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Hi there. I’ve just added my first Gallery post displaying images as slider. How do I edit the slider images? I want to add a couple more images to an existing Gallery post. Thanks.


just upload the images to the specific post.

From the time that you assign this post to gallery post format and you don’t insert a gallery shortcode in the post, the script creates a slider with all the images that are attached to the post.



Hi! I’d like to know if there’s any way to make a featured image of the post not appear on the post itself but just exist as a thumbnail?

I have used a plug-in to create thumbnails for my posts, but it doubled every 1st image in every post I had. I’d like to solve this by avoiding the featured image appearing in the body of the post.


i am not sure that i understand.

please send a url to see the problem.

also please, don’t write comments for asking support. Send the issue via contact form in profile page

Hi, i want to buy the theme but i’m wondering if is it possible to add a slider or picture on the topp like this


it is not built in the theme that is a simple blog theme, but with a few codes of css (for image) or a javascript (for slider) it is possible.

of course, i can help.

thanks for interest!


I wondered if it’s possible to remove a publication date section on the left side.



it is possible with a few changes to the code.

Just send me the message via our profile contact form to send you instructions via e-mail.


My theme looks horrible on mobile. Should I do somehthing to make the theme’s responsiveness active ? It is written that ’ Scan the QR code to make active ’ . I did not understand what should I do ? How can I do that and in case of that i scan the QR code which I don’t know how, will it be active at all other devices or just on my personal device?

The theme is responsive and you can check the theme demo about it.

If you make changes maybe you break the responsiveness.

Send me the url to take a look, if i can help to fix it.

Thanks for your response. I think what i see on my mobile device is already customized but I will be glad if you can check my url . So what for the QR code provided on the theme site is?

I don’t see any issue about the responsiveness to this url. If you talk about design, of course it is subjective and you can customize it according to your needs if you do not like it.

Is there a way to make posts Read More option looking same as like Ghost theme. In Ghost theme , posts have a nice looking read more button but when i put read more on my wordpress theme , it does not looks like it is in the Ghost theme. Rather, there looks just a usual written ‘Read More’. And second question, how I fix my header like in this theme ?


These are customizations and we do not provide customizations to our themes.

Thanks for purchasing.

I could not understand why readm more is looking as just (more..) in wordpress quarter theme while it is a button in ghost theme as you can see below.

Because you did not set up the theme via theme customizer if you want to display excerpts in listing pages.

Take a look to the documentation about theme customizer


Sorry for my bad english.

I want to change the font of post titles and blog title. I download a font (with several extensions : .ttf .eot .otf .svg .woff) and put on the root of the theme (in the file “Quarter” so). I change the style.css : /* Global ---------------------- */ body { background: #fff; font-family: "Source Sans Pro", Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-size: 16px; line-height: 1; color: #2F2F2F; position: relative; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; } h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; color: #222222; text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; line-height: 1.1; margin-bottom: 8px; margin-top: 8px; font-family: 'jellyka_cuttycupcakesregular'; src: url('jellyka_cuttycupcakes.eot'); src: url('jellyka_cuttycupcakes.eot?') format('embedded-opentype'); /*Internet explorer*/ url('jellyka_cuttycupcakes.woff') format('woff'), url('jellyka_cuttycupcakes.ttf') format('truetype'), url('jellyka_cuttycupcakes.svg#jellyka_cuttycupcakesregular') format('truetype'); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; } h1 small, h2 small, h3 small, h4 small, h5 small, h6 small { font-size: 60%; color: #6f6f6f; line-height: 0; } (jellyka_cuttycupcakes is the font name) It doens’t work. Could you help me please?

Thank in advance!


i’ll be glad to help, but sorry i don;t understand the issue..

Do you have a plugin to provide a widget and you don’t know how to style it?

If it is easy, send your blog url with the issue to take a look and i will come back with an answer.

My blog isn’t online yet :(.

On the sidebar.php, I add some “functions” “(without widget, directy on sidebar.php). But I don’t manage to have the same style that I use widget (I try “ ... ” but I have’nt the same style that I use widget).

(I want the same style because after adding some thing directly on the sidebar.php, I would like use widget, so having the same style would be great ^^).

This is logical, because sidebar is widgetized and if you want to add custom code there to display something you need to follow the same css structure as sidebar styles in style.css

You need to put your code in sidebar.php inside the

add this before your code and clode the div after your code

if you want to put a title add it inside the


To sum-up :

open sidebar.php and change it like this :

div class=”three columns”> YOUR CODE HERE AND HERE LET dynamic_sidebar function AS IT IS

I hope that helps. If i can see the code somewhere i can help you further :-)

ps : please send support requests via my profile page contact form It is not very easy to put code in comments.

Hi. I purchased your theme and love it. Thank you. However, I have a question about making only one instance of the background image at the top. I put in a test img as a place holder. Is that possible?

Thank you


it is pretty easy and i will be glad to help, but i can’t see you as buyer.

Please login with the account that you purchased the theme and send the question via my profile page contact form


Hello, I really liked the Quarter template. Congratulations.

I had a previous template and chose the Quarter because it is minimalist and responsive.

My website is in Portuguese from Brazil. When I installing the Quarter I found two problems:

1. The font has errors in words with accentuation and others. (example: O desafio consiste na integra??o de todos … as qualidades espec?ficas de experi?ncia - here the question marks is the error I tell) So I would like to know about a similar font you provided and where to exchange it. I am only a user. I understand nothing. Please tell me the name of a similar font to the one you used but that keeping the accents of my language (Latin – full of “ão” “ção”, “à”, é,...) . I visited google fonts but I don’t know about fonts. I would like to keep the lightness of your layout, choosing an appropriate font to the Brazilian language. Please tell me the name of one and where I change. The title no have problem. Is only in the posts and pages.

2. When I edit posts and pages (which I already had in the old template) pages turn blank. I’m afraid of losing files. Already removed all plugins, I do not know what else to do. Please guide me about it.

Note- my website is down for maintenance – can not be seen – because I don’t want my audience seeing the update.



thanks for purchasing and for the kind comments.

So :

1) I think that Open Sans supports brazilian language (as any other font with latin-extended subset support) The link for Open Sans :

Let’s try it and inform me about the results.

2) This happens only when you edit an old post or page? New posts displaying without issues?

I’m afraid that i am unable to help without admin access to your blog to investigate this. If you have your blog in maintenance mode somewhere online, please send me a temp admin username/pass to login and make some tests (via the contact form in my profile page


Hello, Thank you for the help. My website now is ok. I have a doubt. I would like the homepage to submit only one category of my entire site. How do I do this? Currently the entire contents of the site appears on the home page. Regards

Hello, great :-)

this is a blog theme and to display posts from all categories to home page (index) is the default WordPress operation.

Of course, you can display posts from a specific category. but it is a bit complicated if you do not have the knowledge.

I can show you the way :

1) You need to create a new file as page template (for example page-home.php). Instructions by WP codex :

2) copy the code from index.php to this new file and create a query just above the loop to grab posts from this specific category. Instruction by WP codex :

3) Login to wp-admin, add a new page, fille the title, do not write any content, just assign the page template of the new file that you created before.

4) From wp-admin, go to settings > reading > set as frontpage the page that you created to 3rd step. Instructions by WP codex :

I recommend to find a freelancer to make this job for you, if you are not familiar with this process ->



I’m interested in buying this theme, I loved it, but I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible (via a gadget) to customize a footer? Nothing complicated, just the basics as: Contact, About, etc.

2. Can I install in this theme a recipe plugin?

Thanks a lot :)


it is possible, but it needs code, To not display the feature image in the single post it is easy (just remove one line of code) but to display another one, you need a plugin or a custom field that upload image.


Ok :)

If I buy the theme could you help me to remove, or tell me which line of code do I have to remove?


Yes i can help to remove this.

Maybe a plugin like this can do the job (never used it but it seems to support the functionality you need, if i understand correctly :-))


Hi there,

I have been using Quarter for some time now, and have loved it!

I wanted to ask for some help with the search bar. For some reason, no matter what I type into it, I get “No posts were found”. Any idea what may be happening?


thanks for the kind comments :-)

i don’t see you as purchaser unfortunately. If it is easy for you, just login to Themeforest with the account that you purchased the theme and send me your url via my profile contact form to take a look to this issue.


Hi, I have a problem with the responsive on my mobile. it is only filling out half of the screen size once fully loaded. Any ideas why? Thank you


something break the responsiveness by a plugin or advertisement. If you send me the url i can take a look and inform you if i find something.

As you can see the theme by default works on mobile.

Send me the url to take a look.

Hi, i have a client that want´s to buy this theme but before i say yes i need to know if there is possible to use widgets lika popular posts or other widgets that shows featured pictures from the posts? I can´t see any widget like that in the demo.


no widgets like that not included. There are tons of plugins that supports this functionality, that i do not see any need to built in them in the theme.



Thanks for interest.

Yes, i know that it is tons of plugins like that. :) I just want to know that such plugins work with the theme. And now i know. :) Thank´s!

Hi. I tried updating CSS to remove top bar, but it won’t save. I’ve edited through Admin editor as well as FTP. Help appreciated.


send me details (url, username/password) via contact form on my profile page to investigate it.

You can upload images on your posts? (it seems like a permission issue).



Just 2 quick questions.

1. How do I remove/hide the top grey bar (Where there is usually social icons and search bar.

2. How do I remove the COMMENTS meta on the left of the post. I want to hide it.

Thanks for your time


add the following at the bottom of style.css to remove top bar and comments

.top {display:none} .info + .info {display:none}

If you need any other help please send your request via the support tab of item.


Thanks for your help! .info {display:none} however removes the date & the comments. I only want the comments removed. Thanks


the command is

.info + .info {display:none}

If you need any other help please send your request via the support tab of item.



Is there a way to reduce the size of the text? Or to change the font altogether?




please send you request via item’s support tab to send you instructions about this.


Hi, Can I add an instagram widget to the footer? I would like to use the footer as my feed like on this website:

How can I do this?



the theme does not support widgets on the footer. Of course, you can customize it and add widget support to the footer, or you can add the specific widget to the sidebar.

Also, if the plugin that i suppose that you will use, provides a shortcode to display data from instagram, you can edit footer.php and add it.

For any other support request, please send a message via

HI. For some reason, the posts excerpts are not showing up? Screenshot:

temp site:

Help appreciated.


from admin > apperarance > theme customizer > general settings, just define if you want to show the content or the excerpt, the excerpt length and the read more text.


The theme pre-populates those fields – Excerpt Length, Button text, etc… I had to re-type in order to take effect.

Thanks for the quick response!

Where do I customize the block quote tag? I want to add a background color.


edit style.css and add it, to customize it accordin to your needs.

For example the following, make the background black and the color white

blockquote {background:#000; padding-bottom:5px;} blockquote p {color:#fff; }