically re-size to span the full width of the page, so you could have just 1 or 2 columns instead of three for example. Also, for the widget areas with the three columns I’ve added the option to fix the width of the most left column so that it can serve as a sidebar. Then you can drop the widgets you’d like into it.

Regarding adding most recent blog headlines in one of those widget areas, I found the default WP Recent Posts widget to be a bit limited displaying only post titles so I wrote a widget included with the theme called “QualiFire: Recent Posts”, which displays additional information for each post, such as author, date and an excerpt. The author and date are optional.




Wow, that might be the fastest, most efficient customer service I have ever received. Im sold. Ill definitely be buying this over the next day or so. Thanks!

jayohare Purchased

I’m having difficulty trying to create 2 columns in a full-width page. None of the CSS seems to work. Is there anything about the preceding CSS on a page that would prevent this? I’ve tried CSS & various plugins but no luck. Thanks for any direction you can provide.



could you please email me with the a link to your site, I’ll have a look.


Would it be easy to change the header bar background color? thanks. Great theme!



you change the color in the PSD ’s included with the theme, then save the new slice(s) and replace the original png’s associated with the header BG.

If you are not comfortable working with Photoshop, I can give you a hand.


momofone Purchased

Thanks for that. I should be able to get my head around that. Fantastic theme!



Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Internq7,

great presentation :)

one question: an update will be provided in a few days ?

New shortcodes ect…...

Good work. Thanks



Yes, I’m planning an update with some additional shortcodes for columns in content.

I’m also working on internationalizing the theme for those of you who need to have their site in more than one language. This is a big job and I need a bit more time, but hopefully next week.


For now, if you need to create columns anywhere in the content here’s an example of HTML code you could use to create two perfectly equal width columns in the content area:

<div style="float:left; width:300px; padding:20px 0;">Your text goes here...</div>
<div style="float:left; width:300px; padding:20px 0;">Your text goes here...</div>

The total width of the content area if you had a sidebar is 600px. You cold also play with the padding a bit if you have to.

I personally prefer this approach because you have full flexibility as to how wide you’d set the columns, etc., as apposed to shortcodes where you only have predefined width options.

Perfect internq7,

I would like to translate this sentence :


I have not found his location.



Try scripts/breadcrumbs.php around line # 40

ok thanks :)

Help. I’m getting this error when I try to activate this theme…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR, expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in /home5/richardh/public_html/visuallymedical/wp-content/themes/qualifire/widgets/subpages-widget.php on line 75

I’m stuck until I figure this out. Can anyone help?

Hi there,

The example homepage you have has the sections ‘Extensively Tested’, ‘Dynamic functionality’ and ‘Choose your colors’ in one row. Can I add more rows? I want 3 rows with 3 columns each.

If this can be done do I use shortcodes?

Thanks so much


Hi, please read the F.A.Q.

It looks like you’re running on PHP 4

Solsat Purchased

Hi internq7,

one question: I made a category named “Portfolio” and created a page with the Portfolio Template, but in the Options the Dropdown field stays empty (can’t select the category to the Portfolio Page as described in your Manual).

Thanks for your awesome response time and help,

kind regards,